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Just a quick one today!

There’s a group of more than 20 abandoned cats in Limestone County here in Alabama. Forgotten Felines, a local cat rescue, is spearheading an attempt to save this group. They need donations, please help out if you can!

Forgotten Felines’ Facebook page is here. Please spread the word!


So, that group of 20+ abandoned cats I mentioned up there? Well, it just so happens that since the Peppers are going to start to go to Petsmart, and since they’ve been out in the house 24/7 lately, the foster room was available. Last night, we got this sweet girl from Michelle at Forgotten Felines:

Oh, and? She’s in a family way. Which means KITTENS up in this house! Possibly soon!

She’s scared to death, and we haven’t been able to get our hands on her – she hisses and growls at the idea of being petted, she’s not eating despite the many different foods we’ve offered her. Mostly, she hides. We had to take the cat tree out of there, because she was hiding on the bottom of it, and I’ll be honest – I didn’t want her to give birth on that cat tree ’cause it’s less than a month old! I had put the kennel in the room, and she hid behind it, so I moved it against the wall so she can’t get behind it. She sat in the wall basket for a while, and then finally made her way into the kennel.

Fred got her to “talk” back to him a couple of times, but for the past few hours she’s been in the kennel, curled up in one corner, ignoring any attempts we make to engage with her.

2012-02-18 (3)

I haven’t honestly been able to get a good look at her midsection. I only know that she’s pregnant because I’ve been told – Michelle was able to handle her briefly and said that she’s lumpy. Fred said that she’s “huge” (which, let me remind y’all, is what he said about Maggie last year, and then it was weeks before Maggie had her babies). If I were given a choice in the matter – and I know it’s certainly not up to me – I’d like it if we had at least a week to try to get this new girl to warm up to us. It’s been less than a day, and honestly we don’t know what she’s been through in her life – she was living in an abandoned house with a bunch of other cats, then she was snatched up into a carrier, taken to a vet to be tested, driven to a place she’s never been, and put in a room by herself.

I’d be scared too!

Fingers crossed that she comes around and that she starts eating. We’ve tried tempting her with canned kitten food, baby food, the stinkiest canned cat food we have, Bonito flakes – she’s just too scared at this point, I think. If I have to, I’ll run over to the store and buy some canned mackerel and see if that won’t get her interested. I know that their appetites drop down to just about nothing in the day or so before they give birth, so we’ll see. We’ve certainly had kittens in the past who were this scared or even scareder, so I’m not giving up hope.

She doesn’t have a name – we haven’t even really discussed a naming theme yet. Fred wants to wait ’til the kittens are born, maybe we’ll do that. We’ll see!

How funny is it that this is the third pregnant cat we’ve had, and they’ve all been brown tabbies?


Everett likes to pick fights with his sisters, who are VERY annoyed by him. The other day he and Sally were hanging out on the walkway around the kitchen, and he decided to get obnoxious.

2012-02-18 (5)
Sally’s minding her own business, and Everett comes over and gets all up in her space and is like ::SNIFFFFFF::

2012-02-18 (6)
Sally’s appalled and is all “RESPECT THE BUBBLE!”

2012-02-18 (7)
“Oh, THIS bubble right here?” ::poke::

2012-02-18 (8)
“Stop TOUCHING me with your nasty, stinky boy paw.”

2012-02-18 (9)

2012-02-18 (10)
“Ugh! God! Stupid boy! Get away from me!”

2012-02-18 (11)
“STOP sniffing me!”

2012-02-18 (12)
“Ugh, you are SUCH a jerk!”

2012-02-18 (13)
“I can’t wait to go to Petsmart and get a cage by myself away from YOU!”

2012-02-18 (14)
Then of course Everett is like “Wait – where ya goin’?!”


2012-02-18 (15)
Pardon me, Sir, your tunes appear to be loony.


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2-18-12 — 27 Comments

  1. You are such good souls, you guys! Thanks for all you do for kitties in need! 🙂

  2. Hooray! Kittens!! I hope the mama cat relaxes and eats soon.

    Oh, Everett. Typical brother. 🙂

  3. Oh, poor scared kitty girl! I know she’ll come around, with all the love and good care she’s getting, I just hope it’s before she pops dem babies out!

