3-14-10 – Hoyt and Bill

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Michelle sent me a picture of Hoyt and PitStop mid-week. Check this out:

They are sitting so close that their tails are TOUCHING! And they’re SMILING at each other! And it hadn’t even been a week since they met each other!

It’s my prediction that they’re going to be the best of friends. Snuggling will commence any moment, I’m sure.

I LOVE IT when cats who aren’t related become best buddies. (I mean, I love it when cats who ARE related become best buddies, too. You know what I mean, though!)

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And while we’re talking about the True Blood kitties, I asked Ann, who adopted Bill, how he was doing. She said:

Bill is doing well! We love him! He is definitely such a sweetie pie and a character at that! I’m attaching a couple photos from my iPhone.

He and Izzy are still working things out. We’re committed to it though. Izzy just had such a rough first year of life that it’s hard for her to trust cats as they were competition for food on the streets I suspect. But we’re giving them each time and space for working thru it. I wish I could just wave my arms and she’d magically be in love with him but yeah, not happening yet.

Bill though… He’s into watching birds! Now that spring is coming, there is a family of barn swallows that have a nest right outside the window on the porch and he is enthralled with watching them and chirping at them. One of the warm days, I went and had the window open so he could enjoy some fresh air and he was loving that and hearing all the sounds and watching things. I have to share a funny story though… The first couple months, when we let Bill out to run thru the house, he would get on our table in the breakfast nook, look around, and meow at us. I never could figure out what he wanted or was asking for. Yes, it’s a messy table but I don’t think cats truly care about that! Lol. And one day, it hit me. That *YOU* would have beds for the cats on the tables! I went and got a beach towel (that’s what he’s standing on in one of the photos) and laid it up there on the table for him and that was exactly what he was asking for! Now when he’s out and tired of playing or just wants to hang out where he can see it all, that’s where he goes and chills out happily! Isn’t that just the funniest thing?

I am really happy to hear that Hoyt is hopefully REALLY home now with his forever family and that they are just in love with him too! He was actually my first choice of kittens but didn’t get there quick enough… Then it was Terry but Bill is the one who chose us and we are truly happy with him!

Don’t you love a happy ending? 🙂

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I forgot to mention this when I wrote about meeting Michelle and seeing Hoyt last weekend. I was telling Hoyt’s Dad (former Dad?) about when I got the True Bloods, and he asked how many were in the litter.

And would you believe I couldn’t REMEMBER? Finally, Michelle and I said, at the same time, “True Blood 6!”

It’s terrible to get old, I’m telling you.


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3-14-10 – Hoyt and Bill — 5 Comments

  1. Oh Bill! He has become such a handsome and sweet looking boy. What a great news that he and Hoyt are doing so well in their new homes. They were probably my favourite litter of yours. Have you ever heard anything about Terry at all? I miss that diamond-nosed boy.
    That lamb video had me rolling around giggling.. now I want a lamb!
    Mmmm…. jalapeno and habanero sauces/jams, too. That sounds so yummy. I looove hot food.

  2. Oh that is so enormously great for Hoyt… and PitStop!! (And yes, we know exactly what you mean about non-relative buddies!!) Michelle just must record first cuddle for posterity! Fingers crossed for Bill and Izzy detent… and then friendship, of course! So good to read the updates!

    The lamb also had me laughing… but all I could think was, “Oh, that’s why we don’t keep lambs indoors!” All that frolicking must be murder on the floors!

  3. So glad that Misty’s surgery went well. We are purring for her. It’s great to see Hoyt and PitStop :). They look so happy. My kitties Jackie and Shadow are unrelated too and they look totally different but they are like two peas in a pod :). I totally adore their friendship. The video is hilarious. The lamb got me laugh so hard :). Thanks for sharing.