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Edited to add: If you’re in the market for a cat tree, Woot has a couple for sale today that are a pretty good price.

For the record, the 68″ tree looks sturdier I think it would likely hold up better under the daily wear and tear of crazy cats (but that’s just my opinion!)

(Thanks for the heads-up, Sherry B!)


Looking through the older posts for this day, I saw a list of how many kittens you’ve had, what are you up to now? And is the ratio of boys to girls the same?

Back in 2012, we’d fostered a total of 174 kittens – 91 males and 83 females.

As of now, we’ve fostered a total of 261 kittens, and of that number 142 have been male, and 119 female.

It looks like the ratio has changed a little – we’ve gone from 52% male to 54%. I’ll be curious to see if that number increases or balances out over the next few years.


Stefan’s a happy boy, isn’t he?

He is SUCH a happy, mellow boy. I swear, I think orange (and buff) cats are the happiest cats in the cat kingdom!


I’m currently smitten with Mary (although all three are gorgeous). I see a little bit of the loon in her, and it’s not just the coloring. Is it just me??

It’s not just you, I can see it too! She’s part spitty princess, part loonified, and 100% adorable.


Question for the wonderful cat experts here: I recently adopted a 5 year old girl from a shelter. She hasn’t told me her name yet. She seems a mix of Siamese, Burmese, Tonk and all-American DSH, with a Burmese face, blue, slightly slanted eyes, mocha points and the rest of her coat is very dilute tortishell. (And yes, she is beautiful!)

I just noticed that while her right eye is steady when she looks at me, her left eye moves very slightly back and forth horizontally – almost vibrating. She is not cross-eyed. Before I noticed this, I had taken her to the vet, who did not mention anything about this.

She seems fine and has good vision. Anyone familiar with this sort of thing? I’d appreciate all thoughts. Thanks!

Webbthistle added later: I will be bringing her in to the vet early next week anyway for a quick checkup (following a tooth extraction) and will ask the vet then.

I myself haven’t seen that sort of thing before (and will be curious to hear what the vet says) – anyone else out there seen this? Please chime in!


Is snack time on fiesta dishes?

Snack time IS on Fiesta dishes! When I first got Peter, Paul & Mary, they were too little to figure out how to eat off the chip and dip plate I usually provide snacks on, so I fed them off a regular plate. It’s only due to laziness that I haven’t gotten the chip and dip plates down; it’s much easier to just grab a plate!


RE Joe Bob – the SF writer Robert Heinlein was inspired to write a novel titled “The Door into Summer” because his cat kept going to the doors to the outside and meowing to be let out. Unfortunately it was raining so the cat kept being disappointed. After several times his wife said the cat was looking for the door into summer and Heinlein was so taken by that phrase that he wrote the whole book in a few weeks. Poor Joe Bob I fear he may have to wait a few days for his door into summer.

I love this!


Dennis’ green eyes are just mesmerizing. Does he hypnotize you into doing his bidding?

He certainly does! He look at me like this:

and he says “Lady, I believe I would like a snack.”

I say, “Dennis, it’s not time for a snack. You can’t be having snacks all willy-nilly throughout the day, whenever you want them!”

Then he looks at me like this:

and he says “I SAID, I would like a snack.”

To which I say “I… will… get… you… a… snack….”


Is it me, or do Mary’s eyes match her fur?

They do! I don’t know if they’re going to stay that color, but they pretty closely match her fur right now, and it’s really cool.


Peter, Paul and Mary get a visitor.

It’s an Uncle Dennis!

The kittens gathered around, amazed by this new stranger.

Dennis went over to check out the view, and the kittens followed.

Mary was all “Hi, Mister! You sure are purty!”
Dennis said “I know.”

Mary said “Peter! Isn’t he PURTY?”
Peter said “Hmph. I guess he’s okay.”

Then Dennis sniffed Peter, and Peter got a little, uh… emotional. (Scared and hissy, is what I mean.)

Paul was really not loving this new stranger.

And he turned his tail into a bottle brush.

It was Mary’s dearest hope to get close to Dennis.

And Peter’s dearest hope, too.

In her frustration, Mary spit at Dennis, and Dennis ignored her.

Look at that little face!


In a perfect world, she’d have figured out a way to get to him, and the post would end with a picture of the two of them snuggling. Alas, Dennis decided he’d had enough, and he moseyed off, leaving Peter staring in bewilderment.

“Who WAS that stranger?!”


You’ll pardon the mess on the table, I hope. I’m not sure what I like more – the way Archie is laying on the table but partially on the big overstuffed bed, or the way the dog bed is looking at him like “What are you DOING, man?!”


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  1. I definitely agree on your theory about buff/orange cats.My mom’s neighbour has a buff orange boy,and he is basically like a lovey dovey dog.My best friend also has an orange boy,and he has the most amazing personality.Now my sister has an orange boy too,and he is just the cutest,cuddliest thing.

    • Totally agree. I love all my furbots but our Orange Tabby Buddha Hamilton is a love hog. He is just in your face with love and affection. Wonderful.

      • I’d like to add my own anecdotal evidence to that. My Oscar (2000-2010) was a big, happy, mellow Buddha kitty. He was an orange tabby with gold eyes. Sweet, sweet, unflappable happy boy.

    • Every orange kitty I have met is special. My first cat was orange and just wonderful – I will never forget my dear Cesar.

      • My first kitty Cheetos was orange too !! I had two more orange boys Nico and Rizzo and they were just as wonderful. They were the cuddliest and had big personalities ! I miss them all terribly 🙁

        You never forget your first cat !!

