3-17-21 Wednesday

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Uno keeps both big, bright eyes on me.

Sleepy little pile.

Mama takes a break.

Mama keeps an eye on that wandering kitten (Whist.)

There’s always someone’s little butt in her face.

Fizzbin has the MOST suspicious little face.

Pile o’ cute.

Rummy’s out cold.

I love it when they toddle around the crate with their tails straight up.

Pinochle’s all “MAAAAAAAHHHHM, you said I was gonna have MY bath next, Slapjack cut the liiiiiiiine!”

“Seriously, lady.”


Khal’s DNA test has been completed, and here are the results:

Maine Coon: 10.85%
American Shorthair: 8.92%
Russian Blue: 6.59%
Abyssinian: 3.16%
Siberian: 2.94%
Ragdoll: 1.98%
Broadly Western: 17.76%
Exotic Shorthair: 3.23%
Persian: 0.90%
Broadly Persian: 5.31%
Egyptian Mau: 7.38%
Peterbald: 5.10%
Oriental Shorthair: 1.52%

Polycat: 24.37%

You can read more about Polycats here – but if you don’t want to go read about it, this sums it up: Polycats are domestic cats of (yet) unknown origins. I’m mostly surprised that he’s got no Norwegian Forest Cat in him, but also surprised that he’s 5% Peterbald.

So basically he’s a mutt. (Of course, as more people DNA test their cats, the more information they’ll have to draw from, and maybe the test will pop up with something surprising. It’s entirely possible!) I’ve added his results to his page (which is accessible via the sidebar if you ever want to refer to it again in the future).

100% Southeastern Magnificat.


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3-17-21 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. Now that you have that info, what do you do with it? I’m asking rhetorically because I wanted to do that for my Khal look-alike, but don’t know what to make of that mix. Deep thoughts…

    Thanks for sharing!

    • I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m going to save the graphic on my phone so that I can respond to the “Is he Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat/Siberian/Something else” questions with the graphic.

      Mostly, it’s just interesting to have an answer. (Still trying to figure out where the Peterbald genes went!)

  2. The picture of little Fizzbin (I think) trying to toddle around the crate with his tail straight up is just KILLING me — it’s the teensy little taillight that is so adorable! And then there’s Canasta’s wonderful face — she is such an expressive kitty! You really get the best litters, you know that, Robyn?

  3. I would like to be a mutt like him !!! What a striking boy, so if I want a gorgeous objct like Khal all I need to do is duplicate his genes.

  4. “100% Southeastern Magnificat” – well that’s for sure! 🙂

    I also must join the tail straight up fan club… SO CUTE.

  5. I’m always a bit skeptical of DNA tests in general. The ones for people aren’t very accurate, and I suspect the ones for pets aren’t that specific either.

    That being said, Khal is a magnificent beast whatever his lineage! Maybe one day you’ll finally be able to capture his little peep of a meow on video. Here’s hoping!

  6. They are all so precious. We would love to join the kitten sleeping pile. Mama in the last photo has the best face pose. Thanks for sharing these incredibly cute photos. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

  7. Fizzbin: Lumos!

    In the 3 seconds between reading the results and going to type “Peterbald cat” in Google Images to find out what it meant, I somehow converted it to “Piebald cat” and got tons of adorable pix of kittens who look like the Cardsharks. I had no idea this was a variation of tuxies. Hmm. Casinos. Tuxedos. The Rat Pack. The Brat Pack. Heh.