3-10-17 Friday

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FYI – 2011: Corbie is still available for adoption…. bwahahaha

I know, right? I tried so hard to find him a home, but I was so glad when we made the decision to keep that beautiful boy!


How is Alice taking sharing her daddy-o with Frankie?

She’s handling it okay – I actually think she’s grumpier about sharing Dewey with Frankie. She was seen occasionally playing with Dewey before Frankie was added to the household, and now Frankie’s keeping Dewey busy. They still get a game of chase in every once in a while, though – always when there’s no camera around, of course.


Where did you get the teddy bears?

The teddy bears in the foster room basket came from Jeffers – they come in 6-packs of either 5″ or 8″ bears. They’re intended to be dog toys and have squeakers in them – it’s easy to remove the squeakers and sew the bears closed again, though.

Carolina kittens and some of the teddy bears in question.

Awww, Hemlock!


Since you like Jane Hirshfield’s poem – have you ever read “Sleeping with Cats,” Marge Piercy’s collection of catcentric short stories?

I had not, but it’s on my Kindle now, waiting to be read!


Look look look what we’ve got! Fred took these pictures the other night. Stefan, Newt and Frankie, all in one picture!

And a second shot with a blurry Dewey.


Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of decluttering, and in the process we decided to get rid of a cabinet that was sitting in the dining room under one of the porthole windows. The cabinet was falling apart and we’d done enough decluttering that we didn’t actually need the cabinet, so out it went. The problem was that Kara and occasionally Alice had been sleeping on top of the cabinet. So Fred suggested he put a wall basket there.

All it is, basically, is a piece of wood on the inside of the basket, screwed to the wall. Most of the walls in our house are solid wood, so hanging up anything is easy.

A few days went by, no one was using the basket and I was starting to think it had been a mistake. Then, one rainy afternoon…

“Can’t a Sheriff take a nap without you getting all up in her business, lady?”


I went upstairs the other day and saw Dewey hanging out with his brothers and looking particularly cute.

“Dewey,” I said. “I want to take a picture of you with your brothers. Sit up and smile!”



“Tired of your nonsense, lady. I had a rough day of killing towels and hating Stefan. I needs a nap. You go ‘way.”


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    • Oops! Thanks for that, Holly, I intended to provide the link, but apparently got sidetracked at some point. Story of my life. 😉

  1. Oh look at the orange gang! I always thought Stefan was much darker than Newt, but I guess he is just a bit stripey-er. To complete your orange color gradation, you may need to add a medium orange baby. LOL

    Dewey….hah 🙂

  2. Archie has a tough life, doesn’t he?

    Heck, that’s pretty much ALL of the permanent residents.

  3. Well if we’re going to recommend books and poetry I have to write that my favorite feline author was Paul Gallico. He wrote “Thomasina” which Disney made into a movie. He also wrote “Jennie” where a little boy becomes a cat, “The Silent Meow” written from a cats POV and “The Honourable Cat” which is a collection of cat-oriented poetry. I get the feeling he was a cat lover 😉

    Also as an opposite of “Jennie” there’s “Ophelia” by Florence Stevenson where a cat becomes a woman.