3-16-20 Monday

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They’ve discovered if they push against this cabinet door it thuds, so Pablo is a little bit obsessed with pushing on it.

“So I push on the door and it goes THUNK! THUNK! THUNK!”
“Cool story, bro.”

Alejandro has a think.

“Mama, that weird lady is lookin’ at me again.”
“Just ignore her, Pablo. She’ll go away eventually.”

“Javier, look at this toy! What a cool toy!”

“And it smells DELIGHTFUL.”

Line ’em up.

“Carmelita, close your mouth. You’re snoring again!”

When the milk bar walks away before you’re done.

Diego, fuming.

Speaking of Diego, I misspoke when I said he looks like an angry meatball. He looks like a rain frog. The one at the top of this page, to be exact.


“Is it nap time, lady? Because I need a nap, and specifically I need to walk across your ribs and drool on your face before I can properly nap.” That Khal, so demanding.


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2018: Today marks 24 days since Kristi came to us. She is now officially the mama kitty who has made us wait the longest.
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3-16-20 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. How adorable is little Pablo pushing with all his might against the door. Just look at his adorable fluffiness!

    Diego’s fuming, lol.

  2. Oh these babies are so fluffy!! Does Pablo still have his tail light? I don’t see it in pictures.

    Khal the Magnificent

    • He does still have a tail light, but it’s very small (just the very tip of his tail) and tends not to show up unless his tail is in front of something dark. I expected it to get bigger along with the rest of him, but it’s not!

  3. Can I just say, Robyn, that Love & Hisses may single-handedly (single-pawedly??) keeping me sane these days. The Universe was on our side that you have The Cutest Ever batch of kittehs right now (yeah, well every batch is The Cutest Ever). And your captions make me laugh so hard! Thank you.

    • I could not possibly agree with Amy more! The babies are at such a wonderful age, learning to get around while attending Baby Cat School. It puts a happy smile on my face that doesn’t want to go away! The Universe was definitely kind to us, providing us with the sheer JOY of kittens at this particular moment. And of course, as Amy says, your captions are hilarious! Thank you SO MUCH for having a terrific blog, which is a perfect panacea to everything else going on!

  4. If Khal lived at my house he could drool on me all he wants. In fact we have another drooly black velvet panther. And we lubs him very much.

  5. Thank you, Robyn, for this small bit of happiness and respite each day what with everything else going on in the world now.