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“How how HOW do I get into that other room?” asks Mariette. “It looks SUPER fun!”

“They have really pretty kittens in there,” thinks Dennis.

“Especially THAT guy. I bet he’s a model.”

“If I push on the mirror with my nose…. No, that didn’t work.”

“Maybe if I push on this space between the windows… No, that didn’t work either.”

“Hello, gorgeous. Tell me how to get to you!”

“I want to be your friend!”

“Hey, you’ve got a weird lady with a big camera in there, too! Yours seems nicer, though. The one in here keeps picking me up and kissing me. I pretend that I like it, but you know. Humans smell so… HUMAN-Y. It takes me hours to get the smell off me.”

“They’ve got better toys in there…”

“Maybe I can dig a tunnel underneath the wall!”

“Hello again, Gorgeous! Were you waiting for me?”


Alice just loves to sleep with the tip of her tongue sticking out; she always has. In fact, here she is three years ago, doing just that:

She just has the MOST beautiful eyes.

Did you know that Saturday marked three years since I told y’all that we had adopted Alice? I can’t believe it’s been that long!

YouTube link.


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2-10-14 — 10 Comments

  1. Holy crap. It’s been 3 years already?! That just…. DOES.NOT.COMPUTE. lol

    *smoochies to pretty girl Alice-Mo, the Cali-co*

  2. I love your picture comments today !!! I so want to snuggle up with Dennis !!!

    Happy Gotcha Day Alice Mo !!! (that is a perfect way to say that Random Felines so I had to borrow it !!)

  3. I was reading through some of the archive links when I came across this:

    “Normal cats will hiss or growl at other cats when they get annoyed with them. Not our Myrtle, no – she SCREAMS. I swear, she sounds exactly like I’d imagine a cougar in heat would sound. Maybe she IS part cougar. That would explain a lot.”

    You don’t have to imagine anymore! Here is a female cougar in heat, screaming her head off.

    Good thing Joe Bob is more well-adjusted and doesn’t feel the need to screech like an unholy banshee at the other cats.

  4. Awwww new set of kitties!! Yay! And Alice has grown into such a beautiful young lady! Take care