3-16-17 Thursday

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I put the game cam out a few months ago and caught pictures of this wild animal.

That’s Stefan, and as you can see, he has no luck relaxing outside of the house, either. Poor guy, perhaps some day he’ll find his zen.


(With apologies to Jackie DeShannon and Donna Weiss.)

Her fur is black and bold

Her bib’s a sweet surprise

Her gaze is flat and cold

She’s got those Soprano eyyyyes.


2016: Next up, their ears will start stampeding upwards and they’ll start to look more like little cats and less like unformed blops of clay with pink noses and toeses.
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2012: I’ve had a lot of searches recently where people appear to be looking for the Emmy’s-alien-belly video that I shot the day before she gave birth. Here ’tis.
2011: Hey Maggie, you gonna give me those babies today?
2010: Every time I go into the kitten room, Maura meows at me once or twice, and I say “Give me those babies!”
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  2. The back feet on the wild animal. Good lord, the size of those feet. Big foot is actually in Alabama.