2-19-18 Monday

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Look who it is in his very own home! It’s Hubble, who now not only has his very own home, but also has his very own Instagram.

Go follow him on Instagram and watch him grow! He went home last Thursday, and so far things are going great. I just love seeing that sweet boy go to a wonderful forever home! True to his nature, Hubble is proving to be a sweet, playful lovebug.


Also going home over the weekend was Paul Simon! Reports were that he was a little nervous at first and hid under the bed, but with the use of treats, he was lured out and is proving to be a lovebug.

I’m so glad to see him go home!


To unfortunately follow up the awesomely good news with bad, I have to report that Stardust was returned yesterday. I’m not going to go into details, but I’m very glad she was returned. Brittany reports that she’s as sweet as ever. (If you might be interested in adopting this gorgeous girl, you can contact Forgotten Felines at info@ffhsv.org to discuss adoption procedures. We are located in Huntsville, Alabama.)


Yesterday morning, Fred finished up a few small tasks with the cat fence around the back yard, and then removed the covers from the cat doors between the screened porch and the outside. The cats milled around in confusion.

“What is going ON?!”

We both fully expected that Archie would be the first one through the door, but nope.

Frankie was!

Archie went through right after Frankie, and then went Dewey and then several others. (Jake, Alice, and Newt never did make it outside yesterday. I’m sure they will eventually, but there’s no hurry.)


Maxi looked on in amazement.

Stefan was snoozing upstairs, so it was a while before he wandered out back.

Frankie, exploring.

You can see the cat fencing in this picture – there are spring-loaded arms attached to fence posts, and then the mesh fencing is attached to the arms with zip ties, and stapled to the wooden fence with staples. If the cats attempt to climb the mesh fence, they’ll get to a certain point, and then the arms will bend and drop them to the ground. If they attempt to climb up the wooden part of the fence, they’ll end up climbing the mesh fence and will end up getting dropped to the ground.

(The mesh fence – which is the same thing as deer fence – doesn’t go all the way to the ground, it starts about halfway up the wooden fence.)

With the conversion system (which we had to use since the fence itself is only about 4 feet tall), the overall fence is between 6 and 7 feet tall. The wooden fence itself is on the old side and will need to be replaced. We’re hoping to get 2 or 3 years out of the existing fence before we have to replace it, and when we do, we can remove the cat fencing and reuse it on the new fence. There are spring-loaded arms and fencing around the trees closest to the fence (so the cats can’t climb the trees and jump over), and Fred will put thin metal flashing around the bigger trees in the middle of the yard so the cats can’t climb the trees beyond 5 feet or so.

As of 5:00 yesterday afternoon (we let them out around 9:30), no one had tried climbing the fence, but I guarantee (ARCHIE) it’s only a matter of time.

Although no one tried climbing the fence, the cats did what cats do – they spotted the weak spot and exploited it nearly immediately. Fred went out to check on the cats, and found Archie outside the fence. As soon as Archie saw Fred, he started howling, and Fred brought him inside. We were in the process of trying to set up a camera so we could see how Archie had gotten out when Archie helpfully showed us. Turns out, a slat along the back of the fence was loose, and Archie pushed on it until it made a big enough space for him to slip through. We brought the cats inside while Fred fixed that slat and then went along the fence checking the rest of them. That was the ONE loose slat, but it’s not loose any longer. (Once that was done, we reopened the cat doors.)

No one got out during the rest of the day, and we brought them all inside at 5:00 and shut the doors from the screened porch to the outside. When it gets light out this morning, Fred will let them out again.

We got our cat fencing from Purrfect Fence, and in fact that was our first delivery in this house.

Stefan checked out the perimeter of the yard.

Sheriff’s on the move.

Frankie and Kara saying hello.

Lookin’ for trouble.

Such a pretty Frankie.

Archie continues to look for trouble.

Edited to add: After I wrote all that about the fence, I found a somewhat better picture of the fence. See if this makes sense (see second picture), and if not, check out the page at PurrfectFence.comthis is the kind we have.


