3-9-17 TBT: Maggie

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Throw Back Thursday: Maggie.

Way way WAY back in 2011, we had this sweet girl, right here.

That, of course, is Maggie (her official name was Mary Margaret, which is how I got around the fact that “Maggie” had been used in the past).

Maggie was hugely pregnant when we got her.

And she just kept getting bigger, with no end in sight.

Finally, she popped!

She had not three or four, but SIX kittens. You can read the whole birth story here. And you can read their official introduction (ie, faces with names) here. Since we thought they might be born around St. Patrick’s Day, they all got Irish names. (No offense to the Irish among you if any of those names aren’t Irish. I’m a dumb American.)

Maggie was a wonderful calm, loving, sweet mama.

And her babies grew strong and healthy.

Just as her kittens got the run of the house and were more independent, along came three motherless girl kittens in the form of the Spice Girls.

Cilantro, Coriander, and Clove.

They were technically old enough to not need a mama… but still pretty young.

Maggie meets Clove.

It didn’t take much convincing for Maggie to start caring for those three little girl kitties.

The McMaos (Maggie’s babies) and the Spice Girls integrated into one big litter, and became friends.

Clove and Macushla.

Snack time!

Maggie’s under there somewhere.

Maggie went off to Petsmart along with her boys, and was adopted at the end of July 2011.

We’ve gotten lots of wonderful updates from Alex, and here’s another!

Alex says:

It’s been a while since I’ve given a Maggie update, mostly because there is little to report. Maggie continues to be happy and healthy here in Wisconsin.

When I wake up most mornings, she is curled up next to my legs, and when I go downstairs, she follows me while reminding me to feed her by meowing/grunting in her special Maggie way.

Of all the cats, Maggie tolerates our toddler the most. We use her to teach Henry to be gentle with kitties, which means I will hold her in place while he pets her. Maggie, for the most part, just lays there and takes the love we force upon her.

So Maggie continues her Wisconsin life with her two brothers. But she sends her love to all those who knew her.

Thank you so much for the update, Alex – we all appreciate it so very much!



Oh Dennis, you are just SUCH a beyootiful boy!

(He knows. He better know – I tell him 75 times a day. Hopefully by now it’s sunk in.)


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3-9-17 TBT: Maggie — 13 Comments

  1. This is a lovely, heartwarming start to the day. Thank you. And Robyn, you are the very opposite of that adjective you modified your nationality with!

  2. Maggie! So good to hear she continues to love and thrive. She is love personified – er, catified! Thanks for the update, Alex! And congratulations on Henry – no doubt he will grow up with a great love of animals.

  3. Clove!!!!! She is my very favorite of all your fosters kittens, both her name and her looks always enchanted me… I think I gravitated towards my own kitty later because if her coloring – and we named her Clio (realized just now how close herself name is!) What a good, good mama Maggie was to take such great care of all those babies!… 🙂

  4. Oh, Maggie. So nice to hear about her. She and her babies were the first fosters I’ve ever read about on Love & Hisses 🙂

  5. awwww – Maggie update. little sticky people aren’t so bad – sometimes they drop stuff on the floor 🙂

    FYI – 2011: Corbie is still available for adoption…. bwahahaha

    • Yes, they do drop food on the floor. That’s why she circles his chair at meal times. Waiting…hoping

  6. Alex, thank you so much for the update! Like everyone else it’s so wonderful seeing the former fosters all smug/snug and happy.

  7. Alex, you don’t need a reason to share your cat’s photos with us.. we love seeing her and being reminded that she landed the good life.

  8. Oh Maggie! She was and is my favorite mama kitty of all time. The video of her being taken down, by the horde of kittens to nurse, is still my all time favorite video!!!

  9. I never stop to be amazed at the incredible gorge aqua eyes Dennis has – makes me want a tropical va-ca floating on the sea, safely looking down upon the marine life – many feet below me with a mai tai in the drink cup holder of my blow up couch! He really is a beauty… AND I cannot wait til you get another fresh batch o’kitties! I WANT TO FOSTER A LITTER – but I can’t… I vicariously live through you in your kitty wonderland! And I think Mama Kara is the most interesting looking of the group – her face is such an expression… OMG – I pity the fool who walks onto the property! Love her face!!! Thanks Robyn… you make my mornings! 🙂