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Maria enjoys some quiet in the basket.

Snuggling with me AND sunshine. Orlando calls that win-win.

Mariette and Orlando, keeping an eye on things.

Dennis is not a morning person. He prefers to sleep in, and he’s all kinds of grumpy when the other Players wake him up too early.

Ferdinand enjoys the sunshine.

Don’t you just want to kiss him?

Dennis, checking under the door to see what’s going on in the hall.

Orlando with feather toy.

More Asian Lady Beetles. I should sell these things so y’all can entertain your cats, too.

I know that several of you have said that Dennis reminds you of Corbie, but Angelo’s the one who reminds me of Corbie – especially when he lays like this.

Dennis keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

Must be something good going on out there!


Kara figured out recently that she can easily jump from the cat tree to the top of my dresser. And so she does it a lot.

“The better to keep an eye on you, lady.”


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3-13-14 — 43 Comments

  1. Could use a little (ok, a lot) of advice! We’re moving mid-April about 200 miles away from where we are now. The movers are coming on the 15th, we will leave right after they pack up in order to be at the new house on the 16th when they arrive. Problem? We have 18 cats to move. We don’t know if we should move them en mass on the 15th, leave them in one room overnight in a strange house while we stay at a hotel that night, or leave them here in an empty house until after the move and come back to get them or make several trips back and forth (it’s 4 hours each way)? No matter what, they will be stressed and unhappy but we have no choice. Any ideas welcome!

    • When I last moved, I left mine in an empty (but for a few of their cat beds) house for the day, and they were the last to be moved. (Mind you, I had 3 cats, and I did get them the same day). I would think they’d be okay for one night on their own?
      If you’re worried about them being freaked out, perhaps you could buy one of those air-mattress beds and camp out in the new house with them?

    • I would lock them up, move everything and leave them in the empty house. One – it smells like them still. Two – one less thing to worry about while moving furniture into the new house. Get things set up and then come back for them and move the crew to the new place. Last time I moved that is what I did and it worked out better since by the time I brought mine over, the furniture was in place and while the PLACE was new, the STUFF was still the same.

    • I would second the keep them at the old house overnight plan. Maybe leave a laundry basket or two with some towells with your scent on them. I think it would be easier on them to stay in the empty but familiar house versus overnight in the new house without you there. I would veto moving them in groups. Too much wear and tear on you and you might end up with problems when the second group gets to the new place. They might seem like invaders to the cats already there. If you can understand what I mean. I would also invest in some Feliway ( or similar product) and get that started in the new house. It might help lower stress and all the nasty things associated with stressed out kitties.

    • I’d want to move the cats first, just so they’re safely out of the way when the movers are there and opening doors all over the place. I’d be scared to lose a cat to a clueless mover. Does the new place have space you can block off and not let the movers near, and you can secure the cats inside? It’s better to confine cats to a small area when relocating anyway (never give a cat more than it can be properly offended by at one time), and I suspect the cats will mostly want to hide for the first day or two anyway.

    • I don’t have any advice, but I would sure LOVE to hear a report of how things went after all is said and done. Good luck to you and your kitties!

    • I would definitely leave them in the old house where at least smells and sights are familiar. Just leave them some beds/clothing that smells like you. I’d be much more apprehensive about leaving them in a new and strange house if I couldn’t be there to make sure all is well.

      So happy to know I’m not alone. I have 16 cats. Good luck!

  2. Hee hee, grumpy Dennis has Bed Head!!

    Dawn – while I’ve never moved 18 cats, I have moved two several times, and I think they may be happier staying in your old house (with a few familiar things) until you can move them together to the new house, which would then have all of the furniture and some smells they were use to. That way they avoid being by themselves in a brand new place, and also the noise and confusion of the movers the next day. But it depends on how long they would be by themselves. Good luck and keep us posted! I hope you have a really big car (or two)! 🙂

    • I agree with Amy. Also, it eliminates the stress of the “moving and unpacking” for them. ALSO, it prevents any of them from accidentally slipping out the door!!! Get your new kitty room set up as much as possible that first day. (Mark your boxes well.) Then move them, close the door so they are safe and continue to unpack!

      • I have to agree too. I don’t know your cats but the idea of 18 cats in a strange new place left alone scares me.

        I’m imagining you opening the door to some sort of Island of Dr Moreau/Lord of the Flies where they’ve de-evolved socially and trashed the house in the process. Just the carpeting/flooring possibilities makes me shudder.

