3-14-16 Monday

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Susie’s little sleeping face.

Regina, keeping an eye on me.

Sleepy (and kinda confused) little Chanandler tries to figure out what she’s looking at.

Chanandler’s feet and tail (do you see the little bit of white at the end of her tail?)

Susie wonders if she’s flying.

Regina takes a few moments away from the babies.


Art Vandelay, wondering what’s going on.

Kitten belly!

Art, feelin’ hissy.

Ken Adams needs a smooch on that little nose, don’t you think?

Pile o’ sleepies.

All six, checking out the fresh bedding.


“Rowr, I’m a shark!” That is one loony shark, indeed.


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3-14-16 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Love the picture of Jake. He could of also been calling for “HALP!!!” 🙂

    Love the babies. I think they all need kisses.

    Sad news, Emily was returned to the shelter after her sleep over. She was dearly loved by the people, but Emily did not dearly love their cat. It seems that she wants to be the only purring princess of her domain. Please put in prayers that the perfect home comes along quickly for her!

    • Oh no! But now we know what the princess requires so sending positive purrs that her family shows up soon. And she is still in much better care now than she was!

  2. How is Regina’s eye doing? She seems to still be squinting / winking a lot. Kitten cuteness! I tell Maximus that he was that small once upon a time. At 18 lbs, he thinks not.