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2-19-18 Monday — 37 Comments

  1. Looking good. The cats have a fantastic garden to explore and the fence doesn’t make it look like Alkatraz. Very clever.

  2. Do you have any concerns about the neighbors complaining about the cat fence or the number of cats? That was a huge concern when we moved here to this sub (we were on 5 acres before). I was convinced someone would find out how many we had- 17 at the time- and call the township although they were all inside.
    But it’s been nearly 4 years now, we’re down to only 11 cats, and only half of those go out into their kennel enclosure. I don’t worry anymore. 🙂

    • We’re not too worried about them objecting to the fence – the realtor who sold us this house actually talked to the neighbors to our left before we made the offer, and they had no objection. The neighbors on the other side actually told Fred that they didn’t care at all about the cat fence. We’re hoping that they’re never able to pin down just how many cats we have, since they’re not all out there at one time (and probably never will be), and it would probably take a lot of attention-paying for them to figure it out. I know it’s early days still and we might find out differently, but this seems to be a relatively laid-back neighborhood.

  3. Aw, I’m so glad Hubble and Paul Simon are settling in to their new kingdoms! It is always a happy day…

    Lol Archie. Guess that little hood’s now on Sheriff Mama’s radar.

    • Agreed, so glad to see them happy. And I’m also happy that stardust is out of a bad situation and some place safe and nurturing.

      • It makes me so sad to think of baby Stardust unhappy in an unsafe place. But, you’re right in that she’s out of it now, and it can only be happy, healthy and loved from here on! Poor little sweetheart…

  4. Cat Kingdom!! I love it. Oh the cats looks so healthy and happy, what a wonderful job you are doing.

  5. Your yard is gorgeous! Love all the terraces and trees. Can’t wait to see it in the summer. It is so perfect for kitties and humans! Love the decks, too – would be really great for parties. Is Fred planning a big summer bash? LOLOLOL

    Kara looks like she is in full sheriff mode in that pic. I love her little round face!!

    • I think Fred’s idea of a big summer bash is sitting on the screened porch, reading, and watching the cats play outside. 😉

  6. I’m glad the bad news wasn’t worse. I will talk to my husband about stardust, I had a hard time picking Phoenix over her…I know 6 is pushing it, but maybe.. I m so glad about Hubble and Paul Simon…great fencing ideas, too.

  7. Great and good news abounds! So happy about Hubble and Paul Simon getting adopted, and from what you indicated,I’ll consider Stardust’s return good news too. I pray her real forever family comes along soon.
    And it is terrific to see the kittehs exploring the great outdoors. Leave it to Archie to find the one loose post!

  8. What happens if one of the spring-loaded arms falls? Can’t they then climb on that part while the arm is down?

  9. That looks like a very inviting backyard for humans and felines. I hope the cats fully enjoy (safely) having outdoor access again. How long will it be before Sheriff Mama has established her new patrol patterns?

    • She’s already establishing her routine – stomping along the fence line, checking out the monkey grass, giving Archie a close look. The work is endless! 🙂

  10. I’m so glad they got out!

    In other news, I had an adoption returned to be fostered while his mama was overseas. He is a sweetheart, but shy. It’s been 9 months. Mom isn’t returning. He doesn’t get along with two of my horde. He cuddles with me every night, but he needs to be in a home with fewer apps cats. The fighting and marking are getting worse. Anyone want to adopt a handsome Russian blue looking five year old boy?

  11. that Archie….so helpful finding that loose spot for you. Poor Stardust – but hopefully better luck the 2nd time around. And YAY for Hubble and Paul Simon.

