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Because, really, the internet was created for cat-related news, videos, etc….

Kids Read To Sheltered Cats And Everyone’s Heart Collectively Melts

That is just so SWEET. I love it!


do you read 9gag? it’s usually full of nonsense, but this (cat-related) was so funny!

Ha, I need slippers like those for just such a picture-taking opportunity!


Will Dennis get to meet Stefan while his fellow players are on their field trip?

Maybe! Stefan has asked to go into the foster room a couple of times – I think he’s like “They keep going in there, there must be something super fun going on in there!” – but as soon as he sees all those kittens, he turns around and wants to go right back out. Maybe if he’s introduced to just one kitten it’ll be a little less overwhelming.


I was reading through some of the archive links when I came across this:

“Normal cats will hiss or growl at other cats when they get annoyed with them. Not our Myrtle, no – she SCREAMS. I swear, she sounds exactly like I’d imagine a cougar in heat would sound. Maybe she IS part cougar. That would explain a lot.”

You don’t have to imagine anymore! Here is a female cougar in heat, screaming her head off.

YouTube link.

Good thing Joe Bob is more well-adjusted and doesn’t feel the need to screech like an unholy banshee at the other cats.

Awww, good ol’ Myrtle. She had quite the scream on her, and she DID sound an awful lot like a cougar in heat. She was a sweet girl, but she had NO patience for other cats getting up in her bidness.


I just had to share – someone really likes their cats.

I am SO JEALOUS. That would be AWESOME!


Have to say, as soon as I saw “Bath Time for Maria” I started singing this song in my head:

I just watched a bath with Maria….
And suddenly that name, will never be the same, to me…
I just watched her bathe, oh MARIA!….
And suddenly I’ve found, how wonderful a bath can be!…
Say it loud, and there’s cleaning and playing,
Say it soft, it’s like hissing and preying…

I love it!

This is the song I always sing to her (though I haven’t rewritten the lyrics…yet!)

YouTube link.


Oh! Dennis is much bigger than I was expecting! All of those previous shots seem to focus mostly on his face and I thought he was smaller!

If you see him side by side with the other Players, he looks like he’s about their size. But he’s actually very light – I like to say he has hollow bones, and the rest of them have bones filled with lead!


You need this in your house. I have a tea towel that says Cats are Like Potato Chips !!! You should have one of those too !!



So I’m watching the WCK dog show and I see a dog that looks a lot like George & Gracie. I know you’ve probably mentioned it previously, but what breed of dog are they?

George and Gracie are Great Pyrenees. As an aside, they’re almost 6 years old, and I’d like to know where the time has gone!


Please note that I have managed to get ALL six of the Players in one picture! Now, Dennis is being a brat and refusing to look my way, but at least he’s in the picture!

And Dennis scoots under the doll bed, where Angelo is laying.

Angelo would like to know what I think I’m doing.

Orlando on the left, Mariette next to him, and Maria in the front. All staring at the feather teaser, of course.

Angelo’s all “I’ve got it!”

The spotted bellies kill me DEAD.

Dennis checks out the toy mouse that one of the kittens “skinned” earlier this week.

Ferdinand likes to try to eat feathers.

Nom nom NOM.

Orlando in motion.

“What was THAT?!”

Sweet Angelo, keeping an eye on the other kittens.

Ferdinand in a box, just hanging out.

Everyone but Dennis. Oh Dennis, you little brat.


Corbie spends cold days in the cat bed to the right of my computer.

When he wants some pettin’ on his head, he gives me this look, and I obey. How could I not?


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2-14-14 — 17 Comments

  1. Oh Corbie, what a life! You sure are a handsome guy alright.

    Seeing Ferdinand chomping away on the feather reminded me of a question I had. So, my orange weirdo, Malcolm, has a thing for chewing plastic bags. I can hardly open the fridge without him barreling over to check out the bottom shelf and chew on any plastic bags. I never leave any bags out, but if I were to have a grocery bag or a garbage bag out while I’m doing something, he turns into a chompin’ fool. He never pulls on it, or tries to eat it, just chews on it.

    Is it just the boy, or has anyone else seen this? Then again, when he was a kitten, he LOVED digging poops out of the box and playing with them. Of course, always withing 30 mins of me leaving the house. Or when I had people over.

    • My Sidney licks plastic bags. I googled it and they said that the plastic bags are often coated with corn starch. This attracts some cats/dogs. He is my only cat that has ever done this.

    • For mine, all of mine, it’s plastic tape – scotch tape, packing tape, you name it. Worse than catnip.

      • Yep – mine likes tape, too. He prefers the clear packing tape, but will also chew the tape off the 14 bazillion Amazon boxes in my house.

    • Yep, Sophie loves her some plastic. It only started a year or so ago (it’s her 15th birthday today) but I can’t leave any plastic out. Which means bread has to go in the cabinets, the rollaway bed (which has a plastic coated paper tag hanging from the bottom) has to be in a closet, and even plastic mesh bags have to go in cabinets. Max was more of a paper eater. He especially loved the covers of paper back books. He wouldn’t eat those, just left toothmarks all over them. On the plus side, I could get him to “sign” cards by biting them. Let’s face it – cats are weird. 🙂

    • My cats don’t lick plastic bags, but one of them (I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure it’s Sugarbutt) will always pee on any plastic bag you leave on the floor. ::SIGH::

  2. Those cougar squawls sent my three housecats scurrying. The old female who barely totters around came over to me, seemingly to see if I was okay. The other two are still hiding.

    • Corbie was laying right next to my monitor when I started watching it, and his head popped up and he just stared at me for the longest time. I think he thought I was the one making that noise!

  3. Big Cat Haven is in my county and I highly recommend a visit if you’re in the area. But not in summer, Hot 100+

    Not to be a downer on Val-day “love in the air and all” but I’ve heard that scream before from our feral colony. It’s saddest sound I’ve ever heard, means kits coming soon, with survival rate of about 25%.

    There is always more TNR work to be done!

  4. I read that most plastics are “cured” with ammonia. So if your cat pees on plastic, it’s because they think someone already did!

    I keep all the plastic bags out of reach – but what can one do when we live in such a plastic coated world? Sheesh..