2-12-14 – Crooked Acres SNOWday

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Sights from around a slightly snowy Crooked Acres.

I was under the impression that we were really only going to get a dusting of snow Monday night into Tuesday, so imagine my lack of shock when I woke up yesterday morning to find what looked to me like a dusting of snow on the ground. Fred considered it more than a dusting – “It’s at least an inch!” – but I thought it wasn’t anything to get too worked up about. Of course, I had nowhere to go yesterday, so I had the luxury of not having to get too worried about it – all the schools in the area, a lot of businesses, and several big roads were closed, though.

The snow melted almost completely away during the day yesterday, but the forecast was for it to freeze over and then snow on top of that. As a result, everything shut down for today, too. The kittens were due to be spayed and neutered tomorrow, but we’ve rescheduled for next Tuesday. The kittens were A-OK with that, believe me!

I didn’t see it myself, but Fred reported that Stefan was scampering around in the snow like a crazy boy when he first got outside.

“What IS this stuff?!”

Cardinal feather in the snow.

The ditch between the front of the property and the back forty.

“Come on, lady! We needs our treats!”

Note that Gracie is keeping an eye on George to make sure he didn’t get a treat yet.

All of the chickens were in the coop ’til they heard my voice, and then most of them came running out.


When they get their treats, George just stays where he is and gulps his down. Gracie, on the other hand, runs far away and eats her snack, taking what seems like a long, long time to eat it. George eats his in about half a second; Gracie takes three or four minutes, and then runs back to me to see if there’s more.

Chickens didn’t venture far from the coop.

It’s entirely possible that most of them have never seen snow before.

“What. Is going. ON?!”

“I think the sky has fallen. And it’s wet and cold!”

The ducks came out of the pond to see if I had anything for them. When they realized I didn’t, they turned around and went right back into the water.

And glared disapprovingly at me.

Happy pups.

Bleh. Cold and wet and dismal. I’d like a nice, clear sunny day IF YOU DON’T MIND.

Stefan prints on the side stoop.

I filled that silver bowl to the top around 7 yesterday morning. The birds flocked to it all day long. By 5, it was completely empty.

Cardinal on one of the feeders – which I just filled up two days ago. I refuse to fill the bird feeders more than once a week. REFUSE.

Corbie couldn’t figure out what was going on. He stayed in his house for about half an hour and then stomped back inside and snuggled up in his Room with a View for the rest of the day.


“Oh, Mister Mouse Scratcher, I love you soooo!”

“I really do!”

It’s a Maria in a box.

Maria and the water bowl.

“Am havin’ quiet time, lady. You go ‘way.”

Silly boy.

Dennis the observer.

“Hallo, long-tailed mouse. I love you!”

“I really, really do!”

Couldn’t you just SQUOOSH that boy?

They sure do like to pile up in that bed. Especially Angelo. I think it’s his safe place.


Sweet Miz Poo, curled up and keeping warm.


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2-12-14 – Crooked Acres SNOWday — 24 Comments

  1. There is just something so precious about kitty prints in the snow! 🙂
    Angelo’s face on that pink bed is ADORABLE (and looks like it needs a kissy!) Miz Poo…she definitely needs a kissy on her forehead! 🙂

    My Sidney likes to curl up on my chest/stomach and make biscuits on my bicep. I put my arms in a big O shape to hold him steady and bundled up. My husband really really wants him to snuggle up on him, but alas, Sidney is a totally mama’s boy. Sid was standing in his lap and my husband put his arms in an O and said, “Sidney….circle of love…circle of love!” So now that is what I call it…the circle of love. 🙂 Miz Poo looks like she needs to be in the circle of love. By the way, Sid left my husband’s lap and curled up in mama’s circle of love! LOL. That’s my loyal little man!!!

    • Key difference – Buffalo is equipped to handle snow. Watching the southeast panic … and I thought DC was bad!

  2. That looks like a nice dusting, though I can understand why everything would be closed. When no one has snow tires…
    Here today it is -18C, and with the windchill it is feeling like -27C (-0.5F and -17F, respectively), and I wish I could do what Corbie did. Instead, I have to go out to work.
    Bleh, it is. 🙂

  3. Yep-what newbuffalomom said. I’ll take your dusting and raise you about 1 foot and send you pics on Friday. Stay safe everyone.

