3-6-17 Monday

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You can’t quite tell from this picture, but Dewey and Frankie were both licking each other. Awww.

Then Frankie did some nibbling on Dewey’s toes, and Stefan bit his tail, and Dewey was all “You see how they’re ganging up on me?”

Pardon the blur, but it cracks me up that Stefan took advantage of Frankie being distracted, and batted at his ear.

Frankie was all “Gimme a HUG!” and Dewey was all “You’re so NEEDY. I’m outta here!”

Then Frankie was all “Why’d he leave me?” and Stefan was all squinty-eyed and “Sure, it’s fine for YOU to pick on him, but when I do, I get the whappin’ paw!”


Jake gets his loon on. This picture is from a few months ago. Last month I moved that bed elsewhere, and now no one wants anything to do with it. Guess I’d better move it back!


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3-6-17 Monday — 10 Comments

  1. Oh my gosh those three! So cute together! Well, maybe Dewey didn’t think so for long.. but seriously! lets all nibble on Dewey day!
    Love me some Looney Jake! I could smooch him to death! You know what they say, location location location! Give the kitties what they want and put the bed back, lol!

  2. Frankie sure looks like he is doing better! Glad he made a friend (or two).
    Jake WOULD like his bed put back where it belongs, please.

  3. I love those Three Amigos. Stefan is the goofy older brother, Dewey is like Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle, always wondering “wtf man…”, and Frankie is the needy little brother who’s always following and wants to do what his awesome big brothers do.

    Does Jake secretly have a PhD or two that he’s hiding, maybe so that if everyone thinks he’s a loon he’ll get all kinds of attention and treats and lovins’? (Not that he wouldn’t if he didn’t have a PhD. Not so smart now, Mr. Dr. Loonypants.)

  4. LOVE that Looney Jake! Do you see that smile? I wish he didn’t dislike the camera so we could get more pictures of him. 🙂

  5. I would so love to hug Frankie. Love that those three are becoming thick as thieves. Now if Frankie and Stefan would groom each other, I’d be very happy.

    Stefan though has to feel a little like the middle child. He was top cat and now Frankie’s seemingly usurped him with Dewey and in the power pyramid. Let’s hope Frankie uses his power for good!

    Is it me or does Jake look cross eyed in that pic? Or is it like a Siamese where their eyes cross (supposedly) when they’re in bliss?

  6. This has nothing to do with this post, but I just have to share. I read starting in 2002-ish, and read for nigh on a decade until wandering away at some point. Recently I came back to Love & Hisses and have really enjoyed it (obviously, because it’s awesome). Sometime last week, someone commented about the fact that it had been 5 years since Emmy had her babies. That had happened after I stopped reading, so I clicked the link and went back to read it…and now I’m somewhere in August 2012, I think because I CANNOT STOP READING those back posts!

    But most importantly, I was reminded of how much I miss the Permanent Residents who have passed on, especially Miz Poo. It’s so nice to “revisit” and see them all again. <3