2-18-09 – Rumba and Samba.

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The kittens are starting to venture further and further into the house during the day. This afternoon I walked into the kitchen to find Rumba sitting in front of the big bowl of (adult) cat food, eating like I’d been starving her. She had a look on her face like “Oh, so THIS is where they keep the good stuff!” She also went into the laundry room to check out the litter boxes (“They get the GOOD litter boxes!”).

Both girls spend most of their time during the day hanging out in my room – it’s kind of funny how all foster cats seem to really like hanging out in my room even though it doesn’t get half the sun that the foster room gets. This afternoon they were snuggled up in a cat bed on the recliner. When I sat down on my bed and spoke to them, Rumba actually came over to the bed to be petted. Samba was less interested in me, but I think that’s because she spotted a toy on the floor and had to show it who the boss was. (Hint: The toy is NOT the boss!)

So sweet, these girls. I probably haven’t mentioned that before, have I?

2009-02-18 (8)
Smilin’ Samba.

2009-02-18 (7)
Miz Poo says “Yeah, I ate some of your kitten food. Whatcha gonna do about it?”
Kitten says, “I lurve you.”

2009-02-18 (6)
Poor Samba – she’s the bigger kitten, but Rumba always gets the best of her when it comes to kitten fightin’.

2009-02-18 (5)
Samba in the sun.

2009-02-18 (4)
I don’t know what got their attention, but it was something pretty fascinating!


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