3-15-18 Thursday

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We took another look at the back ends of the kittens last night, and it turns out that Jayne Torvill is actually a boy. So the two black kittens are boys, and the two tuxies are girls.

I’m going to keep the names the same – just go with Torvill and Dean rather than Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. New rule here at Love & Hisses: no more naming the kittens ’til they’re at least two weeks old!

(Fun fact: at this point, it looks like Dean is the dramatic kitten of the litter. I’ll be interested to see if that holds true as they get older.)

Things to note: Dean, there in the middle, showing off his eyeballs. And Oksana in front of him, mid-yawn.

Torvill caught the yawn and passed it on.

Katia’s turn!

Over to Katarina!

Back to Torvill. This yawn is really travelling!

Torvill again!

It is exhausting to be a wee kitten.

Watchin’ squirrels.

Such a pretty girl.



Khal Drogo, feelin’ fangy.

So. Much. FLOOF.


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3-15-18 Thursday — 21 Comments

  1. Robyn, I have really been thinking. I thinks you must give me Khal Drogo! Just say’n.

    Those wee babies are soooo precious. I sure hope both mama’s become super friendly so they can live the life of Riley. Fred, keep donning those welding gloves. Slide treats to her, too.

  2. Irish babies would be awesome… but I don’t have any patience and that’s TWO WHOLE DAYS away! hehe BUT.. if one had kittens on St. Patrick’s Day and one wanted to vary the naming theme, one could do Irish Olympian names… With names like Ciaran, Derval, Dinny, Eamonn, Francie, Gillian – perfect for little kittens! Webpage of Irish Olympians: https://www.ranker.com/list/olympic-athletes-born-in-ireland/reference

    Keep working on Katia – she’ll succumb to your charms – especially when all those kittens start ‘mobiling’ in different directions and swarming her for feedings… 🙂

    Kristi is beautiful – her eyes are so expressive! And her perfectly applied black eyeliner is to die for!

  3. But… but… I loooooove that Skinny Pete was a girl. The gender flips are part of the charm, Miz Robyn!!

  4. Seeing Khal like this makes me laugh because I remember that he was a rough-looking, outdoor kitty who wanted nothing to do with humans. And now look how domesticated he’s become! He reminds me so much of my Buster who we lost last fall at age 20 – all black and overly floofy.

  5. Well, when you’re a cute wee kitten masquerading as a cute wee bear cub, of course it’s exhausting.

    I’m thinking Khal Drogo needs to lay off the caffeine; he’s looking way too jittery and anxious, lol.

  6. Love those babies and mamas – but – I just want to scoop up Khal and snuggle him. He is so pretty.

  7. I keep hoping to see WE HAVE KITTENS!!!!! when I open up the page… but alas, so far, I keep being disappointed. (how about now? no? how about now!?)

  8. It looks as though the volume of the kittens equals or exceeds the volume of their mamma and they are only 2 weeks old.

  9. Just wanted to say that I won the race between me and Kristi! Had my baby girl yesterday! So come on and give up those kittens, Kristi! It’s time!

  10. Is this the Guinness world record for cat pregnancy? My Goodness, I awake every morning thinking this is the day!

  11. I have got to stop checking your blog so often hoping that the kitten stork has arrived with kittens!!! Kristin is doing this on purpose! She is part of a vast right and left wing conspiracy to drive us all crazy with anticipation…just sayin’!