3-8-16 Meet The Fakers!

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Innernets, meet The Fakers. We’ll go with the girls first.

Chanandler Bong. If we were being 100% correct, she’d be Miss Chanandler Bong, but I think we can go without the title. For the non-Friends fans: Miss Chanandler Bong is the (incorrect) name that Chandler Bing’s TV Guide is addressed to. See video here.

Susie. This one comes from Seinfeld – Elaine’s coworker mistakenly believes Elaine’s name is Susie, and Elaine ends up going along with it. See video here.

Princess Consuela. Another one from Friends – Phoebe gets married and changes her name, and while she’s at the DMV, she finds out she can change her name to anything she wants. Video here.

And now the boys!

Ken Adams. Another Friends reference – Joey uses Ken Adams as an alias several times throughout the series. Video here. PS: Kathie thinks Ken Adams (the cat) looks like Eddie Munster, and I agree!

Bert Macklin. This one is a Parks and Rec reference – Bert Macklin is Andy Dwyer’s FBI alter-ego. Video here.

Art Vandelay. This one is from Seinfeld – George uses this alias a zillion times through the series. Video reference here.

I chose the litter name The Fakers since most of these names are aliases that the characters use. Not all of them fit exactly – Chandler doesn’t actually use the name Chanandler Bong, it’s just the name his TV Guide comes to – but I think it’s close enough.

“Keeping an eye on you, lady.”

Pie plate full o’ Fakers.

Feeding time!

Left to right: Susie, Ken Adams, Princess Consuela, Bert Macklin, Chanandler Bong, Art Vandelay.

Princess Consuela – everyone else was off nursing, she felt more like catching some shuteye.

Susie did not appreciate being manhandled, and got a little hissy.

When I asked Fred if Art Vandelay had any gray on his tummy, Fred showed me that he does not. Art did not appreciate this.

Ken Adams has eyeballs peeking through already!

A lineup of cuteness.

Toeses and a tail.

My house is going to fall into ruin, because I seriously cannot stop staring at these little monkeys.

Another shot of the pile o’ cute.

Princess Consuela using Chanandler Bong as a pillow.

Ken Adams gets a little hissy.

By the way, I had named everyone before I even put yesterday’s post up, and I have to admit that I’m a little impressed – except for Susie, y’all mentioned every single one of the names I’m using. Clearly you are my people!


Two videos for you today. One of a sleepy, lazy pile of kittens being lazy and sleepy (go figure) and one of kittens nursing… and being lazy and sleepy.

YouTube link.

YouTube link.


“You have SIX kittens in that house? Yeah, I’m not coming in there.” Maxi’s not a fan of other cats, have I mentioned? She’s especially not fond of kittens – I’m sure she feels like she’s done her time!


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3-8-16 Meet The Fakers! — 47 Comments

  1. oh the sweet cuteness! perfect thing to wake up to this too early morning- my cats were being brats this morning and started thumping at my door at 5am. little monsters

    • There could not possibly be anything LESS threatening than a six-day-old hissing kitten!

    • I’m trying to get it, but this bunch is much less hissy than I’m used to. And all of a sudden this morning almost all the eyes are open!

  2. I figured since you used phalanges in mom’s name that you were going to call the babies ‘The Anatomists’-as in Grey’s Anatomy.

  3. I think the caption for that eighth picture could be used just as suitably for the picture of Koko in the pie plate. 😀

  4. Love, love, love Maxi’s face. That’s how I imagine I must look when surrounded by children. LOL

    • HA – I’ve had him compared to Eddie Munster and Elvis (which I can see), but you’re the first to mention a possum. I can see that, too!

  5. Is there anything cuter or less fierce than a kitten hissing when its eyes aren’t even open yet?

  6. O.M.G. These are the cutest kittens EVER, and no I have never said that before. And I LOVE the naming theme!

  7. So adorable! I think you should add one of those gray kittens to your permanent residents. (Ducks and runs!)

  8. I think this is the best naming theme you’ve ever created. I LOVE it!!!!!!

  9. Oh! Chanandler MooBing! She’s the most beautimus moo-kitty evar! And apparently the hungriest – because almost every single picture that she’s in (except a couple of the pile o’ cutes today) she’s latched on to her mama!

    Love them all though – Lord help us, this is a gorgeous bunch.

  10. ohhhhhh I was HOPING you would name one of them Chanandler Bong, ever since I heard mama was named Regina Phalange!

  11. Oh my GOSH so cute. Best name theme ever, btw. I’m being they all get nicknames pretty fast too.

  12. Art Vandelay and Chanandler Bong!!! I was thinking this morning that I hoped you’d use those names.

    Ha! Here’s a piece of trivia for you: What was the name Monica used when she started stalking the girl who stole her credit card?!

    • Crap! I can’t remember – was it Mononna? Something like that? Didn’t she start to say “Monica” before she realized she couldn’t?

      • 1.21 The One with Fake Monica

        Monica’s credit card is stolen; after seeing the credit card statement, she decides the thief lives her life better than she does. She meets ‘Fake Monica’ at a dance class which was charged to her card, and suprisingly they become friends. As Mononna, she and Fake Monica have a great time… until Fake Monica is arrested. Ross’ monkey, Marcel, reaches sexual maturity and starts humping everything in sight; Ross has to find a zoo in which to put his pet. Joey tries to choose a stage name.

  13. Too bad there wasn’t another girl, I so would have loved to see an Anastasia Beaverhausen. (Karen Walker’s alter ego in Will & Grace)

  14. I don’t know if I can handle the cuteness. I went back to yesterday’s post about 10 times throughout the day. Something tells me I’ll do the same today. I have missed seeing kittens.

  15. Watched the videos… So glad you didn’t go with naming one of them Crap Bag! 🙂