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Mariette and Dennis, hanging out in the cat tree condo.

The day after we got all our snow, the snow started melting off the trees, landing on the roof and making noise. The noise was kind of freaking the kittens out, so they’d go racing into the closet, then turn around and peek out.

“Make it stop, lady.”

Mariette, keeping an eye on the window.

Maria, on the other hand, just kind of slept through it all.

Mariette, rubbing up against Dennis. She’s such a little lover.

Dennis, the little stressball, showing us what he’s got.

Mariette on the left, Dennis on the right.


Angelo walked across the room with his tail down, but as soon as I spoke to him…

Up it went! Maria’s not the only one in that litter with a mile-long tail, as you can see.

I’ll be leaving here in a bit to take the kittens for their spaying and neutering. Dennis has already been neutered, so he’ll be staying here. Hopefully he won’t be too freaked out by the sudden absence of his friends – but we’ll be sure to give him extra love and attention ’til they’re back tomorrow morning.


Newt, keepin’ warm.


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2-18-14 — 9 Comments

    • How funny, that was my immediate thought too. Obivously a pushme/pullme.

      Love how they’re joined at the hip/back/etc now.

      I’m surprised Angelo’s not tipping over or looking like a low-rider car, look at the size of that thing!

    • Me too. I immediately thought Pushme Pullyou. And it looks like today’s entry was sponsored by the letter Y in the picutre with Mariette and Dennis.

  1. Good luck, Players — you’ll be back in kitty heaven in no time! Can’t wait to hear about Dennis’s singleton day.

  2. You have to wonder about those tails….seems the extra long ones make up for the “no tail” kittens. there was a weird tail memo going on with this crew 😉

    • I can’t imagine a marble countertop being warm. they use those for fudge because they tend to stay cold.

      why are you torturing those poor cats by making them sleep on cold marble and not cozy, snuggy catbeds Robyn?