  4. Really – life stopped for an inch of snow??? weenies….

    love the list of words for no previous posts. 🙂

    And we imagine that George and Gracie were probably the only ones really enjoying all that white stuff. Our cousin Minnie was a little weirded out the first time she saw it (she was born in Florida and now lives in TN) but now she thinks it is GREAT (dogs are strange).

    • I’m with Random Felines on Robyn’s fun and games re no previous posts. And concerning the bird feeders, Robyn, longtime readers know that your “REFUSE” tends to be followed by surrender (and those beautiful birdies need those extra calories)! From Stefan — very much awake! — to Miz Poo and everyone in between, today’s photos and captions are a tonic.

      • Ha – I filled the bird feeders up this morning (second time this week already), because I couldn’t stand to see them empty!

  5. So I’m watching the WCK dog show and I see a dog that looks a lot like George & Gracie. I know you’ve probably mentioned it previously, but what breed of dog are they?

      • Yep, they’re Great Pyrenees! They’re made for the kind of weather we’re having now (even colder, really), so they’re loving this!

  6. Well South Carolina is virtually shut down because of snow and ice…. Everything is closed and will probably be delayed tomorrow. I’m about to put Trixie in time out. She won’t let me out of her sight and is knocking everything over trying to stay next to me! You’d think I’d never stayed home from work before! 🙂

  7. Alyslinn You must be in Canada or close to it !! Here in Northern Canada we were at -6F with the windchill at -22F this morning and about 1 1/2 inches of snow with more on the way. I think we can all say that no matter what part of the world you are from the weather this yer has been a bit bizarre !!!
    Nothing better than seeing snuggly kitties to warm you day !!!! The picture of Stefan’s prints would be cool framed and hung on the wall in the foster room. Also loved the cardinal feather in the snow. Simply beautiful !!!

  8. Five inches of that white stuff here and now it is sleeting. yuck.

    Love the photo of the feather in the snow. I had nearly 50 Cardinals at my feeders yesterday! They were gearing up for this mess.

    I’m with Corbie. Give me a warm room and a blankie.

  9. Stefan roused himself out of bed? To play in the snow? How cute.

    I bet he bounces around the in the snow, sniffing every other few feet.

  10. Aren’t you originally from Maine, Robyn? I’m surprised you aren’t thrilled to see a wintery wonderland scene. I know I am: I grew up in Rochester NY and moved to northern VA/DC five years ago, and this is only the second winter that seemed like a normal winter to me. (And I totally second what Warriorinside said about DC — it’s ridiculous how people panic over what would be a “normal” winter’s day in upstate NY.)

    Sooo cute that Stefan roused himself, went outside and romped in the snow. I just love that boy!… and I LOVE his paw prints. Definitely suitable for hanging, as one other commenter suggested.

    Corbie almost has a Sheriff Mama look on his face.

    • If it hadn’t been snow on top of wet ground, I would have been happier to see it – and really, I would have preferred to see about a foot of snow, rather than that tiny amount that melted by the end of the day!

      We were supposed to get really bad weather today, but it didn’t start snowing ’til about 4:00. It’s pretty now, but I’ll be interested to see what happens overnight.

    • I grew up in Northern VA, so I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m in Westchester County, NY now, so it’s interesting seeing the difference. People still flip out a bit here, buying up milk, eggs, bread, and paper products like they’ll be stuck for weeks. Otherwise, it’s just icky.

      When I was still in school in VA, I remember, I knew school would be closed if I took a ruler, stuck it in the snow, and measured at least two inches.

      I hope these snowstorms at least kill off some of the bugs, come summer. That’s one thing I don’t miss about being in the South, getting eaten alive every summer.

  11. The kitties looks sooo fluffy!! don’t kittens have the best lives?

    I heard on radio the Winter Olympics is now having a 16degree celsius /50F now..haha

    we had a very dry (with no rain for a record), windy, cool January that wasn’t the norm too.

    wish we can all share the sun equally

  12. I love Stefan standing on the step, deciding what to do next! And Dennis’s sweet little face!

    Also – in eastern Iowa, we’ve had over 30 days this winter with lows below 0F, and 12 with lows below -10F. It got up to 18 above today, and it felt like spring!

  13. You people that like this snow and winter stuff are as loony as Jake! I’m not sure how much we have already but it is MORE than enough. I’m in PA and would much rather be in Hawaii or someplace where it is 80F and sunny and NOT snowing or icing.