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On Saturday, I got word that this had happened:

This leaves Livia and Tricki at Petsmart, waiting for their families to come along and find them. I sure wish they’d hurry up already!


In case you missed it, there was a post on Saturday with updates on Norbie AND Hook (formerly Puff) and Flynn (formerly Kohle) AND Tony (Soprano)!


It’s kind of hard to tell from this picture, but that was Maria sitting in my lap while Ferdinand vigorously cleaned her ear. She was purring like crazy.

He’s a licky boy, that Ferdinand.

And then Orlando came along and was all “WHAT GOIN’ ON HERE?!” (That look on Ferdinand’s face is KILLING. ME. DEAD.)

Ferdinand turned his attention to other things, while Maria tried to figure out why her ear felt weird.

I don’t know if they’re swimmers or because they’re so wild when they get to running around the room (and possibly knock the water bowl over during their shenaningans), but it got to the point where every time I walked into the foster room, the water bowl was empty, and there was a lake of water on the floor. So I set the bowl in a small (never-used) litter box so that if the bowl got knocked over, the water would at least be contained. I had no idea that Maria actually climbs INTO the box to drink from the bowl. I do know that most mornings most of the water is in the litter box. Crazy kittens.

“Why does my tail feel WET?” This would probably explain why there’s always so much cat hair in the water bowl.

Have you ever seen such smug little faces?

That’s Dennis, all snuggled up with (I think) Maria and Mariette.

A rough life, is what it is.



Tommy, in his favorite place (the window bed in my room), doing his favorite thing (getting some sun.)


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2-17-14 — 13 Comments

  1. The water thing I actually have a thought on, because I have a cat who does this. Some cats are picky as all Hades about their water’s freshness. Clio will not drink from teh water bowl at all; she’ll just dip a paw in and throw it all over the floor if it isn’t fresh enough for yer. Little brat drinks out of my shower ๐Ÿ˜›

    I solved this by getting one of these Drinkwell Lotus fountains (she doesn’t like plastic, either. Little princess) and keeping it clean on a weekly basis. At least she doesn’t throw water on he floor when I do that.

  2. Great news for Toto!! Awww gorgeous Livia – hopefully soon!!! Great to meet the adorable newbies! Take care

  3. All I could think of in that series of pictures in the cat bed was that they are getting ready for the Olympics’ synchronized lounging event!

    Yay for Toto! Livia and Tricki, your families are coming soon, I just know it! That Livia did not get adopted the day she arrived at Petsmart remains a mystery to me!

  4. About time somene realized how special Toto is, I mean, look at that face.

    Oh Maria, that tail is so long. No wonder it gets into evrything.

    Ferdinand is so sweet. He needs to be licked and loved himself.

    And Dennis semi-snuggling with the others! Oh how we’ve been waiting for this. Love how they sit in the bed like they’re some half-assed bobsled team.

  5. Whaaaat is going on over there, if I weren’t in Canada I would adopt Livia in a heartbeat!!!

    It looks like those girls are practicing their synchronized swimming moves (would explain the water bowl mess, right?) and Dennis is just happily oblivious to how in-the-way he is. Haha!

  6. My cat, Mewlan-will not leave any kind of water alone. If you have a glass of water on the table, she will tip it over. We used to keep a plastic automatic waterer for the cats up on the table, she dumped that all the time! I think she likes to splash around in it…