3-8-17 Wednesday

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This sweet little muffinhead is Zoomer – also known as Patrick.

He’s nearly 2 years old, and is related to my former fosters the Classic Rockers – Thunderclap Newman, Jethro Tull, Molly Hatchet, and Lizzy. They shared the same mother. Zoomer was adopted quickly when he went to Petsmart as a kitten back in August 2015.

Unfortunately, he was returned last month because the people who’d adopted him were going to have a baby.


We are grateful that they remembered he could be returned at any time, and Zoomer/Patrick is now at the shelter. He was nervous at first, but as you’ll see below, he has come out of his shell and he’s a lovebug. He has a unique tail – a “poof” rather than the usual tapered end.

He is sweet, gorgeous, a bit of a talker and loves being petted. He’s located in North Alabama, and if you or someone you know might be interested in adopting this sweet boy, give the shelter a call at 256-420-5995, email them at challengershouse@mchsi.com or private message the Challenger’s House Facebook page.

You can also read more about Zoomer/Patrick at the Facebook page!


Okay, are you ready for the answers to yesterday’s toes quiz? Your guesses were great, but take heart – the only reason I knew whose toes were whose was because I kept notes. Otherwise, I’d have been nearly as confused as y’all. Fred didn’t do any better than most of you, either. Here are the toes pictures, followed by the cat those toes belong to.

Permanent Resident #1. These toes belong to…

Dennis! And here he is, showing off some more toes and his long ape arms.


Permanent Resident #2. And these toes are…

Archie’s! Here he is, showing us some more of his toes and his beautiful stripey tail.


Permanent Resident #3. These toes belong to…

Dewey! He wasn’t willing to give us any more toe pics for today, though. Brat!


Permanent Resident #4. And these toes are…

Newt’s! He gave us another toes pic, and threw in a tongue for good measure.


Permanent Resident #5. This seemed like an easy one. Those gray toes belong to…

Jake! He wasn’t willing to give up the toes again, but he did allow a shot of his fabulous fangs.


Permanent Resident #6. And the toes belong to…

One Joseph Robert (Joe Bob), rolling around on the concrete pad and feelin’ fine.


Permanent Resident #7. Those strong silent toes staring at you belong to…

Sheriff Mama aka Kara. That girl did NOT want her toes photographed, and she’s pretty sure you’ve seen quite enough toes, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Now move along so she doesn’t write you a ticket.


Permanent Resident #8. I feel like several of you got this one right. Those toes belong to…

Alice! I just love that girl’s toes – they’re so colorful and adorable, and she’ll show ’em to anyone who wants to see ’em.


Permanent Resident #9. Those beans belong to…

Stefan! As much time as that boy spends sleeping on my bed, you’d expect them to be cleaner, wouldn’t you?


Permanent Resident #10. I’m pretty sure everyone got this one, it was a gimme (wasn’t it?) Those toes belong to…

Maxi! And now her secret is out: that girl loves to be held on her back like a baby.


Permanent Resident #11. I think everyone got this one right, too. These toes belong to…

Frankie! That boy is such a deep, vibrant orange, isn’t he?

So, how’d you do? Did anyone get all of them? How about half of them? If I was more organized, I’d have had y’all fill out official ballots, and then whoever guessed the most right would win something cool. But alas. Maybe next time (but probably not!)


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3-8-17 Wednesday — 33 Comments

  1. I just can’t with people who disrupt a cat’s entire existence because they’re having a baby. I got the whole gamut of why I should have gotten rid of my cats before my daughter was born and I ignored ’em all.
    So my kid slept in a crib that had been warmed by a cat, grabbed cat tails and learned a valuable lesson on why she shouldn’t, had cat hair picked out of her mouth, and enjoyed cat kibbles as a sneaky snack.
    In fact, she’s 33 now, loves animals, has no allergies, and survived just fine and no, I will never understand others who give up their furbabies just because a skinbaby comes along.

    • Amen! The notion of cats being bad for babies is a nonsense old wives’ tale. Pets are for life, and if you give them up for a baby, you didn’t value them enough to deserve them in the first place.

    • Amen! and again, AMEN! Although, not letting them off the hook at all here – I do appreciate that they brought the cat back instead of ‘releasing it’ into the wild – – because, you know, cats are wild and part of nature and have ‘survival instincts’… GRRRRRRRRRR! Zoomer is a beautiful boy and will deservedly be better off without them.

    • while this is true, saying such makes no difference in this cat’s particular life. The goal is to focus on at least he is safe; he is in a place where he can find a new home and not out living on the street.

      Some people can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, maybe the idea of taking care of a cat and a baby was just too much for them.

