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You remember, I am sure, these little faces:

That’s Von (top) and Winn Dixie, from the Grocers litter. It was just last September through November that they were with us (holy cow, were they really only here for two months??) before Von and Winn were adopted together and went off to Indiana to live.

I love this picture of the two of them from last November:

Cathy posted this picture of the girls on Facebook. Haven’t they grown up to be gorgeous?

SO pretty!

Cathy says that their brother Skyler loves Von best, but he is less afraid of Winn everyday.


Cathy sent a couple of videos, too. Skyler, it appears, thinks he’s a cat and will play with this cat toy.

YouTube link.

And in the second video, there’s more of Skyler playing with the cat toy, and Von and Winn just hanging out, snoopervising.

YouTube link.

Cathy also shared a great video of the girls with me, but while I can see it (and have watched it several times), I can’t get it to download. So you’ll have to take my word for it: those girls are GORRRRGEOUS (which is obvious from the picture and video!)

Thank you so much for the pictures and videos, Cathy! I love seeing those girls grow up together (and also, the cute that is Skyler probably needs a warning label.)


I bet you also remember this face:

That’s Winn and Von’s brother, formerly known as Trader Joe and now known as Sherman.

This will always and forever be my favorite picture of Sherman, I think. It kills me dead every time I see it. That FACE.

Sherman, as you’ll recall, went off to Wisconsin with Lilly! She gave me permission to steal some Sherman pics and share them with y’all.

Now THIS is a handsome kitty!

This is a level of cute I can’t even handle! (Sherman and his brudder Charlie.)

LOOK AT THIS!!! Perhaps a friendship is in their future after all! (Sherman and his sister Pearl.)

My sweet little Sherman. I love it when even his tail has bed head.

It’s a Sherman!

Thanks for letting me steal the pics, Lilly! You know I love seeing that Sherman and his sweet, floofy self.


More feather teaser watchin’.

“Get out mah way! I gots it!” (He didn’t.)

Paul does a little dance.

I just love his white whiskers and his white ruff.

“Get down here, feather teaser!” Peter yells. “Right now!”

“It’s so… sparkly!”

Paul thinks a nap in the wall basket is just the thing he needs.

He struggled for a moment, but he made it!

Mary thinks the other end of the feather teaser is pretty cool, too.

Peter, resting for a moment and thinking about his next move. SUCH a pretty boy, isn’t he?


Speaking of pretty boys! Hello, Dennis, you gorgeous thang.


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3-12-15 — 12 Comments

  1. DENNIS!!!!! Love seeing your picture, little man!!!
    The Grocers were/are such a gorgeous litter. I love updates!!!
    Box Peter up for me and get him in the mail S.T.A.T.!!!

  2. Hooray for the Grocers! Love that update! Next to the Dragons, the Grocers were my 2nd favourite litter because of their famous “Hallo Innernets” series. What a fun bunch they were with starting that whole #openmouthofoutrage trend!

    It’s always so wonderful when we get to see your beautiful fosters grow up in their forever homes with people who love them as much as we do & understand our epic need for updates! So, many thanks to everyone who shares with Robyn & allows her to share with us!

  3. Love, love love the updates. That is a LOT of floof. Better their house than mine but if were in Indiana or Wisconsin, I’d want lots of floof to keep warm. Especially this winter.

    Dennis’ green eyes are just mesmorizing. Does he hypnotize you into doing his bidding?

  4. Oh so much CUTENESS today! It’s an overload! Thank you to all the permanents who share and allow Robyn to share their furbabies with us! I always loved Sherman and the last picture of him with the crossed eyes just about killed me dead with the cute! Lord have mercy!

  5. I wish I could adopt Paul from here in New York he’s so pretty… it’s too bad we’re so far away and I don’t have money. or a drivers licence.

  6. Cuteness overload !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Didn’t think it was possible that the Grocer Girls would get even more beautiful and fluffy !!! But they did !

    OMG !!!! Sherman !! he is almost too handsome to look at for long !!! but I’ll risk it 🙂

    Need more video of the little scamps !!