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In case you missed the news on Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr yesterday, THERE ARE KITTENS IN THE FOSTER ROOM FINALLY!!!!

First the pictures, and then the story.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Aren’t THEY gorgeous?

There are six of them – three boys, three girls.

Two all-gray kittens (one boy, one girl), and the rest are white and gray.

She’s a wonderful mom.

She’s attentive and keeps ’em clean.

You can see an umbilical cord on a kitten near her face in this picture. All the cords have since fallen off.

SIX kittens, can you believe it?

Mom keeps an eye on me.

Pile o’ cute.

“Ugh. I smell HUMAN!”


I could sit and watch nursing babies for HOURS.

Killing me dead with the cute.

“I see you, lady.”

So, the story is this: a week and a half ago, when I took Koko to Petsmart, I was supposed to get new fosters, a mom and kittens. Susan told the woman who’d contacted her to meet us at Petsmart that evening. And… she never showed up. I won’t go into the whole story, but after a few days, the woman told Susan that she’d found someone closer to take them.

While I was waiting to see how this whole situation was going to pan out, I got a message from Brittany at Forgotten Felines asking if I wanted a pregnant cat. We got the okay from Susan, and then I found out that the guy who had the cat wanted to bring her on Wednesday. He said she was heavily pregnant and would give birth in a week or less. We hoped that she’d hang onto those babies ’til I got her. But then Tuesday evening I got the message that she’d gone into labor – and now the guy was going to wait ’til Friday to turn her over.

I was clenching my fist and waving it at the sky while howling “GIVE ME MY BABIEEEEEEEEEEES!”, believe you me.

It’s been my experience that when someone says they want to turn a cat and/or kittens over to a rescue, the longer the delay stretches on, the less the chance is that it’ll actually happen. I was hopeful but skeptical that I’d actually end up with this cat and her kittens, but – as you can see – I got ’em! Friday I went into Huntsville, got to meet Lola (let me tell you what, pictures don’t do that little muffin justice. She’s freakin’ ADORABLE) and got my new fosters.

The story is that the guy who had the mom cat had a cat who’d had a litter of kittens. He’d found homes for all of them but her, and of course she, too, started having litters. She’s about a year and a half old, and this is her third (and last!) litter. She’s a very VERY friendly girl – she was a bit timid at first, but now I have to make sure the kittens aren’t bellied up to the milk bar before I go into the room, because she WILL come running out to greet me. She had fleas, worms and ear mites and she woke up Saturday morning with a goopy eye – I’ve treated her for fleas and worms, am putting ointment in her eye, and will clean her ears later today. She’s a sweet girl, she handles it well. She keeps those kittens spotlessly clean, and she’s enjoying the food I bring her (she’s a fan of baby food, imagine that).

I’ve named her Regina Phalange, which some of you will know immediately as the alias Phoebe on Friends. The litter name will be The Fakers. And the kitten names? Well, you’re going to have to wait ’til tomorrow for proper introductions. (Yes, I’m mean!)


“This house didn’t need no kittens, lady. Is all I’m sayin’.”


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3-7-16 THERE ARE KITTENS — 47 Comments

    • LOL yeah, that’s what I was thinking…Newtles, you grouchy man-cat, you! Kittens are awesome 🙂

  1. Yay, kittens! And such a pretty mama cat.

    Looked at today’s 2012 post and had to laugh because mine are always sitting mostly on top of me so when the lickfest turns into a slap fight I have a front row seat. Only about half of them go that way though, and it’s always instigated by girlkitty, who is half boykitty’s size.

    • It is her job to insure that they have proper respect for the women folk. My Lola will insure that Sidney never forgets who is really in charge when she TAKES-HIM-DOWN!

  2. Beautiful girl, beautiful litter. And hooray for this being Regina Phalange’s last time bringing up babies — and getting to do so at Crooked Acres! A kiss for Newt and all the Perms who’ll allow it.

  3. YAY, babies!!!

    I was clenching my fist and waving it at the sky while howling “GIVE ME MY BABIEEEEEEEEEEES!”, believe you me. – I would have been right there with you, sister!!!!

