For those of you who suggested the possibility – yes, I like Ellie-Belly quite a lot, but no, we’re not keeping her. I know I complain about what a bad boy Joe Bob is, but he’s really not such a bad boy, especially now that we’ve figured out how to keep him from getting out of the back yard. He’s a loverboy, and if you say something to him, he squints his Love Eyes at you, and when you pick him up, he purrs and purrs and kneads and purrs. He’s a sweet boy – just, someone’s always got to be the Bad Boy scapegoat, and Mister Boogers needs a rest from that title, I think.

Elle and Skittles are going back to the pet store tomorrow, because it’s been a month since we switched Punki and Felicia out for them and it’s time for Punki and Felicia to get a rest from being in the cage.

I absolutely do not get why no one is adopting these girls. They are SO sweet and SO cute, but people just don’t seem to be looking at them twice.

Poor girlies.

Elleh-Belleh, asleep in Fred’s chair.

Elleh-Belleh, yawning in Fred’s chair.

Fred put his lunch down on his desk and went off to get something to drink. What happens when you leave a tuna fish sandwich near a cat? (Yes, he ate it anyway.)


Joe Bob’s favorite place to hang out in the house: under the stairs near the window in the computer room. Fred says he’s getting in touch with his inner troll.


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