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Poor Emmy. Yesterday morning was particularly busy for her. When the kittens weren’t eating, they were requiring pottying. And the bigger they get, the more they potty.

2012-03-14 (1)

2012-03-14 (3)

2012-03-14 (5)
“I’m gonna barf.”

2012-03-14 (2)
“No, seriously. I think I’m gonna barf.”

2012-03-14 (4)
“Okay, phew, that passed. Bath time for me, now. ::thlurp::thlurp::thlurp:: So, if they’re almost two weeks old now… and I have to keep doing this for another two weeks at LEAST… That’s fourteen – well, let’s round up to twenty days, just to be safe.”

2012-03-14 (6)
“And there are four of them, and they have to potty, let’s say, six times a day. Four kittens times six times a day is twenty-four times a day, and then twenty-four times twenty days, that comes out to…”

2012-03-14 (7)

2012-03-14 (8)

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Okay, y’all wanted to hear Princess Logie complaining. She’s actually gotten a bit calmer the last few times I’ve picked her up, but I made a video just the same.

YouTube link

Don’t you want to just kiss her ’til the marshmallow fluff comes out her ears?

And today’s other video: while Emmy is giving one of the other babies a bath, Razzie decides it’s time to figure out how to give herself her OWN bath. So cuuuuuute.

YouTube link

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Elwood, hanging out.

2012-03-14 (9)
He loooooves his Ham-mick.

2012-03-14 (10)
He’s also fond of the cat tree in the guest bedroom.

2012-03-14 (11)


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3-14-12 — 23 Comments

  1. That’s calmer??? Poor little drama queen Logie. Why are you so mean to her, Robyn? I expected reactions out of my cats when I played the video (once or twice… okay, five times). Not one of them even twitched an ear. Guess my big strong man cats aren’t exactly maternal. The dog? Charlie lost what’s left of his marbles looking for the poor baby kitten. That may or may not have been the reason I played the video the last couple of times 😉

  2. Aww Logie is such a cutie! So is Elwood too – Like that last pic – *Nose Beep*

  3. Oh MY!! The nausea photo-essay made me laugh and laugh. Poor Emmy. It’ll be over soon and then she can get tamed, get spayed and get a home.

    And Poor little Logie… At least you know her lungs are healthy! For some reason, that video reminds me of this one. Now wouldn’t that be a weird sound to hear coming from your foster room?!

    Maybe it’s the ‘tear stain’ markings on Emmy’s, Razzie’s, Newberry’s and Darwin’s sweet faces that made me think of the wild kitten. Who knows?

    Finally, if Ellie Bellie was pregnant, how many months along do you figure he’d be?

    • Hope you’re pleased with yourself, just spent 1/2 hr watching videos of baby animals learning to meow/roar/bark/howl… man, are they cute! Wait, have to stop now, i am supposed to be at work, after all…

  4. im just running out of ways to show apreciation for the wonderful daily dose of uplifting info from Crooked Acres.
    God Bless All who sail in her!!

  5. I played the video of Logie and my mama cat (her litter is now 5 months old) came running and looking and cooing trying to find the crying baby. It was too cute.

  6. Oh,the hard life of Logie! 😉 And Razzie appears to instinctively know the value of a good pedicure!

    I’m so glad your babies are 10 days ahead of mine. I attempted weighing this morning – got 3 out of 4 done – and got tons o’ complaints for my efforts! I keep comparing stats and going “whew!” when things look about the same (though Tabitha and her brood are a bit bigger than Emmy and the Noms). You’re like my kitten support group!

  7. Really? You expect Emmy to do the math? I so hope you finished up her thought for her so she could finish her duties.. 🙂 (that expression in the last photo is perfect for… so aren’t you gonna tell me what the number is?)

    Hey, SC Amy has kittens too??

    • Yep! I took in an abandoned (she’s clearly a former house cat) tabby that had started hanging around back in January once I realized she was pregnant. Tabitha gave birth on Sunday and now has 4 tiny tabby babies just like Emmy (except 3 are dark and one is light-colored)!

  8. That sequence of Emmy commentary and photos (especially the last two) is hilarious. Oh my gosh.

    And Razzie’s toe-chewing… too cute.

  9. Poor, poor Emmy. 🙁

    Logie is going to be a pretty, picky, princess. 😉

    Razzie knows that kitten toes are The Moneymaker and it’s important to keep them in smoochable condition!

  10. Razzie is gonna be the smart one! Logie, well, she’ll be like one of my sweet babies….definitely gets by on her looks! LOL.

    Robyn, your commentary was hilarious!

  11. Logie!!! You’re one great big puffball and I’d just like to eat you up!!! Awwww!

    Emmy – what a great mum!!

    Awww Razzie! LOL!

    Big wave to Elwood! Take care

  12. Excellent photo commentary, it’s like you have a knack for it, Robyn, ya know…
    I agree with previous comments, don’t do the math Emmy.
    Razzie is so cute…’what is this foot in my mouth?’ and Logie’s all about the drama. You keep picking her up, don’t you, just to hear her squeak. Not that I would, oh no…
    PS: that Kelly’s mean isn’t she, teasing her dog like that? LOL