3-14-18 Wednesday

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A few weeks ago, I told y’all that Stardust – one of Mercury’s kittens – had been returned. She was a bit traumatized from her experience in the home where she’d lived, and so she went to Camp Kathie for a little while to hang out, decompress, and relearn how to be a kitten.

Well, last weekend she went home. To a wonderful home where she has siblings… one of whom is her actual sister, Phoenix!

Stardust is adapting quite well after a few days. Phoenix is not sure what to make of this new addition, but I suspect it won’t be too long before those kittens are best friends again.

Is that wonderful news, or what?

(Thanks, Debra – not only for the picture, but for giving those girls a wonderful home!)


Pile o’ sleepy.

Chunky little muffins.


More toeses.


Lovin’ the ear rubs.

She is just so darn pretty.

Since 3 out of 9 of my previous pregnant cats have birthed those babies on a Wednesday, maybe today’s the day? Maybe… not? Maybe she’s waiting for St. Patrick’s Day? Maybe she’s waiting until Katia’s kittens are old enough to babysit for her? Who knows?

Last night I decided I really needed to get a look at Katia’s kittens’ eyes close up, so I asked Fred to don the welding gloves and help. I figured we could change out the bedding in the crate at the same time. However, Katia would not be shooed out of the crate, so Fred put the kittens in the pie plate (no pictures this time around, sorry), and I picked them up one by one, checked their eyes (a couple of eyes needed ointment), and then Fred put them back. Then I left the room while he petted Katia with a welding-glove on his hand. He said she hissed while he petted her, but didn’t bite or smack, so that’s… something.

We’ll likely start handling the kittens more often now, so that I can give them all the once-over (they’re all quite healthy, as you can see) and get them used to being handled. All of them were pretty relaxed about it, except for Jayne Torvill, who was a little shrieky in the most adorable way.


Videos – last night, for the first time since they’ve been with us, first Katia and then later on Kristi left their safe spots and ventured over to the food. You’ll note that both of them kept a safe distance and a wary eye on me, but this is a first, so I was excited.

YouTube link

Annnd Katia’s kittens – newborn & 2 weeks old. They are growing like crazy!

YouTube link


Frankie is such a pretty boy, isn’t he?

Also very very stressed.


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3-14-18 Wednesday — 26 Comments

  1. It would be ingracious of me to speculate on the trauma that poor Stardust had to endure and the relative pleasantness of the humans that created it, so I shall simply say that I am devoutly glad that the little one escaped and recovered. That she is now reunited with her sister in a truly good home is a blessing of karma. I hope Debra enjoys the company of both Phoenix and Stardust for many, many years to come.

    • So much this. I can only say that I wish those people the life they deserve.

      Thank you, Debra.

      • The only comfort I can take is that God sees all. He will handle it in the end! Debra, thank you for the love that you have within you and for taking in that sweet baby!

  2. I Frankie!!!

    We have kittens! Our shop cat had 5 kittens over the weekend! I am so excited!!!! I have never been around a mama cat that would let anyone around her babies until now – I am 55! I brought her home last month to take her to the vet to get fixed and realized she was pregnant and I could not do it. I will call the vet today and set up her appointment. I need a couple more mouse catchers around work anyway (we do landscaping, all kind of seed and fertilizer bags to chew into).

  3. Very happy to read that Stardust is in a happy and loving home! And with her sister to boot.

    The babies have doubled in size, they look like little balls of dough, doubling in size while you’re not looking. Man, they are so cute!!!!

    Frankie needs to quit carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. All that stress and anxiety, you’re right…dude.

  4. Poor Kristi looks like she swallowed a kickball. Here’s to her having those kitties soon!

    (Although if she does have them on St. Patrick’s Day, it’s a shame their name scheme is already settled, because wouldn’t an Irish litter be adorable? Shamrock, Leprechaun, Blarney…

    • That’s the theme I’m going with, since my foster kittens were born on March 11.

  5. I know most folks wouldn’t, but I would totally adopt kitties named Hissypants, Smackypaws, Shriekyface, Biteybear, etc… just the thought of it cracks me up.

  6. Dear Debra M: Thank you for giving Stardust her purrfect forever home! Also … that is an amazing quilt in the photo of S&P. May I ask where you got it?

    • Thank you! The quilt is one I made but it was from a kit I bought online. Basically a pattern and they provided enough fabric. I call it my Marie Gaston Memorial quilt in honor of a very good friend who taught me the basics and sadly died af breast cancer way, way too young. I am not a gteat quilter but I like working on them.

  7. It’s so heart-warming when kittens get a happier place…thanks so much!!
    Seeing Kristi walking almost hurts to watch…soon, soon, right??!!

  8. Mistreating animals is just bad karma. Glad to see cats in good homes.

    Wife says to pass on compliments on the quilt.

    Someone who names quilts to honor people and keeps cats–working on sainthood!

  9. So happy to hear that Stardust has found a forever home with her sister Phoenix. I was crossing my fingers for that. I know that Debra stated she’d have to “work on someone” to get a 3rd kitty cleared. Apparently it worked! Yay Debra!! 🙂

  10. Dear Debra, I know that Stardust will repay you a thousand fold but let me add my thanks for taking in the little one. Keep on quilting – it’s my form of therapy!
    Kristi, I don’t know what to say except this isn’t a version of “The Body Snatchers.” You have to be uncomfortable. GIVE US THOSE BABIES!!!

  11. Frankie, hello gorgeous!

    Stardust – that just ticks me off. I mean…what the heck?!!! I will bite my tongue now. HOWEVER….thank GOD she is now with Phoenix and her momma! 1) We know she is treated with love and kindness 2) She is back with her sibling. 3) We will get updates. 4) THANK YOU, DEBRA!!!!!