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Awwww, look! It’s the Players (except for Dennis) when they were wee babies!

I can’t swear that I’m right, but I think that’s Mariette on the far left, Orlando behind her, Maria behind him, Ferdinand over on the right, and Angelo in front of him.

You can’t tell by looking at them when they were little fluffykins that they were going to grow up to be all long and sleek, can you?

(Their first foster mom, Winnie, sent them to me the other day. I just love seeing them when they were so little. Thanks, Winnie!)



SUCH a pretty boy.

And he knows it.


I just love Mariette’s little tail-less behind.



::cleaning the spit off his face::

Deep Thoughts.

He’s such a little flirty pants.

Mariette loves to sit like this. She cracks me up, that girl.

I’ll be leaving in a bit to pick up the Players at the North Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic. They were NOT thrilled with me yesterday, to say the least, but I’ll be glad to have their surgeries done and over with. They’re all up to date on their vaccinations, so now I get to just enjoy them ’til there’s room for them at Petsmart.

After I dropped them off, I had a zillion errands to run, so I didn’t get back home ’til almost noon. Fred checked on Dennis a few times while I was gone, and reported that he was just hanging out in the cat tree condo. After lunch, I snuggled with him for a few minutes, then put him in the bathroom so I could vacuum and mop the floors, and scrub down the baseboards. By the time I was done, Dennis was laying in the litter box in the bathroom, looking decidedly unhappy with me. He calmed down after I put him back in the room, though he did skedaddle under the doll bed for a while.

I didn’t want to stress him out, so we didn’t try introducing him to Stefan (and honestly, it was such a beautiful day here yesterday that Stefan was off gallivanting and wasn’t interested in meeting any kittens, anyway!)

I suspect Dennis will be VERY happy to have his friends back in a few hours.



Maxi loves to sit on the side stoop and glare through the door. Then when you open the door for her, she has to DELIBERATE. “Do I really want in? Do I? I’m just not SURE.”

The outside cats – Maxi, Newt and Stefan* – are learning that when I say “In or out! Move it!”, they’d better MOVE or I’m going to shut the door and take the decision away from them. (But then Fred comes along and opens the door and stands there patiently while they deliberate. Which is not the way to TEACH a cat, but he’s a sucker.)

*Yeah, Stefan’s as much an “outside cat” as Newt is. They’re both inside 23 1/2 hours a day and only wander outside for a little while to make sure nothing interesting happened out there while they were sleeping.


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2-19-14 — 13 Comments

  1. I love the little bit of scaredy cat in the Players baby pix. I remember you said they were skittish at first. And you can see that in those first shots. Then they get all the L&H love and they grow sleek and entitled.

    • It did take them about 2 weeks to fully relax (a little longer for Angelo), but boy – they were SUPER friendly when I got them home today! 🙂

    • He’ll be looking at them going “There is something different about you, but I can’t quite put my paw on it…” 😉

    • Dennis will look at them and say “I feel like something is missing but I just can’t put my paw on it…” 😉

    • He gave ’em the once over with the stink eye, and then followed them around and sniffed their behinds thoroughly, and then decided to get over himself. 🙂

  2. heh, Fred is such a softie. Love that.

    Also love how the players love to be touching each other. So sweet.

  3. Those Players are a wonderful blend of elegance and goofiness. As for Maxi et al. at the door, I imagine them conferring: OK, who’ll go first in today’s game of faking Robyn out at the door?

  4. I’ve seen that Let.Me.In! look and I fall for it every time. I open the slider & the dang cat just dances off into the yard “HeeHee, got her Again!”

  5. Mariette looks similar to our Viola, the one Niblet foster we adopted ourselves, and that reminded us to ask if you’ve ever had a bobtail or manx permanent resident? They are very, very special! *hint hint*

    • Our dear departed Mister Boogers was a bobtail, and BOY what he lacked in tail, he more than made up for in personality!