3-16-16 Wednesday

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Did I mention that the Fakers are 2 weeks old now? Here they are, individually. This time we’ll go boys first!

Art Vandelay.

Bert Macklin.

Ken Adams.

And now, the girls.

Chanandler Bong.

Princess Consuela.


As you can see, all the eyes are wide open. Next up, their ears will start stampeding upwards and they’ll start to look more like little cats and less like unformed blops of clay with pink noses and toeses.

Speaking of eyes, Regina’s eye looks much, much better. She still occasionally squints it a little bit, but she’s got another day or so of antibiotics, so hopefully that’ll knock the infection completely out.


Art Vandelay, snuggled up to Susie.

Regina, keeping an eye on me.

Sleepy Susie.

Chanandler kept trying to use Ken’s butt as a pillow, and he kept moving, and it was very irritating, as you can imagine.

I took this picture to show y’all the white “swirl” Art Vandelay has on his left side.

And I took this one to show the two white spots in the middle of Ken Adams’ back. He’s also got a white dot on the back of his head.

Ken Adams, always keeping an eye on me.

Bert Macklin (OH THAT BELLEH) has white toes on both of his back feet; his matching sister Princess Consuela does not. It’s one of the ways I tell the two apart.

Outtake during the picture-taking. Chanandler was all “YOU PUT ME DOWN MISTER OR ELSE.”

Regina came over to see what Art Vandelay was yelling about.


And is this post long enough, or what? Well, let’s make it a little longer! You wanted hissy kittens? You’ve got ’em!

YouTube link.


Stefan and Dennis like to spend their afternoons curled up near each other on Fred’s bed, snoozing. We used to have a problem with Stefan jumping on Dennis and making him cry, but that rarely happens any more – I like to think that they settled their differences, but I’m not 100% sure it’s not just because Stefan can’t stay awake long enough to jump on Dennis.


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3-16-16 Wednesday — 15 Comments

  1. It looks like Art has an “extra” tail! They are so precious having their hissed fits!!! Thanks Miz Robin for a great start for the day!!!!

  2. Well, I can’t blame Stefan as Dennis is hogging the kitty bed AND the blankey!!

    Hissy kittens crack me up. I am not sure why God wired them as such because it would not scare off a single predator!

  3. Poor Stefan. Everyone he wants/tries to make into his playtime buddy is such a sissy. They can’t handle the Stefan!!

  4. that video you posted on instagram of 2 of these babies kissing is just the sweetest thing on the planet EVER. yes I said it!! EVER!!! everyone must go look!!

  5. Hissy kittehs say: “I keel you!” LOL I always find it hard to believe something so cute and precious is actually “wild-born.”

  6. hissy kittens = not skeery 🙂

    Regina did a nice job of making sure everyone has different spots and stripes….love the stripe on Art’s head.

    and geez….could Dennis GET a little more relaxed in that last picture?

  7. Except for chanandler, they all look too sleepy to care whose holding them. And yeah , it helps to have teeth to be scary. Especially when hissy.

  8. “Regina,keeping an eye on me” is a little looney eye to me! 😉 hehehehe

  9. Oh the hissing is just slaying me!!! Can the spittin’ be far behind? (50, or 6, shades of Miss Mary!)

  10. Bert! I swoon for you! Your ruffled grumply scowl! It makes the marshmallow fluff in MY head threaten to explode out! I luffs you!