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Surprise Saturday update! And it’s a good one – I’ve got lots of pictures of former fosters to share with y’all!



(For the newer readers, Norbert was the orphan kitten raised (with some puzzlement) by Khaleesi, and was adopted in September by Kirsten, who came all the way from Chicago to get him!)

Kirsten said:

Norbie remains the sweetest boy ever. He is a “bosom sitter” (as opposed to laps) so he can be a handful at times. I’ve actually put away clean dishes with him slung over a shoulder because he will not be denied. He is rather small, maybe 8-9 pounds, and his noggin is pretty small, so I think he will remain a sleek little bundle of love – but, you know, still plenty of time to go Alice Mo on me!

Here he is being adorable in the crook of my arm.

The crossed paws! So cute.

I would like to point out the shiny substance on Norbie’s toy bag from momma Robyn is Riley’s saliva.

Not a great photo, but it shows Norbie’s absolute most favoritest toy from momma Robyn. This little mousie has provided hours of entertainment-he launches after it and carries it around like he caught the real thing. I despair for the day it disappears under the refrigerator!

Deep thoughts.

This picture indicates Norbie’s intelligence. It was -10 degrees out (yes negative) and this is the only way to be on the same couch with Riley and avoid the paw of doom.

Norbie discovers selfies!

I love the firm grip on her neck and Claudette’s ears of annoyance.

Why, yes, I AM the prettiest boy!

In answer to your question, yes, he did get his belly snorgled shortly after the photo was taken.

“Pssst….mister….don’t smack me, ‘k thx.” (There was no smacking, mostly because Norbs didn’t stick around too long tempting fate!)

Love that Norbie – like Kar always said, with those sleek curves, he must’ve been designed by Ferrari! 🙂



(For those newer readers, Flynn was Kohle when he was our foster, and Hook was Puff, both of them adopted by Selena! Flynn + Hook = Flook, of course!)

Selena said:

Well, I have been home with Flynn and Hook all week and I think they are tired of me. But I have enjoyed being home more with them. I haven’t sent an update in a month or two so here you go!

They still love each other and aren’t apart for very long at all every day.

They love the beds I put on my table for them.

But Hook would rather share instead of stay in his own.

And this picture just cracks me up. “How you doin?”

Here is another one from a different day when Hook has invaded Flynn’s space.

Hook was impressed with the snow last night. Flynn was off enjoying quality alone time without having baby brother sitting on him.

I know I’ve said it before – I probably say it every time I share an update of those two boys – but I am SO GLAD that they’re such good friends! It makes me so happy to see them all snuggled up together.


Tony (Soprano) (now Jack)!

You’d have to be a very new reader not to remember Tony, I think! He went to Petsmart with the rest of his litter in December and was finally adopted at the end of January!

Elizabeth said:

Hi, just wanted to let y’all know that Tony (Jack) is doing fantastic! He fits right in – and seems to know that he is one of the boys. The pic I am sending is two weeks old and I swear he is twice that size now! He is a joy – very loving and well behaved!

Notice how he reaches out to touch somebody even while he is sleeping?! Such a baby.

I took another today because he has grown so much; he is going to be a big boy! Here he is today- my reading partner!

I swear, it feels like it’s been forever and ever since I last saw him, but he’s still got that sweet Tony face!


Thank you so much, Kirsten, Selena, and Elizabeth, for the updates! Getting to see my former fosters’ sweet faces after they leave here is one of my favorite things. THANK YOU!!!


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2-15-14 — 22 Comments

  1. So satisfying and gratifying to see those sweet lil monkey faces in their happy, forever homes. 😀

  2. What a joy to see these much-loved boys! Something tells me I’ll be returning to this post several times over this weekend…

  3. I just realized that every time I read an update on any of the fosters, I have the biggest goofiest smile on my face. And, I’ll admit, a few tears of happiness. Pure joy to read how well they’re all doing. I need to send in a recent picture of Dora/Inara.

  4. Uh, I just wanted to let you know that if you never hear from me again it’s because the Norbles update killed me dead. I loved that little white-toed baby and seeing him all growed up & handsome but still retaining a huge part of his cute factor was just too much for my heart and it ‘asploded.

  5. Norbert is so handsome and so mellow! So good to see him and Kohle and Puff and Tony – all, or at least almost grown up.

    But then as I watched my 15 year old playing her heart out with a throwrug, or a bit of debris, and my 14 year old chasing her tail, I realize they are all still kittens inside. We must learn from them!

  6. Kirsten, Flynn LOVED his little mouse like that from Robyn too. It got so old and ratty looking that I had to find a replacement. I finally found some on the Petsmart website. He totes his around in his mouth all the time. I retired the original when both it’s eyes finally popped out and the felt started coming off. Now we have a bag of 24 and I have many put up for the future. We keep 3 or 4 out at any given time. After a year and a half it’s still his favorite thing to play with!

    • Good-I’m glad to know there are replacements out there! Norbie’s is a disgusting gray color and the felt is starting to split.

      • I had to search far and wide but google helped find them online! I have since seen them once or twice in Petsmart. At Petsmart they are the Great Choice brand.

  7. How fun to see these sweet boys. All bigger but still so happy and smug!

    Thanks for the updates ladies, we really enjoy them.

  8. I check the “at PetSmart” every day and want to know why is Livia not being adopted! WTF is wrong with people???!!! [\rant]

  9. NORBIE!! *swoon* That neck grab made me giggle and that wasn’t an easy thing today..

    Hook’s belly.. *swoon*

    *sigh* and a Jack.. who doesn’t love a Jack..