3-15-17 Wednesday

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Back in July 2015, after Lucy and her Fools had all gone to Petsmart and I was about to leave on vacation for three weeks, I brought this girl home from Petsmart.

That was River. She’d been at Petsmart for a while and needed a break from the cage, so I brought her home to keep an eye on Fred while I was gone. She wasted no time in making herself at home.

Fred sent me this picture while I was on the road.

She was a sweet, sassy girl, but no matter how we tried, Fred and I could NOT trim her claws. She was just not having it!

She stayed with us (well, mostly she stayed with Fred, since I was gone most of the time she was here), and after three weeks, back she went to Petsmart. She was adopted in September, was renamed Carly, and look at this happy girl!

(I’m embedding a video from Facebook – if you can’t see it, you should be able to see it on the Challenger’s House Facebook page, here.)

Not only is Carly now a snuggly lap girl, she’ll also let them trim her claws as long as they sing to her. How sweet is that?

(Thank you so much to Kimberly for allowing us to share that video – I love seeing that happy face!)


Bros (Dewey and Jake on the bed, Frankie on the top of the cat tree) hanging out. Frankie and Dewey are rarely far from each other.

This is one of Frankie’s favorite places to sleep (though to be honest, he has many favorite places).

Looks like Frankie is ready to play.

He sniffs out the situation.

And goes for a hug.

This picture cracks me up. He looks like he’s intent on steering that cat tree to shore.
(You’ll please ignore the pile of canvas pictures on the dresser. I took those down two months ago when we were having our stairway painted. I finally got around to hanging them back up… well, yesterday, as a matter of fact. When it comes to things like hanging up pictures, I don’t move fast.)


Newt was watching Frankie and Dewey play. The wide eyes crack me UP.

“I disapproves, lady.”


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3-15-17 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. Those two photos of Newt crack me up. Not just his facial expressions but also his stance… it’s like his girth is preventing him from being able to put his legs together, similar to when you see those body-builders who are so grossly bulked up that their arms no longer rest at their sides but are always hovering some distance away from their bodies.

  2. Hmm… Maybe I should try singing to my cats when I trim their nails. Right now Holly only lets me trim her nails if I’m sitting on the toilet. Weird.

    • I only am allowed to snuggle Angus when I’m sitting on the toilet. I don’t ask questions; I know my role, lol.

  3. singing.. that totally MMD

    And you know we wouldn’t have even noticed the canvases unless you pointed them out.

  4. Frankie has now earned the dweebie little brother mantle from Dewey.

    Newt’s face! Those 2 pics are keepers.

  5. Carly is SUCH a daddy’s girl. Look how she’s staring at him, silently demanding that he dote on her, NOW PLEASE!!!!!