3-12-18 Monday

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Kristi has not had her kittens yet, but other exciting things that happened over the weekend:

1. I touched the babies, and I made a video of it. You can see that when you scroll down to the video section. I did not lose a finger, didn’t get a scratch or hiss or smack or growl. In fact, Fred said “She’s more relaxed with you leaning into the crate than she is with me sitting three feet away and not trying to touch anything!” Whoooo’s the Katia Whisperer? ‘Cause it ain’t Fred! (Yes, I’m gloating.) I have, since Saturday evening, touched the kittens every single time I’ve been in the room since. I haven’t tried picking any of them up, but that’ll be the next step.

2. Katia came OUT of her crate while I was in the room, and I caught it on (not very good) video. I think she wanted to go eat some of the canned food I’d brought in with me, but she was nervous to begin with and then Fred started making noise downstairs, so she went right on back into the crate. But still – first time she’s ever willingly left the crate with a human present! (I didn’t move, I barely took a breath, and I certainly didn’t try to touch the babies. We’re taking it slow.)

3. That BELLY.


They’ve gotten so big, haven’t they? Two weeks old as of yesterday!

Katia will have you know that kittens make excellent footrests.


Little flirt.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Katarina has herself some eyeballs.

Christopher Dean and the teeny tongue.

Jayne Torvill and her little eyeballs peeking through.

Oksana also has eyeballs!

I think Fred had just walked into the room, so she was keeping an eye on him.


Ya know, I was KIDDING when I said that maybe you’d wait ’til St. Patrick’s Day, Kristi. I didn’t mean it as a challenge!



Videos! In the first, I touch the kittens while Katia keeps watch.

YouTube link

In the second, Katia leaves her crate. There’s not a lot of action here, but I thought y’all might like to see Katia when she’s not huddled in her crate or hiding under stuffed teddy bears.

YouTube link


Archie, having killed the dish towel multiple times today, is quite pleased with himself.


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3-12-18 Monday — 15 Comments

    • I was going to say the same thing along with a big ole YAY!! 🙂 Her right side must have finally screamed at her left side enough to take the load for at least a little while. LOL

  1. Sometimes Katia’s eyes look very green, sometimes very yellow. Brava, brave girl!

  2. Seeing Kristi’s belly makes me think of that FB click bait vid post going around of the guy popping a lawn bubble for some reason. Look at you earning Katia’s trust though! She even sniffed your feet! <3

  3. She totally judged your slippers. I also love the quick warning look she shot you as she left the crate. ‘You’re not gonna do anything stupid are you?’ I love watching her. Honestly, the kittens are almost incidental at the moment. I just can’t tear my eyes away from her face.

  4. Kristi’s belly is gonna POP!
    Katia is doing really really good! Such progress. I really have prayers going that she will not be TNR’d but can go into a nice quiet, patient home. Come on Katia, realize this is the good life!!!

    Don’t you just hate it when you have something good going on and your spouse (albeit unknowingly) makes a bunch of noise and ruins it?!

    I agree, your slippers were totally judged!

  5. Yay Katia for finally going to her left side!
    Yay Katia for allowing you to touch the babies!
    Yay Katia for having enough faith in you to leave the crate!
    Yay babies for popping the eyes even it’s just a wee tiny bit!
    Boo Kristi for not giving us her babies yet!
    Boo Fred for making noises even if he didn’t know what was happening! 🙂

    Oh, and Yay Katia for not even flinching when you reached in to touch them. You’re going to totally win her over. Yay Robyn for being the Katia Whisperer!!

  6. Katia not only left the crate but sat down outside of the crate in your presence! Next she will be flopping down in your lap giving you the eyes of lurve! Just wait, I know it will happen! Such a pretty girl!

  7. I feed feral cats in my neighborhood, and all the indoor cats I had in the past were tamed ferals. Yet, even somewhat “tamed” most were still only comfortable around me; no so much anyone else. It’s always sad to see how fearful, watchful and just uneasy ferals are – though I’m sure those traits in the “wild” keep them safe. Some ferals can’t ever be tamed enough to reside indoors. Sigh. My rule here is if the cat is “friendly”…it belongs to someone or has been abandoned by someone. Even those that reverted to feral traits, apparently have the “memory” of being tame and come around sooner.

    I know some people think feral cats shouldn’t even exist…but honestly, the TNR programs work and help keep the population down in neighborhoods. I personally would love for ALL cats to be loved and in good homes. Alas, not happening nowadays.

  8. Katia is testing you now to see how safe it is for her to have some time to herself without the kittens. Hopefully she will soon lose her apprehension toward you and get some time laying in the sun relaxing. I would rather watch her slink around the room with those gorgeous eyes than watch her kittens. She is one of the most beautiful moma cats you have ever had.