  4. Good luck, I know what how it is – but my scardy mama now is a love – at night she climbs on my head and insists that during sleeping times her face belongs on top of mine at all times LOL

  5. The tunes that are loony? They elicited quite a snort.

    Good luck with the mamakitty – you’ll bring her around, I know it 😉

  6. Aw, poor scared mommy kitty! Would it help if one of her friends from where she was moved in with her? Just wondering. for all I know that could be worse..
    Ah, Everett, such a boy.
    I think Jake’s loons are tuney! Just love Jake!!!

  7. I have NO doubt that you two will win over Mama Cat. I think you guys are the original “Cat Whisperers”…. Look forward to the updates about soon-to-be Mama Cat!

  8. Whee…!! Kittens!!! I am SO excited!! 🙂

    But I hope too that Mama comes around before the big event!

    Also, the Everett and Sally series is so funny… their little black selves in contrast to the light wall just highlights the drama! Love it!

  9. I have a name idea! Like we said, Homer Hickam is a part of this group… why don’t you do Rocket Boy inspired names. The teacher that inspired them so was named Miss Riley… and then you could use the boy’s names or mom’s names…

    You all are such good people. Honest to god, if I ever drive by or near your house, I am stopping in to meet George and Gracie and all the cats and chickens and ducks and pigs, cause I know it would be wonderful to meet you all!!

  10. My golly are those tunes especially looney! Dude, what kind of Acme chaos are you planning?

  11. scared pregnant moms really appreciate caves, so if you could cover the kennel with a blanket she’ll be a lot happier.

    Congrats on the future kittens.. I’m going through some serious kitten withdrawals up here

    • Yeah, the kennel is covered with a big towel, but she actually seems to prefer hanging out in the basket for some reason. Maybe because she can’t really be cornered in the basket!

        • I thought of that – today she seems to be moving between the kennel and the basket. If need be, we can take the basket down, but I’m hoping she’s comfortable enough in the kennel to have the kittens in there.

  12. The Everett and Sally exchange happens at least twice daily between my son and each of his two sisters. Brothers… you can’t live with them and mom won’t let you sell them to the circus 😉

    Babies!!!! Why do I feel the need to start nesting? My local shelter has been trying to get me to foster, which I will (and already am for a family friend who is out of the country for a year, but the humane society wants me officially theirs next time). They keep promising me mamas and kittens in the summer. Not sure how my seniors will feel about that, but I’m very excited at the prospect!!

  13. Poor scared kitty! I know you’ll do your best to make her feel secure and comfortable, I just hope she will relax soon!! I’ve only tamed one semi-feral cat and it took forever — and she wasn’t even pregnant. At least this one is now in a clean place with plenty of food and water. Seeing the photos of where she was before was upsetting. I can only imagine the smell.

    I hope all goes well as you and Fred work your usual magic on yet another scared female kitty! I’m rooting for ya!!

  14. Such a sweet mama cat. I, too, hope she starts eating soon. I remember one of our vets told us they use a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken to get the noneating cats to eat. He said it really works well. I don’t know if it always works, but it might be worth a try. GOOD LUCK!

  15. “How funny is it that this is the third pregnant cat we’ve had, and they’ve all been brown tabbies?”

    I think her name is Tabitha or Tabby for short! Mom is probably going to give birth soon, if she isn’t eating, but do try and temp her – cat milk is another idea.

    • Oh Tabitha is what I’m calling the pregnant stray who has taken up with me! I’m thinking we do a Bewitched theme for the kitten names! 🙂

  16. AWWW Mama Kitty! Soon-to-be Mama Kitty, anyway. Hi there, pretty scared fuzzy. I really hope she comes around before kittoons arrive, poor girl.

    The Peppers are darling, as always. Everett getting all up in his sister’s face and going SNIFF is just plain cute! And pardon me, Jake, but you’re a loon, and a love. 🙂

  17. I know that this might not be ideal….but…my friend took in a feral cat with 3 kittens and she wouldn’t eat. What enticed her was vanilla icecream. She loved it so. That got her to start eating (when no one was in the room and watching her.) My friend kept her kittens, got her spayed and tipped. She was then released back from whence she came. Sad because she was STUNNING! Solid white with screaming blue eyes. Soooo pretty but completely and forever feral. My friend, to this day, takes her individual servings of vanilla icecream. 🙂

    Love the Sally/Everette storyline! LOL

  18. I am waiting for the moment when you have 2 boys and 1 girl kitteh and you can call them Mike, Sully & Boo!!!!!!