3-7-17 Toesday!

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Welcome to Toesday!

How well do you know the permanent residents? Do you think you could successfully identify them solely* from a picture (sometimes a bad or blurry picture) of their toes?

Let’s find out! I’ve got pictures of toes from each permanent resident (a more dedicated blogger would have perfectly-lit, perfectly focused pictures of all four feet from each permanent resident, but I think you know me better than that), and in tomorrow’s post I’ll reveal the correct answers. Some of these toes are (in my opinion) easier to identify than others.

Ready, set, toes!

Permanent Resident #1.

Permanent Resident #2.

Permanent Resident #3.

Permanent Resident #4.

Permanent Resident #5.

Permanent Resident #6.

Permanent Resident #7.

Permanent Resident #8.

Permanent Resident #9.

Permanent Resident #10.

Permanent Resident #11.

*See what I did there?


Alice Mo…

…the calico…

…sure does love…

…her daddy, yo!

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3-7-17 Toesday! — 18 Comments

  1. Ooooooh! A test! Love it!
    So I wrote down my guesses, can’t wait for tomorrow to see how well I did.

  2. OMG. I thought I knew and then I kept seeing what looked like calico toes everywhere. And how did you get pictures of Maxi’s toes?

    I’ll try so everyone can say I’m wrong and make fun of me!

    6)Joe Bob

    • I concur, almost… I first thought Maxi and Kara were swapped due to the very blurry background in #1. I thought it might be upstairs in the garage, but upon close inspection, the blurry background in #10 shows a mostly black cat, and there was a bi-colored stripey hair on the #1 paw, which made it most likely to be Kara.

      I do think you have #3 and #7 swapped though. The only reason I think #7 is Dennis is the number of pics we have seen of him with both back feet stretched outside of a bed. Funny that you mention calico feet. Alice started on my list at #2 and moved down the #6, only to realize #8 was the true calico foot.

  3. Thank goodness you didn’t give us a test on Monday! Toesday=Tuesday
    Fun but hard, here are my guesses. I’m sure some of them are wrong.
    #1=Maxi; #2=Archie; #3= Jake; #4=Stefan; #5=Dewey; #6=Newt; #7= Dennis; #8=Joe Bob
    #9=Frankie; #10=Kara; #11=Alice

  4. Yes I did see what you did there. Very nicely played. I am keeping my guesses to myself.

  5. 1. Maybe… Kara?
    2. Joe Bob
    3. I’m going to say Dennis?
    4. It’s either Stefan or Newt, so I’m going to guess…. Stefan!
    5. Looney Jake!
    6. Hmm, I thought #2 was definitely Joe Bob, but now I’m not so sure! I guess I’ll say 2 must be Joe Bob and 6 must be Archie.
    7. Well, it has to be a tabby, so… I’ll guess Dewey!
    8. Definitely Alice Mo!
    9. Since I guessed Stefan for 4, this must be Newt!
    10. Definitely Maxi
    11. Definitely Frankie!

  6. I’m not sure I could even identify my own cats from just their feet.. lol. Impressive for those people who tried.

    • I only can because my clowder is diverse enough that they’re all very distinctive. One has orange feet, one black, one black and white, and two tabbies, but one tabby has normal-sized cat feet and the other has floofy clodhoppers.

  7. I’m just so excited I was able to write down all 11 cat names, with a slight hesitation for Jake… of all, Looney boy was one i forgot! So my guess: 1-Kara, 2-Joe Bob, 3-Dewey, 4-Newt, 5-Jake, 6-Archie, 7-Dennis, 8-Alice, 9-Stefan, 10-Maxi, 11-Frankie! Fun!!! Noses next month!! Hehe…

  8. I even got the toes banner! Also, solely: as ever, you’re too, too brilliant.