2-10-09 – Samba and Rumba.

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I never did make an appointment for Rumba and Samba to be spayed/ id chipped/ rabies shotted, but I’m going to call and do that today. They’re doing well. The best time to hang out with them is when there’s sun flooding the foster room. Something about the sunshine makes them friendly, and they’ll come over to me to be petted.

After they’ve been spayed, I’ve decided that I’m going to separate them for a couple of days. Separating skittish kittens often changes them into more friendly cats for some reason, so I’m going to put one in the foster room and the other in the guest bedroom and see if it makes any difference. If they’re miserable apart, of course, I’ll reunite them, but hopefully it’ll make them a little more willing to be petted. I’ll report how that goes, of course.

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Miz Poo was sitting in my lap, and Rumba was trying to understand this weird “snuggling” thing. Miz Poo will put up with the kittens as long as they don’t get TOO much in her space.

2009-01-10 (3)
Samba in the sun.

I don’t remember what I was dangling over their heads – some toy or another, I’m sure – but I certainly had their interest!


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