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Considering her next step…

“You know you wanna touch my belly to feel for babies. I won’t hurt you, go ahead. No, really!”

Someone mentioned in the comments last week that Lilybet’s got a touch of the Loon. Indeed she does!

She’s so silly.

Love the toes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Is that the Bat signal again? It’s not, is it? I wanted to take a nap!”

“The criminals can wait ’til after I’ve had my nap…”

“I should go chase down bank robbers and such but I am just… so… tired…”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Usually it starts the day as the Loon Cave.

And then about mid-day it turns into the Corbs Cave.


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2-12-13 — 31 Comments

  1. Batman & Robin seem like they’d be awesome to live with. I really want to hang out with them!

    As for Lilybet…well… I have me a huge thing for Torties anyway, but she just seems sooooo cutiepatootie-ish (but at the same time so very devilishly mastermindy).

    So now, thanks to your captions… I am playing out a scenario in my head whereby Batman & Robin need to thwart the lovely Miss Lilybet in her plans for world domination.

    THANKS A LOT. Now I’m not going to get ANY work done today.

  2. Sorry, Batman. That was just my fosters playing with the cord to the window blinds. Sometimes they get it going fast enough to create shapes of light on the wall. You go ahead and take a nap. We’ll call Robyn (and Robin) when we need you.

    Update on Ruby’s pattern classification… Since her paperwork from our vet says she is a dilute tortoiseshell (their designation, not mine), that’s what I told the shelter vet when I took her in for spay yesterday. Upon arriving to claim her this morning, I noticed that “dilute tortoiseshell” was violently crossed out and replaced with “BROWN TABBY!” Um… not really that either, but I’m glad they were passionate about it. I guess we’re calling her a dilute brown tortoiseshell tabby with an amazing blaze of orange on her head.

    • I’d have to agree that Ruby is neither dilute nor a tortoiseshell. The stripes are too dark for that.

      What you might have with the blaze is a chimera – the orange spot could be a second kitten that was caught up at an early stage and only shows up because it is orange.

      • I appreciate your expertise in the genetics. Curiously though… She has no stripes if you’re looking at her from above or behind (slight spots and more blending of colors there). Only striped in the front on her face, chest, and legs. The second kitten idea makes more and more sense knowing that!

      • There is a modification of the tabby pattern – Ticked tabby – where the stripes on the body are missing or mostly and it is all the ‘between stripe’ color. Abyssinians have this trait.

    • I want to see a picture of Ruby! Does she have tabby stripes and orange spots? I bet i know what sje is!!!

  3. I’ve got to stop reading L&H! Last night I dreamed there were two tabby kittens in our backyard. I was trying to capture them because it was late and I was worried about owls, when two more showed up. Those guys were having a ball while I was trying to catch them. I was thinking I wished Robyn and Fred lived closer, because Fred would be able to catch them for me and they’d take them in. This morning I woke up exhausted from all the exercise I’d gotten.

  4. I was going to say something about how cute Lilybet is, and I loved how the loon cave turned into the corbs cave, but then I saw your “previous posts” and I haven’t stopped giggling. I guess i thought those were generated by which ever blogging program you used.. but seriously, that was the best thing I’ve seen in a while..

    • Those are always chosen by me, actually – at least until I hit the date where I started sharing them (whenever that was), and then I’ll just cut and paste the ones from the end of the previous year’s entry! 🙂

  5. You know – I needs me a snuggly cat. There are days when I just want to have one to hold and neither of my two will put up with that. Smudge will let you pet her while she lays against you (or on your feet – she’s a feet kitty) but she won’t get in your lap and she doesn’t particularly like being held. She’ll allow it – but it’s not her favorite thing. And Jack – good lord my Jack Jack. He does NOT lay still to be petted period. if he’s in the mood for a petting it’s one of those where he’s walking all around (just out of reach) purring and rubbing up against you every couple of seconds and then moving away. And I read about your Lilybet and her snuggliness, and others you (and Kelly) have had and it kills me that my two won’t let me add another to the house but they won’t meet MY needs! 🙂 Little monsters.

    Oh – update on the Jack issues – he has not (to my knowledge) urinated anywhere he’s not supposed to for at least a month. He still hides under the bed when someone comes over (which hasn’t happened as much since the holidays), but all in all – he seems to be much better.

    • Sherry, so glad that Jack’s problems seem to be a thing of the past. What a relief that must be for you. I remember going through bouts of urination problems with my cats and not only did it have me tearing my hair out having to launder the sheets at midnight just when we were getting ready to go to bed, but it caused no small amount of marital discord ….

      And … I am so with you about needing a snuggly cat. Neither of the two I currently have are — they’re kind of like your Jack and Smudge. Makes me miss my two dearly departed tuxedo cats SO SO much… sniff, sniff.

    • I have a Jack that just went through urinary issues too.. 🙁

      I have four exceptionally almost to the point of obnoxiously affectionate going up for adoption soon..

  6. Oh my gosh, I love Jake and Corbie’s butterfly mancat cave! And you know they have the mancat-ly-ness to pull off using a butterfly cave! Swoon!!
    Clearly Lilybet is a goofy girl, and true to that goofiness, she’s going to keep you guessing until she presents you with about a dozen tiny little bundles! Then she’ll say, just kidding, I borrowed these from the neighbors! Bwahahaha!