  12. The fence looks fabulous – I love how well it blends in. And I’m sure the cats are grateful to get outside again.
    And now another advice question. I brought home Bailey (1 1/2 year old male) to be brother to Tiny (5 month old male) on Saturday. Some background: Bailey had no reaction to any of the cats in the shelter, and I took Tiny to the Vet for quick visit Friday. He was held while in the waiting room with the 4 office cats. Tiny was calm, and seemed interested it the big cats.
    Bailey’s in a spare room with all the bells and whistles. Tiny’s been spending lots of time on the other side of the door, and while he floofed the first time (yes, Spellcheck, “floofed” IS a word) that was it, although he does squeak at the door occasionally. They’ve both put their paws under the door, and (forgive me for giggling at this) sometimes when Tiny squeaks at Bailey, Bailey jerks his head back like he’s been sprayed with water. Yesterday, since things had been going smoothly, I opened the door while holding Tiny so they could see each other. That went ok. So later I brought Tiny into the room again. All was quiet until Bailey started (calmly) walking towards us. Tiny squirmed a lot, so we left the room. This morning I held Tiny (on the floor) and opened the door just a little so they could see each other. Bailey walked towards the door, and Tiny loudly meowed at him and floofed, so I shut the door. My plan is to continue letting them see each other occasionally until Tiny is calmer about seeing Bailey. I was also planning to put Tiny in the room and give Bailey the run of the house tomorrow while I’m at work. They’ve both been able to smell each other on me. Am I doing ok? Anything I should be doing differently? I’m hoping that by the next Friday I’ll be able to have them out together under supervision, and if all goes well, letting Bailey out of captivity next Monday. Too ambitious?
    On another note, my current naming options are keeping their current names, or going with either Pumpkin and Shoofly or Peanut and Moon Pie. Votes?

  13. That fence looks like prison fencing w/o the barb wire. I think it’s a good solution.

    Carolyn-both name sets are great but I was the one who suggested Pumpkin/Shoofly so I think I will vote for that.

  14. Cat Heaven is what you have there. Lucky humans and lucky kitties. I have a question though. I have always wondered how you keep fleas at bay. I have been on the receiving end of flea ride alongs but that was usually a new member of the family or bad luck. How do you keep the cats flea free long term?
    Great news about Hubble and Paul Simon. We are not quite ready for a new kitty yet. Still a little raw from losing our sweet Charlotte. Otherwise…

  15. Question, what if a cat climbs from the OUTSIDE on the fence? Hope it doesn’t plunge him into the backyard, unable to get out.

  16. Answering the question about cats climbing in. Yes that can happen. It happened to us once, and we had our fence at least 15 years. As it turned out that the kitty that came in (and his brother that stayed on the outside) were in desperate need of a home. George and Tex have been with us for 6 years now.

    Sorry to hear about Stardust, but sometimes the pairings are not a match made in heaven. That is why it is so wonderful that the kitties can be returned to get a second chance at a Happy End.

  17. I was watching a Vet show and they were treating a puppy for heartworm. Can cats get heartworm? I would think they could get bit by a mosquito same as a dog, so why wouldn’t they get heartworm too?
    BTW-They caught it in the puppy early enough to treat. He survived the treatment and is doing fine.

    • Yep, cats can get heartworm, but their systems aren’t as hospitable to heartworms as dogs’ are. Frankie tested positive for heartworm and our vet said to just continue to treat him with Revolution monthly.

  18. Yay for adoptions! And hoping for Stardust to get an awesome new family SOON!

    Love the fence! It’s hardly visible! And Archie, what a great fence inspector! Nothing gets by him, does it?
    Is Kara happy to get outside again? Is it hard to get her back in at night? Or is she happily and indoor/outdoor kitty now? “Come to the indoors, we has beds!”

    • It’s only been a couple of days, but both days she came inside when called. Because she is a GOOD and LAW-ABIDING girl. 🙂

  19. Hooray for Hubble and Paul Simon, and Stardust’s return is clearly a good thing. She’s in the arms of love once more. As for the fence, amazing. As is Fred for installing it. A gold star for Archie, too. And the troops look super-happy to be outside; they really are so lucky to have you two. As always, thanks for sharing them.

  20. Awww, Stardust was my favorite girl in that litter (yes, even more than Phoenix), though I could NOT tell you WHY. I thought she went to a home along with Mama Mercury, but maybe that was Aurora?

    Love the fencing adventures.