2-13-14 – Throwback Thursday

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The other day I was cleaning out my desk, and I came across an old memory stick. The cameras I have now don’t even use that kind of memory stick, so I checked it out to make sure there was nothing important on it. Imagine my surprise when I found several pictures from 2009! Here they are – they aren’t the best pictures, but I thought y’all might like to see them anyway.

Sugarbutt on the counter, eyeballing the daily harvest of habanero peppers.

Musta been snack time! Sugarbutt and Tommy on the counter, Spanky (awwww!) and Kara on the floor to the right. Joe Bob in the middle, and next to him are some of the True Blood kittens!

Same snack time, different angle. See those two little gray kittens in and among the True Bloods? That’s Jake and Elwood!

Hoyt, in Fred’s desk chair. Doesn’t he look like a smug little monkey?

Sugarbutt and Tommy, brudderly love.

This was the first (AND LAST) year we had turkeys. They spent a lot of time on the side stoop, staring in at us.

“Don’t mind if I do!” I can’t swear to it, but that very well might be the turkey we named Hjonkie. Because that’s the kind of sound he made – “Hjonk! Hjonk!”

Hydrox and Keebler from the Cookies litter.

They adored that bed. Silly boys.


“What? What you want, lady?”

Maria gets a belly rub.

Eyeballing the feather teaser.

Angelo, lookin’ smug.

Mariette, staring at the door. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it was speaking to her.

More feather teaser gazing.

Dennis, slightly disturbed.

Maria in the front, Mariette in the back. I just love the stripes and spots on these kittens!

“You making me nervous with all these pictures you’re taking, lady. STOP IT.”

Yesterday, Angelo walked over to me, let me pet him, and then flopped down against my leg. FINALLY, I’ve convinced him that I’m not so bad! I’m sure it won’t be long before he’s actually climbing into my lap, the way his sisters and brothers do. At one point yesterday, I had Maria, Orlando, and Dennis all piled up in my lap, cleaning each others’ ears. So CUTE.


Sugarbutt, in his KatKabin in the back yard. You can tell that this picture is from a couple of weeks ago, because (1) the ground is dry and (2) the sun is shining. I’m starting to think we’re never going to see the sun again!


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  1. Omg Jake and Elwood were that young when the True Bloods were there?? I think that may have been when I started following Love & Hisses. Eyelips! <3

    • Last night I spent about an hour going through Sopranos baby pictures (I was sorting them so that when it comes time to do the calendar next year, it’ll be an easier task, OR SO I LIKE TO THINK), and oohing and awwing over how teeny and adorable they were. πŸ™‚

  2. I started reading with the Truebloods, too.

    Of course, after that, I had to backstalk Robyn and all her previous litters. πŸ˜€

  3. need some kitty cat vibes today — the “young” 14 yr old has been sick (chronic UTI recheck), and I seem to have over-tranquilized her for her vet visit! She always gets a full 10 mg (she is a nightmare at the vet), but I guess with being ill, not eating (that’s a whole other nightmare!), and being only at 12 lbs, it was too much. She had liquid diarrhea on the bed and was barely able to move.
    At least she’s at the vet now! Ugh I feel terrible but it never occurred to me to do anything different. But I still feel horrible.

  4. Oh, the Cookies! Loved that litter, especially “one of these things is not like the others” Hydrox!

  5. Oh those cookies. That peenk nose always killed me.

    We need a comparative shot of the Players tails. I want to see Maria’s full tail in all it’s glory next to the little nubbins.

  6. My eyes are practically watering just from LOOKING at all those habanero peppers! Hopefully Sugarbutt didn’t get too curious and try nibbling one of them. I love spicy food, but those things don’t mess around!

    • None of the cats have ever done anything more than sniff at the peppers, luckily. When I make habanero jam or hot sauce, I try to do it on a nice day, when all the cats are outside, because running the peppers through the food processor makes the air in the kitchen pretty spicy for a while!

  7. Awwww my buh-bey Hoyt! I can assure you he is still a smug brat and loves to steal my seat in my office chair. It will be 4 years next month that I came to AL to get my sweet,goofy,chatty boy. I absolutely adore him!

  8. Love the shots from 2009 with all the kitties ALL OVER the kitchen.

    Reminds me of my Mom – who was not a “cats-in-the-house” sort of person. She would visit me and say: “Do you want that cat on the table/counter/furniture?” As if it mattered what I wanted. It’s what the kitties want that counts! How could she know I’d turn out to be a cat person… I’ve 14 kitties and they’re all in the house most of the time.