  3. Robyn, this may be kind of a dumb question but I have to ask out of curiosity: do you ever have any allergic reactions to your cats? I mean, I have heard that even people who have mild allergies can get used to being around a set number of cats if they hang around the same ones long enough, but you have the added issue of fostering to deal with. Do you ever have days when you feel side effects after going into the foster room? (Other than the compulsion to snorgle those adorable little monkeys forever and ever)

    • [*raising hand*] I actually have terrible allergies and have been tested. Basically, for the southeast, I am allergic to everything but dogs. I have 3 cats. I have noticed that I am allergic to one, mildly. He is 1/2 Ragdoll. My friend had a pure Ragdoll and I was seriously allergic to that sweet girl. I think it must be the breed. I have never had noticeable reaction to any other cat before. Now, I know that a lot of people will take a warm damp cloth and wipe down their kitty in the morning and the evening to keep down the dander. Ultimately, they got use to their kitty. Since I am allergic to so much, I decided to get allergy shots. I wish I had know about them 20 yrs ago. If you are mainly just allergic to cats, you can get just cat allergy shots. My insurance paid for the testing and shots.

      • By the way, my Ragdoll mix is worth any itchy or stuffy nose I might get from him. He sleeps with me every night and is a cuddler during the day. A total mama’s boy!!

      • I’m mildly allergic to my cats. But I build up tolerances. If I have to go on a business trip for 10 days or more, when I come back I have lost imy mmunity. So I snuffle and sneeze for about a week until it kicks in again. My allergy isn’t bad enough for shots but is annoying. My friend’s husband, on the other hand, loves his little princess so much he gets shots every three months. YMMV

  4. Hi Robyn, love that 6 drawer thingy on top of your dresser. True antique or newish made to look antiquey (sp)

    • It’s newish – I got it at LL Bean a couple of years ago, with the idea of keeping cat medication and supplements in it. It’s not big enough for that (I’ve got a LOT of cat stuff!), so at the moment it’s mostly empty, with a couple of drawers filled with tiny hats. 🙂

      • Everyone needs a place to keep tiny hats!

        And sweet, sleepy Dennis – it even looks like his hair is still a little messed up. I’m not a morning person, either!

  5. I want to thank everyone for all the great ideas! I read these comments to my husband and I think we have formulated a plan: we will clear out two rooms the night before the movers come and put cats and assorted necessities in with them into those rooms. Next morning, movers will be threatened with death if they open those doors! That same day, after the movers are gone, we will let them out, (feed, water, etc.), then we will head to the new house overnight and wait for them the next morning. After the unloading happens, we will head back to the old house the same day, feed, water, scoop, etc., spend the night nearby then early the next day we wrangle! We’ll take half in our SUV, my dad will take the other half in his. Everybody ends up in the same place at the same time! Easy! *not really, I’m getting woozy just thinking about it*. Thanks, everyone!,

    • If you can lock them and use those little “keys” to re-open them, do so. If not, put signs on the doors that say “DO NOT OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE”. And of course, threaten them with death!

      Don’t worry, it will go smoother than you think. Also, the calmer you are, the calmer your kitties will be.

      • And put something physical like a piece of plywood or cardboard in front it with an additional message, SERIOUSLY, DON’T OPEN IT OR YOU WILL HAVE TO CATCH 18 CATS

        • If you have baby gates, put them on the outside of the closed door. That way, even if the door is accidentally opened, the cats likely won’t come out immediately. And the physical presence of a baby gate will reinforce the signs and warnings on the door.

    • Just keep breathing, Dawn. This too shall pass. 🙂

      I agree with GD’s idea of putting a big sign on the door just in case and Kar’s idea of putting a physical barrier!

    • Maybe some masking tape in a big X across the doors that would clearly indicate DO NOT ENTER!!! With a sign indicating CATS INSIDE – DO NOT OPEN

    • Another thought for blocking the door – Caution tape across the door. (Crime scene tape if you are lucky enough to know any police officers…)

    • Dawn, bring used (but scooped) litter.. scent is so horribly important with cats, so they’ll totally appreciate litter that smells like them as they get settled..

  6. Now you’re telling me that Dennis likes to sleep in? ***packs suitcase to drive to Alabama and adopt Dennis***

    My cats do not sleep in. Drives me nuts.

  7. It’s great to look at the Players as they are now, all relaxed and happy, and then to remember the first few days when they looked at you and the camera with such apprehension. You obviously run a 5 star kitty resort/spa.