3-17-20 Tuesday

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Now that’s a sleepy pile o’ cute. Left to right: Pablo, Alejandro, Javier (with his back end toward the camera), Diego (using Javier’s behind as a pillow) and Carmelita.

Carmelita’s all “Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”

Carmelita has a snuggle with Mama.

Pablo’s all “Where’s everyone at?”

“I could go for another nap.”

Showing off his Ears of Annoyance.

The gang o’ sleepies moved to the bed.

Carmelita takes a poke at the Ikea rattie.

They’re not sure what they think of the rattie just yet.

Alejandro’s comin’ through.


Occasionally I can sneak up on Dewey and get a good picture of him – but those times are few and far between.


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3-17-20 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Aw, it’s Dewey with what appears to be Jake behind him!

    The babies still have their rumpled suits on, and I for one love it!

    • Her skin is doing fine (she has no more scabs) but she’s still overgrooming, so her fur is sparse. I’m hoping that once she’s spayed her hormones will calm down and she’ll stop overgrooming (and if she doesn’t, she’ll have an allergy test.)

  2. Sorry that I am saying this late, but when will you upgrade the permanent residents page?

    • I’ll update the permanent residents’ page at some point, basically when I get around to it. Could be in the next day, could be sometime 3 months from now. For now I’m avoiding pictures of Frankie and Kara because they make me sad.

      • I can understand you. When I see pictures of one of my discus fish that had passed away, I feel sad too. Sorry that I’m saying again late, but how about some updates from Kara´s babies?