3-13-17 Monday

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The cat tree in my room is starting to bear fruit. It must be all the sun! That’s Alice on the top, Dewey a level below her, and Frankie on the level below him.

Dewey was smacking at Frankie through the hole in the “floor.” Alice was incensed at their playfulness.

Dewey stopped for a bath.

Alice reached down and smacked Dewey on his head.

Then Dewey left the tree to nap, and I was able to catch four permanent residents in one picture.


Dewey in the sun.

This picture of Dewey reminds me of…

This picture of Orlando from the Players!


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3-13-17 Monday — 18 Comments

  1. It’s a wonder that the heavier fruit, the Frankies (I bet they’re tasty!) hanging out at the bottom of the tree, don’t cause it to droop under the weight. I heard about the magical cat tree, but to see one in bloom!

    Judging by the Stefans, the fruit just keep on ripening after they’ve been picked.


  2. Great set of pics! It’s Monday… after losing an hour… and not even a full cup of coffee in yet… but I kept hearing the theme to the brady bunch and picturing the grid of pics with each looking around, above, below… then I wondered… do you think the the real brady bunch opening credits really ended with Alice reaching over from the middle square and smacking Bobby or Peter and Jan reaching down and pulling Cindy’s pigtails and Marsha storming off? It could have…. mind. blown.

  3. Before i scrolled down further I knew that looked like a pic of my boy!! Dewey is just missing a chin strap though… Handsome young men! ❤❤

  4. Hi Robyn, just wanted to say thanks for the info/encouragement re: chicken baby food and t-shirts. I deleted my Facebook post because we’re wanting to keep her a secret from my hubby’s family until they get to meet her 🙂

    • Last I heard, they’ve found a foster – and the timing is bad, I’m going on a road trip this weekend, so I’ll be gone for 5 days.

  5. Challenge for tomorrow……a picture with more permanent residents in it 🙂

    Any fosters in the near future !?!?!

    • I’m about to go on a road trip this weekend so I’ll be gone for 5 days, but hopefully once I get back we can get things going. 🙂

  6. I am back to wish you and all followers a Happy National NAP DAY!!! (celebrated the Monday after Daylight Savings Time) I am expecting you and your fearless nap companions to celebrate appropriately and with gusto… and I might secretly expect photos of your celebration(s) in an upcoming post! It would be unpatriotic to not celebrate, right?

  7. Though by no means old, is Alice Mo taking on the mantle of grumpiness last worn by our beloved Miz Poo? 🙂

    • She might be! Sometimes she’ll play with Jake or with Dewey, but then she’ll turn around and tell them off in no uncertain terms. I think between Alice and Kara, they’ve got the grumpy girl kitty category covered. 🙂

  8. Great post Robyn! I hope that a “Very Special Napping Day” post involves PI and is also suitable for a “Very Big Snow Storm” Day. I do not like snow but it is tolerable if cats are involved (as well as PI). <3