3-15-16 Tuesday

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Taking Mama down.

Sleepy Chanandler, using Ken Adams as a pillow.

And sleepy Art Vandelay, using Chanandler as a pillow.

Bert Macklin, mid-stretch.

Ken kinda looks like he’s smiling here, doesn’t he?

Mama hugs Susie (I think).

Susie was lying there, sound asleep. Then Bert Macklin came over and said “This seems like a comfy place to lay my head!”

Then Art Vandelay was all “You’re right, she is exceptionally comfy!”

More kittens piled on.

Until finally Susie woke up and said “YOU GUYS, get OFF ME!”

Faker Pie.


I might have petted Chanandler ever so gently, but she got hissy anyway.

Then Regina came along and said “I think that’s enough of that, lady.”

Regina, using Bert Macklin as a pillow.

The Fakers are two weeks old today! It seems like they’ve been with us for longer than a week and a half, doesn’t it? They’ve grown so much – I suspect in another week or so (if not sooner), they’ll start escaping the crate.


Alice Mo eats her snack on the dining room table, away from the other cats. Like Stinkerbelle, she prefers not to eat alongside the peasants.

YouTube link.


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3-15-16 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. I haven’t got the names worked out yet.. Is that Susie (winking there) with the war paint? Or is that her own special gray blusher? Too cute!

    Playing the Alice Mo video for the three hundred twenty seven thousandth time!

    • Yes, that’s Susie! The girls have gray around their noses, and the boys don’t (well, except for Bert Macklin, of course). I think it was kind of Regina to make the kittens fairly easy to tell apart!

  2. The picture: Then Art Vandelay was all “You’re right, she is exceptionally comfy!” – is ADORABLE!!

  3. Oh Oh the “Side Stink Eye” from Mom. Ob boy, you are in trouble. Ha Ha. Love love these kittens.

  4. Question about the cat bed/scratcher…I bought one for my cat Zola, and she loves sleeping in it, but she won’t use it for a scratcher. Her previous scratcher was one that left bits of cardboard literally all over my 450 square foot apartment, so I’d like to not go that route if I don’t have to. She has also destroyed a sisal rope-wrapped scratching post, and wouldn’t use it after I glued the rope back on. Any ideas? She’s resorting to the furniture, and that is not ideal (even though most of it is IKEA with slipcovers, so nothing precious.)

  5. I think Ken has been talking to Jake and getting some “loon” lessons. He heard you and the internets have a big soft spot for loony kitties !!!!! He is hoping it will work even if only has a little bit of grey !!

  6. Regina is so protective. Has she ever hissed or swiped at you? Have you ever had a mother do something like that when a strange lady with a camera makes her babies cry?

  7. I go through the same as Susie most every night. I will have anywhere from two to four cats all around my head. First, Merry will start out crawling under the covers to lay next to my body like the “little spoon.” His brother Pippin starts out every night above my head on the pillow. Then Pogo will come in and squeeze in-between Pippin and me which usually makes me move my head just enough that when I reposition my cheek ends up leaning on Pogo’s side or back end. Every now and then Pogo’s brother, Banderling, will come in as well. He’ll do the same thing as Pogo and squeeze in so he’s closest to my face. But he prefers to sleep in another room most nights or by my side if he is with us. Then some time during the night Merry will get too hot and he’ll come out from under the covers and lay down on top of whoever my cheek is resting on which then squeezes that one away just enough that he now becomes the one I’m resting on. I swear, I should have a camera on me just to get it all on film. As much as it can be a pain in the ass sometimes (or should I say, in the neck) I wouldn’t change it for anything.

    • You are one lucky girl, Katrina! One of the three cats that live with us has chosen to sleep in bed with me and my husband. Sounds funny, but hubby and I are sort of jealous of whose pillow he chooses. And Topik (the cat) makes sure that nobody feels abandoned or neglectet! 🙂