      • No, but getting the message out there might stop other people who might otherwise be considering such a move. That’s a goal worth going for.

        That, and if you can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, a serious consideration of whether you ought to be breeding is in order.

  2. Seriously, do people still think cats are going to suck the breath out of babies? Sigh. At least they returned him properly.

    Sheriff Mama’s toes fooled me!

  3. So, will they give up their first child when they have their second? I will bite my tongue now.

  4. I got your tabbies mixed up but otherwise I managed to guess pretty well! That was fun. And I just couldn’t imagine that upside down cat was Maxi but there was no other possible answer…

  5. Lol, yeah. I got half right. Half of 2. I guessed Jake’s toesies. My other guess? Off by cat tail.

    Atticus loooooves being held upside down like a baby, even if does mean he gets a bunch of gross girl kisses from me.

  6. All those comments on the subject of trading a cat for a human baby….I am with you, something I have NEVER understood, makes me seriously angry. I sure hope Zoomer ends up with a better family.

    On the toe test:
    I did great! I swapped Kara and Dennis and I swapped Joe Bob and Archie!

  7. My CJ kitty was returned when his first adopters had a baby. His shelter works like Challenger’s and takes their cats back. He was in the cage at PetSmart for less than 24 hours before I found him. I used to wonder what kind of JERKS would/could give up their cat like that, but now I know he was just meant for me. Zoomer will find his true people.

  8. Ditto on what everyone said about Zoomer’s previous people. Sigh.

    I recently read that yellow-stripe kitties are most often males. You probably already know that, but I didn’t. Thinking back over the orange kitties I have had, sure enough, they were all male. Learn something new every day!

    • Yup! It’s because orange/black is carried on the X chromosome. Remember from high school biology that XX means a female and XY means a male. So a tom only has one X chromosome and will express orange if that gene on the X chromosome codes orange. A queen, being XX, has to have two orange genes to get an orange female. A queen that has one orange gene and one black gene on their X chromosome will be tortie or calico depending on what the white gene (which is on another chromosome) does.

      Male torties/calicos do exist, but they’re genetic anomalies (they have to be XXY to be a male) and, being genetic anomalies, are both sterile and rare.

      • Thank you VERY much! I have been too lazy to look this up but trying to explain to my co-workers….

  9. Ugh…I’m still trying to just focus Zoomer and his awesome tail poof without being so dang MAD at his former people! 🙁 I hope his real family finds him soon!

    So I got 3 toes out of the bunch! But I think they were the most obvious – Jake, Alice and Frankie. 🙂

  10. I didn’t enter the contest when I started guessing “Alice” on most of the non black beans pictures and Maxi on all of the others. I’m the worst, I know.

    Happy thoughts for Zoomer! His forever home should be around the corner!

  11. I got 3 I did horrible. Also, glad Zoomer will find the RIGHT home now.
    P.S. anyone want a 5 month old Aussie puppy (looks like a border collie) named Gypsy who is a lot of work right now? J/K If that were the criteria, I would have given up my kids before my cat LOL!

    • Amen, the kids have been harder than the critters. No one gets upset when you kennel the dog, but they go crazy if you do that to the kids. LOL

  12. ***SIGH*** I agree with everyone about Zoomer/Patrick being returned !! It is very sad but he will find his forever home 🙂

    Your toes challenge would have been really difficult if the photos were in black and white !!! Hmmmmm ??? What could the next challenge be ??

  13. Y’know, if Zoomer’s former people were so emotionally detached with him that they treated him like unnecessary parsley or a baby placeholder, maybe he’s better off with people who will cherish him.

    And now I will zipper my mouth.

  14. Well I got all of the toes right so I might as well confess that I have a cat toe bean obsession. All of my cats allow me to see and touch and (some) even massage because they know I cannot get over my obsession. Because of that, I have become familiar with fuzzy toe beans and though I had to guess between only Archie & Joe Bob, I guessed correctly on which of those two was which. I have had three dilute calicos in my life and all of them had the absolutely BEST toes ever…all peachy, gray, and the palest of pink like a painted canvas. <-<-see, obsessed!!

  15. I got 7-11 right, but missed the first 6. And I got Dennis and Dewey mixed up lol

  16. aww poor zooms

    …and the only one I got right was Maxi XD cause I’m all… didn’t she mention something about Maxi being held like a baby once?

  17. It’s official! I don’t know toes.

    and NO COMMENT on giving up one’s cat because one is pregnant. I’ll just mention that we raised our daughter with two cats and she’s reached the ripe old age of 25, and now has a cat of her own.