3-14-17 Tuesday

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Yesterday was National Napping Day, and given that we were sleepy from the time change AND (at least here) it was rainy, you’d better believe there was a lot of napping going on, like such:

Stefan – who, as you know, is usually such a ball of energy – in the basket on the table.

Joe Bob on the heated blanket on the couch.

Newt on the table in the front room.

Dennis, waiting for me to put the camera down and kiss him already.

Alice, waiting for me to go away so she can snooze in peace.

Then she moved to her favorite spot, on the heated bed in the computer room.

Sleepin’ Dewbs (Dewey). He is actually laying ON my stomach in this picture, and stayed there a good long time.

Stefan loves that scratcher bowl in the foster room. Again, so strange to see him snoozing, isn’t it?

Stefan AGAIN, on one of the beds in the front room.

Frankie in the foster room. I have no idea why he was sleeping on that towel with so many beds scattered all over that room. Actually, I guess I DO know why: he’s a cat.

Dewey (in the heated bed on the left) and his big brudder Jake.


Tell me you don’t want to climb in there and snuggle with Frankie.

This bed used to sit on the recliner in the corner of Fred’s bedroom, and one day he moved it to this shelf under his bedside table so he could sit in the recliner. Then he forgot he’d moved the bed (he’d intended to move it back) and Archie discovered it, and now that bed will be there forever.

I don’t know about y’all, but I think I need another nap.


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3-14-17 Tuesday — 17 Comments

  1. Poor Stefan, I think you may need to get him an Rx for Ambien or such. The man just can’t get any sleep.

    Love all the pictures. Dennis certainly deserves a kiss or two..or three..or…

  2. You have some stellar Nappers there at Crooked Acres! Hats off to you! So, I’m wondering (I should probably stop this wondering before coffee thing).. was it National Napping Day yesterday in honor of stellar nappers such as you have or are they stellar nappers because of National Napping day? an enigma wrapped in a paradox and shrouded in a conundrum…. Also… I don’t know if it’s age or cat related, but the longer I’ve had cats, the more apt I am to doze off anywhere… and I do love my naps…. good gosh, I need coffee. That concludes today’s deep thoughts with Jeweled Skye…. Happy Tuesday … or, as I refer to it.. Happy Pie day… coconut cream, lemon, strawberry rhubarb, apple…. just 3.14 slices for me, please!

  3. Handsome Dewbs lying ON you — how great is that?!!!

    This post has for some reason super-sleepy and relaxed. Now why would that be, I wonder?

  4. Excellent! Today in the northeast is not a fit day for man nor beast. NO person (or cat) should be venturing out of doors (unless they have to take the dog out). So sleeping is an excellent idea!

    P.S. Could you save the Joe Bob pic to the fav page?

  5. Pictures of everyone napping except the Independent Ladies of Crooked Acres – Sheriff Mama (patrolling, I’m sure) and Maxi (snoozing in the garage or Maxi’s Pad?). 😀

    Dewby-Doo was sleeping on you!! I love it when my most aloof cat Sabrina naps on me. She’s a “cat’s cat” and would rather curl up with her beloved brofur Tuxie than me, so when she does come my way I feel special!

    • Dewey has actually started to occasionally sleep on the bed with me – sometimes up against me – at night. I think he’s starting to like me!!!

  6. RE: Frankie.

    Remember that cats have an innate ability to know and find what background/setting makes them look good. The kind of power that Hollywood starlets would kill for.

    Frankie must’ve known that the blue would set off his dark red coat. And that pink throw would bring out the pink of his nose.

    • Ha! Maybe Frankie is challenging Archie and is going to be the Defender of the Towels! 😀