3-9-16 Wednesday

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Bert Macklin. Look how calm he is!

Susie, sound asleep.

Regina, keeping an eye on me.

“Come on, kids! The milk bar is open!”

Ken Adams is taking this whole being-held-by-a-human in stride. So far, he’s been compared to Eddie Munster, Elvis (he’s got sideburns!) and a possum. Whoever he looks like, he’s ADORABLE, I think we can agree on that!

“Well, I’ll be. You really can hear the ocean!”

Chanandler, using Princess Consuela as a body pillow.

She is SUCH an amazing mama.

Ken Adams, bellied up to the milk bar.

Look in particular at the lower right part of this picture and try not to keel over from the cute. That Ken Adams is such a nutty little character.

Rough life, little muffinhead.

The little pink toes in the air are killing me dead.

Art Vandelay at the milk bar.

Ken holding paws with Mama.

I was trying to take a picture of one of the kittens in the pie plate, and he started getting a little screamy, and Regina came over, snatched him up, and took him back into the crate. She’s not putting up with my nonsense, I’ll tell you that.



Stinkerbelle is NOT coming down until those kittens are gone, you understand?


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3-9-16 Wednesday — 8 Comments

    • Yup… squee. Those bellies need kissing!

      I think that is Bert on top. He looks like a guy who ate too much and passed out on the couch. Ha

  1. I swear…do you insist that each bunch of kittens is cuter than the last?!?!? I keep coming back here over and over again to squeee at the tiny footsies…and tongues….and pink bellehs. OMG!

    Three litters in 18 months — poor Regina. She must be plumb wore out. But clearly she’s got this mother thing down. And I’m very impressed with how mellow she seems (at least from your pictures) given all the upheaval in her life in the last week. Giving birth and moving house. That’s a lot.

    As always, thanks for sharing all the great pics, Robyn. Visiting Love & Hisses makes my day so much brighter.

  2. Oh man… Coupled with the names, I can barely stand it. I mean come on, Susie for a kitten? Could it BE any more perfect (said in a Chanandler voice)!

  3. Does Regina have her mouth on the kitten in the pie plate? More pics please! I love it when mamas carry their babies…