        • Yes – you are right Louise. You never forget you first kitty. My boy has been gone for longer than I care to say, but I still love him and tear up at his pictures.

          Love the name Cheetos

  2. hahaha…. love Dennis the Hypnocat!

    Those kittens being all curious about Uncle Dennis was so cute. It’s funny how their curiosity overtakes them at first and they forget to be nervous AND THEN the floof suits come out later.

    hahaha… Archie was so tired he couldn’t even make it all the way to the bed and passed out when he was alllllllmost there… I bet if Stefan saw that he’d snort and think to himself “amateur”

  3. How ever did young Dennis cope with the change to Daylight Snackin’ Time last Sunday? And Webbthistle, has your beautiful girl revealed her name?

    • Kerry, I actually think she likes her shelter name, Precious. She runs towards me every time I call her by it…and she is already very, very Precious to me!

  4. For fifty years I heard my father say the cats were looking for the door into summer…then he’d gently give them a toe out the door…his last cat was a huge orange fluff ball rescued from the idiots next door…Tigger was devoted to my dad…

    Mary seems quite taken with Dennis…who can blame her!

    • Yes, I was going to say that Webbthistle’s cat sounds like she has nystagmus – one of my close (human) friends has this condition, though I don’t think hers is caused by anything serious, and she lives a perfectly normal life. I hope the same is true for this kitty!

      • Thanks, Random Felines, Katness and Connie! Of course I immediately read that article and then Googled ‘nystagmus – feline.’ It could have been caused by any mumber of conditions and for most cats, it does not have serious consequences. But I certainly will talk to Precious’ vet next week to be sure – and I will report back!

    • That description cracks me up. Obviously, these people know cats. Although they forgot the step where they throw up on said furniture.

    • That is a decent price. Best thing though is the Seventeen Stages of Cat Tree Ownership.

      Oh, and I just bought one!

  5. @Webbthistle – Khloe’s (our first ever foster that we adopted) got one eye that does that same thing, but we chalked it up to possible neuro damage from an extremely high fever as a kitten. She’ll be staring at you and her left eye (it’s only the left) will move slightly horizontally. It’s a little unsettling because it really makes her look crazy (and slightly evil).

    • Thanks, Lisa. It is rather unsettling, but I think Precious looks more goofy than evil 🙂 She was a shelter kitty, so very little about her background is known.

  6. Puffed up Paul is probably the least intimidating thing I can imagine. Hopefully Dennis didn’t snicker at him and hurt his feelings. BTW, when did his tail get so long? That bottle brush is super long for a guy who had a comma for a tail not long ago.

    I’m kind of curious why you have a power drill on the table, Surely your meatloaf isn’t that tough.

  7. We love our Armarkat tower that is very similar to what’s at Sherri’s link. Very strong and tough. We’ll probably never buy any other brand from now on. Probably.

    Our lynx point Siamese Maxx had the eye wobble thing, we called it a flutter. Our vet said it was common in a lot of Siamese breeds but wasn’t anything to be concerned about. It just… is and in Maxx’s case, just made him more special and endearing.

    • That’s reassuring to know. There certainly is a lot of Siamese in Precious – and she is endearing, too!

      My condolences – Maxx was such a handsome guy who clearly loved you and was very much loved…

  8. My orange baby Basil is the best snugglebug I have ever had the pleasure of sharing my heart and home with. From the moment I got him at 5 weeks he has laid in my arms like a baby and will stay there for hours, contentedly purring and kneading. He does tend to drool though, which is kinda gross. My other cat Monkey has the same eyes that Dennis does, and you are right-they ARE mesmerizing!

  9. Thoughts on jiggly eyes! My Pearl is part Siamese and she has very noticibly vibrating eyes. They seem to vibrate more quickly when she’s excited, stressed, having the zoomies, etc but they are always vibrating (horizontally). Sherman has a touch of the eye jiggles but they are MUCH more subtle and perhaps they don’t jiggle all the time…it is hard to tell though because the only time he’s still is when he’s dead asleep! 🙂

    When I first got Pearl, I asked the vet about her eyes and he said that there was no need for concern and it was a part of her Siamese heritage. She doesn’t seem bothered and it just adds to her charm! 🙂

    • Jiggles! What a great name for a cat with this condition. I tried it out on Precious though, and she got up and turned her back to me. Ah well. I appreciate the comment – won’t be so nervous when we go to the vet Monday!

  10. Don’t apologize for the table. Aren’t dining room tables for collecting stuff?

  11. Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten off of my “dining” table, lol. Oh wait, I may have before my sister gave it to me.

    Peter’s face behind Puffed Up Paul is hilarious! He looks bewildered, and confused about Uncle Dennis. Is Dennis getting used to all these tween girl kittens seeing him as the Justin Bieber of the Kitty World?

    Orange muffins are definitely the most laid-back surfer dudes. My Malcolm is a great big (and I mean BIG) ball of 7/24 happiness and sweet.

  12. HA! We know now that Archie was laying in wait for the blueberry muffins and the “nap” was just a ruse!

  13. I would be mesmerized by Dennis’ eyes too! Such a gorgeous boy, and I love how Mary was enamored of him! And I love Paul’s bottlebrush tail!

    I have to agree about the orange kitties. I’ve never had one, myself, but my brother currently has an orange and white kitty, and he is such a laidback lovebug. Makes me jealous! Mine are… not exactly lovebugs, most of the time, and definitely not laidback. Although I would never get any work done if I had a cat like my brother’s, because he pretty much insists on being petted 24/7.

    And I love that “looking for the door to summer” statement! I’ll have to remember that!