    I love the idea of the Fakers! One boy needs to be Ken Adams! 🙂

  4. Kiiiiiittens! And a pretty momcat who yay! is raising her last litter. Is mom a grey girl, or a calico, or something else? *curious*

      • Also, I should add that she is shaped kind of like an Abyssinian – long and sleek, small head, big ears. She’s got really short, soft fur. And she loves belly rubs. 🙂

  5. The toeseses. Great picture of the pink jellybeans. So how do you treat Momma for the fleas and assorted issues when she has nursing kittens. I assume the fleas get the comb treatment until they are weaned. What about the worms. Can she get worm meds without passing it to the kittens? She was probably miserable with the itching and belly ache and wiggling kittens waiting to be born.

    • Regina got Advantage as soon as I got her home. I combed the kittens several times, and as of yesterday afternoon didn’t find any fleas on them. I also changed out their bedding – and washed it on hot – just in case there were any flea escapees. Regina got a dose of Drontal for the worms yesterday, and tomorrow I’ll treat her ears. I don’t want to throw too much into her system at once! Advantage and Drontal are safe for nursing cats, thankfully.

      The worms seemed to bother her the most, because they were causing an itchy back end. Can you imagine having to deal with that AND feed/clean/nurture six babies at the same time? Poor Regina!

      • Aw, good news. The first thing I thought was that she would have to suffer for 8 weeks before she could get the meds. Thank goodness the meds are okay for the babies. If I was her I would definitely have requested a spinal block until the bugs were eliminated. Poor thing. Life is so much better for her now. Sad she has had 3 litters, parasites and now goopy eye. Is anyone talking with the guy who brought her in? Does not sound like he is such a good person to have pets if the animals are in such shape.

        • Yeah, they talked to him about ways to have his animals spayed and neutered – he had just learned that he’s eligible for a certificate so he can have his girlcats spayed for $10 each, so that’s good!

          • Good news. One step at a time. At least he brought in Regina and the Fakers ( a good band name I might add) to get a good home and care.

        • I posted this on our Cat Committee and foster page. It is REALLY good to know along with Advantage being safe. THANK YOU, ROBYN!!!

          • When I asked my vet a few weeks ago, she looked it up and said something along the lines of ‘there wasn’t any conclusive evidence” so just do Strongid to be on the safe side.

  6. Oh, finally a reason to love Mondays!!! Regina is a beautiful girl!

    Is that a little cow baby I spot? *thud*

    Welcome babies, you don’t know how happy you’ve made a whole whack o’ hoomans!

    • It is! I was tempted to post a picture of just that baby with the caption of “moo” to let y’all know I had kittens. 😀

  7. It’s kinda like if Joe-Bob had kittens, ha! Love ’em..and glad for momcat too. She has won the lottery by being at Crooked Acres. Will enjoy watching the beebees grow and thrive over the coming weeks.

  8. Sincerely hoping one of them is named “Princess Consuela Banana Hammock”. They are too cute, and this from someone who is fostering a doggy mom and her six puppies, three boys and three girls too!

  9. SQUEE!!! Adorable kittens!! Ms. Phalange’s coloring is like that of my sweet Cannonball cat and her babies are too. Damn. Cute. Can’t wait to learn their names!!

  10. YAY!! Gray moo kittens!! OMC – that picture of two of them nursing with the back foot sticking out “stay outta my space”….I’m dead

  11. ******* THUNK******* fell down from all the utter adorableness !!!!!! This an absolutely gorgeous batch of kittens and Regina is beautiful !!!! They were worth the wait 🙂

  12. Babies babies babies!!!! I loves babies! And they are so freaking cute in their Joe Bobbiness! I think I see a little stripe on a grey leg though, so I can’t say Jakeiness yet for the solids! But they are CUTE!!

    Zirconia (sp) is a fake diamond! Got any rare diamond bellied grey tuxies in the bunch? hee hee

  13. YAY!!! for babies. I’m not sure I understand the Fakers theme but I didn’t watch much Friends. If you named them all friends characters that would be cute though.

  14. Art Vandelay is my vote for one of the boys, and I second one of the girls being named Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!

    How exciting to have babies again! Regina looks like a very loving and capable mama.

  15. So cute. And I love the naming concept. Will there be a Bert Macklin and a Janet Snakehole (awesome aliases from Parks and Recreation)??. I can only hope!