3-13-18 Tuesday

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Yesterday morning I was hanging out in front of Katia’s crate, petting her kittens, and apparently I went one pet too far, because she hissed and smacked at me AND HURT MY FEELINGS.

“I thought we had an understanding!” I said to her. “I thought I could pet the kittens and not you and you’d be okay with that!”

“Lady,” she said. “You think I didn’t notice that you petted my foot when you were petting that kitten. YOU THINK WRONG. You touched my foot and it was deliberate, and YOU WAS OVER THE LINE.”

She had a point. She has forgiven me, thankfully, and I will watch myself from here on out.

Tandem yawning.

I swear those babies are always eating.

That pouty little face (Jayne Torvill, I think) in the middle is killing me dead.

Katarina says hi.

Lining up.

Oh, these kittens. I just wanna snatch them up!

“Mama, Mama, you is crushin’ me!”

Listen, I can’t swear to it, but I think her nipples are getting pinker, which is a sign that birth is closer.

“Ha ha, that’s what YOU think, lady!”

Check out Kristi’s alien belly, video from yesterday afternoon. If I wake up in the morning and find kittens, I will be very much not surprised (ha ha, who am I kidding? I’ll be checking on her all night long!) Those kittens are ready to be OUT.

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We had a stranger in the house yesterday and Dewey felt the need to suddenly investigate under Fred’s bed.


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3-13-18 Tuesday — 14 Comments

  1. Look at the way they’re all lined up, they look like a bobsled team! How about the little legs flailing about in that pouty picture?

    Poor Dewey…*kiss*

  2. We had a feral momma who would let us pick up her babies 9even off of her), kiss on them, and put them back on her. HOWEVER, we could not attempt to touch her as she would MESS YOU UP! It was weird…she was a good mama and trusted us completely with her babies…but she was off limits.

    Hello, Dewey. Don’t worry, they will be gone soon!

  3. Hmmm – not so fast. Those aliens seem lined up closer to Kristi’s head than birth canal…we may be looking for St. Paddy’s Day kittens…(And I hope I am wrong).

    And yes, it seems as though Katia has defined your go/no go areas.

    Love that sweet Dewey!

  4. The way she’s gripping the bed and looking over her shoulder, it looks like she’s just about to lift up her tail and shoot ’em out t-shirt cannon style. Poor baby I don’t blame her.

  5. I am impressed by the lack of dust bunnies under that bed! Dewey must keep them under control!
    And listen to Kristi purr!

  6. I feel like “NO TOUCHY THE FEET” is a pretty universal cat thing even for super friendly non-feral kitty cats. Mine look so OFFENDED when I pet their feet sometimes.

  7. Why does it seem as if Kristi is holding onto the floor (bed, window, whatever) for dear life as if she’s trying to keep it from spinning all the time? Morning sickness must be awful! Give us the babies, Kristi! Then your tummy wont act up, and roll around, and kick, so much!