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“Come here, feather teaser. I won’t hurt you. I only want….”


Mariette takes a swat at the feather teaser (and misses.)

Ferdinand climbs to the top of the scratcher in an attempt to get closer to the teaser.

His serious little face and his little nubbin of a tail just kill me DEAD.

Sleepy kittens (Orlando and Mariette, I believe) in the sun.

Mariette sharpens her claws in preparation for another attempt at the feather teaser.

Dennis, peeking out the window.

Angelo, snuggled up in his bed.

I think Orlando’s thinking very VERY hard, in hopes that his ears will start flapping and he can take flight.

“Hallo, lady.”

Dennis, sneaking up on the mirror.

Silly smilin’ boy.

You know, if I didn’t have the camera in the foster room so I could peek in from time to time, I’d probably think that Dennis spends all his time sleeping or watching the other kittens, and occasionally coming down to be petted. But since I can look in on them any time, I know that at night, Dennis turns into a wild thing. The other night I could hear the kittens racing around in a particularly crazy way around 10 pm, so I looked in on them, and Dennis was RACING around the room, jumping on Ferdinand, jumping on Mariette, racing into the closet and back out again. He was such a little nut, and it was nice to see.

Also, he’s made friends with all the other kittens, especially Mariette and Angelo (which is funny, since Mariette was a little hissypants for a couple of days). I haven’t been able to catch it with the camera, but more often than not, I’ll find him snuggled up with Angelo in the big, comfy cat bed.

If there’s one kitten who appears to be everyone’s favorite, I think it would have to be Angelo. They’re always snuggling with him, cleaning his ears, licking him on top of the head. At this point, Angelo’s the only kitten who doesn’t come over for petting and to flop down in my lap or against my leg. But over the weekend he did come over and flop down close enough that I could pet him, so that’s definitely progress! Orlando is the biggest love bug, but the others are certainly not far behind.

All of the Players except for Dennis are going for their spaying and neutering on Thursday. Hopefully they won’t hold a grudge against me when I bring them home Friday morning!


Stefan, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as ever. I swear, I think that boy has narcolepsy – he’ll sleep in a cat bed all day, wake up and stretch, take two steps, and flop down to go back to sleep. Silly monkey.


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2-11-14 — 26 Comments

  1. Stefan is just making up for all the sleep he missed when he was living rough. I have no idea what my excuse is!

    Mariette sharpening her claws is just adorable, she looks so concentrated and has those lovely orange-brownish patches.

  2. Excerpt from the 2011 post: “Even if I don’t have any fosters other than Corbie” HA!!! Think you could fool us? 😉 Also, you had just adopted Alice, awwwwww…

  3. Um. I’m starting to fall in love with Dennis. His stubbular fantasticness is undeniable.

    Stefan cracks me up. He’s like the cat version of ME when it comes to his ability to sleepy ANYtime, ANYwhere.

  4. Oh Orlando, you silly thing. You need to grab that feather so that you can fly. But you can’t grab the feather unless you can fly up to grab it. Hey wait, there’s a problem there.

    Dennis is so roly-poly round. I want to scoop him up for a hug! So glad that he’s becoming one of the Playas. I mean, Angelo’s clearly a playa.

    I also love Marriette’s Crouching Kitten, Leaping Tiger pose.

    I worry about poor Stefan. Obviously he’s got a TOUGH life.

  5. Dennis is just the cutest thing! I’m glad he’s made friends with the other kittens, too. And Stefan — so happy and content to have a home…

  6. “His serious little face and his little nubbin of a tail just kill me DEAD” — oh, me too, ME TOO (re. Ferdninand)!!! Crazy cute.

    Gotta love that Mr. Stefan!