3-16-18 Friday

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Just wanted to say that I won the race between me and Kristi! Had my baby girl yesterday! So come on and give up those kittens, Kristi! It’s time!

Yay, Gretchen! Congratulations!!


Why does it seem as if Kristi is holding onto the floor (bed, window, whatever) for dear life as if she’s trying to keep it from spinning all the time? Morning sickness must be awful!

She does that when I’ve been petting her for a while and then stopped to take pictures. I figure it’s because she’s purring so hard she’s afraid she’ll vibrate herself right onto the floor!


Do you use catnip scented dish soap?

Nope – Archie’s a Persil laundry detergent boy all the way. He particularly likes it when the dish towel is a little damp.


Question – is it possible that one Mama will turn on the kittens of the other Mama’s litter? Grandma hissed at her grandkittens when she first looked in on them, so is it possible one might get a bit “territorial” with the unfamiliar smell of another litter of kittens? In the wild, you see prides of female lions co-mothering each others cubs, so probably not (and seeing how the two girls were in a feral colony together), but I wonder if anyone has heard of that happening.

While anything is possible, I don’t think that’s going to be an issue with these two. They co-mothered their previous litters, and in the past week I’ve seen Kristi go in and come out of the crate where Katia’s kittens are (both with Katia in the crate and also with Katia elsewhere), with no hissing or growling. I’m not sure if she’s looking for a place to have her own kittens, saying hi to Katia’s kittens, or just bored and watching them squirm about. I imagine that if you tossed two mother cats together who didn’t know each other, it might be a different story, though.


Is Jayne [Torvill] almost a smokey dark grey color?

He’s black with a lot of white furs sprinkled in. I know he looks gray in some of the pictures, but that’s due to the lighting and camera.


I looked in the crate and said to Katia “Hey, where’s the 4th kitten?” and Dean popped up from behind her and said “Here I am!”

OH that smug little face.

Katarina appears to be the poser of the bunch.

Such a sweet little family.

It cracks me up how well Katarina blends into her mother’s side. You can see her pink nose and her beady little eyes, but if not for those you’d think Katia just had a splash of white on her side.

“HI, Mama!”

Torvill needs a smooch.

Pile o’ cute.

“I sees you, lady.”

At this point, I’m thinking that the tuxie girls – and possibly their brothers, too – will be floofy. Only time will tell for sure, though.

Kristi in her favorite spot.

“Kids, if you don’t stop moving in there, I’m gonna put you in time out!”

Such a smug face.

“Lady, taking pictures to show how big I am is JUST SO RUDE.”

Today marks 24 days since Kristi came to us. She is now officially the mama kitty who has made us wait the longest. Before now the record holder was Kate, who waited 23 days. Maybe she just wanted to set a record and today will be the day? I mean, Friday is the one day of the week when I haven’t had a litter born in the house, so… Maybe? Please?


“Welcome to Yoga with Newt, the new smash YouTube show!”


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3-16-18 Friday — 13 Comments

  1. Congratulations Gretchen!!

    By now they must all be showing a bit of their personality quirks – the mama’s boy/girl, the whiny cry-baby, the clown, etc. because there seems to be a free-spirited explorer in the “Pile o’ Cute” picture. Soon they’ll all be waddling about the room (except for the mama’s boy/girl who of course always behaves and does and stays where Mama says to).

    Namaste, Newt.

  2. Kate had her babies on my birthday (3/19). Will I have birthday buddies again this year? 🙂 Although it would be fun to name a St Patrick’s day litter… Faith and Beggorah… Shamrock and Blarney.. hee hee

  3. I see nothing wrong with a male kitten named Jayne. If Firefly can do it, so can you.

  4. Congratulations, Gretchen!

    Hoping Kristi isn’t waiting for the ‘birthing suite’ to become available! Robyn, despite the love for your arms and hands, what is keeping you from reaching in and snatching up Torvill for a smooch? I would be shredded – I just would not be able to control myself! Hats off to you for your discipline!

    I would take up yoga because of Newt!

  5. Katarina is getting quite the throat jabot. Really want to kiss it with some thick red lipstick.

  6. I love that two of the “This Day in LnH History” entries today are calling for babies; although, in Maura’s case, they were actually internal organs that were slowly being covered by a layer of mom-to-be-diet-induced fat. Still, there must be a ton of Irish-themed name suggestions piled up.

  7. I did a cat yoga class at our local Humane Society on 3/16 (evening). Two of the cats got adopted! 🙂