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Remember Pepsi, in this picture I keep making y’all look at?

I meant to mention this before – Pepsi reminded me of Myrtle (actual name: Moondance), who is Joe Bob’s sister.

Moondance and Moonman (which was Joe Bob’s name before we adopted him) were with us for a few weeks in January/ February 2007, because they needed a break from the cage at Petsmart and we had room for them. This is Joe Bob, five years ago:

He looks really young, but he was about a year and a half old there.

(Myrtle/ Moondance was adopted at Petsmart. Joe Bob was adopted and then returned, and then when Spot passed away a couple of years ago, Fred declared that we needed to adopt Joe Bob because he’s such a good boy!)

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DUDE. Kanga is the long-lost twin of my kitty, Beth!


‘cuse the mess in the last photo, I just took the pic five seconds ago. But that’s SO FREAKY! Wow.

Also, I may have borrowed Stinkerbelle’s name for Beth (who was named Beth before I adopted her) because it’s so fitting. Seriously, the girl can clear a room. It’s pretty bad. (She answers to that and “Stinkerbean.” Rarely Beth, hah.)

Here’s Kanga, for comparison purposes:

2012-01-30 (24)

I can see the resemblance!

Also, Stinkerbelle would like it known that she is NOT stinky, despite the awful name we saddled her with. In fact, she’s a LADY and does not use the litter box or burp or pass gas in any way. Never has. Her only unladylike behavior is hissing and smacking, and really – a lady can only take so much before she’s forced to fight back!

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Ellie Bellie sure takes a “wide stance” doesn’t he? Keep him out of public restrooms, for goodness’ sake. πŸ˜‰

2012-02-03 (11)

Indeed he does. And just WHAT are you implying? (HEE.)

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I am lazy, but would you please share once again what camera you are using again??? The photos you’ve been taking recently have been so amazing. Especially the close-ups!

Thank you! My camera is the Sony SLT-A55, which I’ve had since mid-October – you may recall that the Sony DSLR-A100 I had been using for the previous several years (I think we got it in 2006) was shattered when a cat peed on it (SIGH) and then I dropped it on the floor. I spent a long time dithering over what kind of camera to get, and in the end decided to stay with Sony. Every one of our digital cameras have been Sonys (our very first one took floppy disks. FLOPPY DISKS! It was 1832.), and I’ve always loved them, so even though I might occasionally send a flirty eye in the direction of Nikon, I’ll likely stay with Sony foreverrrrrrr. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

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Are those big glass jars of cat toys on your bookcase? πŸ™‚

My bookcase, let me show you it:


Top shelf, left to right: cat nip, 5 jars of cat toys (shaddup), polyfill for cat beds I have yet to make.
Second shelf: paint, canvas, ribbons, glue, paint brushes, a metric ton of Mod Podge (I am not a painter; I started a project wherein I Mod Podged pictures to canvases for hanging on the wall. It’s a project that I abandoned and keep meaning to get back to.)
Third shelf: Lots of fabric for cat beds.
Fourth shelf: Cook books, cross-stitch alphabet books, other random books.
Fifth shelf: Left, a plastic box full of HATS FOR THE CATS (am not a crazy cat lady, shaddup). Right, various and assorted instruction booklets for various and assorted appliances that we own.

Perhaps next week I’ll share a picture of the huge bin of cat toys that’s hiding in my closet!

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Dear sweet ole Miz Pooter Pie… My little old lady was an opinionated mess, but I loved her for 18 years (Well, longer actually since she’s been gone for over a year. Guess we’ll call it 20 years and counting.) I love all kitties, but the seniors steal my heart every.stinking.time.

Everett can’t help himself. Whatever is cooking in that pot just smells too good!! Little old Norman has turned into a scavenger… up on the counters, helping himself to whatever you were planning to eat. We forget we have to be on guard. I haven’t cooked a single meal lately where food prep hasn’t been interrupted by a gasp, quickly followed by a shrieked “Norman!” The other cats may be counter-sitters, but they know better than to mess with our food. Thankfully we have lots of counter space to allow them a “lounge”. After serious neglect, illness, and a long stint in the shelter, poor Norm is a bag of bones so I let him eat whatever he stakes a claim to. I imagine I’ll pay for that eventually.

2012-02-08 (6)

Ha – Everett isn’t headed for that pot because there’s anything in it that smells so good. There’s nothing but water in that pot. Why, I know you’re dying to know, is there a pot of water on the stove? Am I going to boil some eggs? Make some rice? What?

That pot lives on the stove, and it is always filled with water. When I’ve used the stovetop to make dinner (or whatever), I slide the pot of water over onto the eye so that any cats who get up on the counter won’t try to walk across the hot eye and burn their feet. (I’d like to take credit for this brilliant idea, but a reader suggested it to me, and I’ve been using it ever since.)

The unintended consequence of the constant pot of water is that some of the cats prefer to drink out of the pot of water on the stove rather than one of the 63,000 other water sources in the house. Kara, especially, prefers the pot of water on the stove, and in fact I think that’s her primary source of water. Which means that I never use that pot for cooking, and I have to clean it out and refill it once a day.

Spoiled? My cats? NAH.

(But I do think that your sweet boy Norman (NORM!) deserves some spoiling and you might regret it eventually – or maybe when he puts on some weight, he’ll be a little less of a scavenger. Alls you can do is wait and see. πŸ™‚ )

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Robyn, of all the cats you’ve owned in your life, who is your Favorite Cat of All Time?

I could give you a reason for why every cat I’ve ever owned is my favorite cat of all time, but I’m going to be honest, here: Miz Poo is my heart cat. I loved her the moment I saw her, and I’ve loved her ever since, even though she sneezes in my face and climbs up on me and blocks my view of the TV and then sits there and smacks her lips and somehow manages to put all her body weight on one paw so that it HURTS. I know that I annoy her, too, when I pick the boogers out of her eyes and make her stop licking herself in the middle of the night (she shakes the bed and OH it drives me crazy) and nudge her out of the way so I can see the TV. But I just love her so much, and she’s getting older and slowing down, and I know that she’s not always going to be here with me, so I make a point at least once a day of picking her up and giving her some extra attention because as much as I love her, she loves me too. (Which doesn’t stop her from greeting every visitor to the house with a panicked, desperate “My GOD, are you here to save me from this awful place?!” look in her eyes.)

(Also, Mister Boogers is probably in second place, but you know that I love the heck out of all my cats, right? Because now I feel guilty for having a favorite!)

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Miz Poo reminds me of an old (and MUCH loved) Raggedy Ann doll I once had. She looks like a sweetie-pie.


Miz Poo looks like she needs a squeeze, but I don’t suppose she’d appreciate it!


Miz Poo has such interesting pretty coloration. I’m sorry to hear she’s a mess. How old is she?

Miz Poo is absolutely a sweetheart, and if you wanted to pick her up and give her a squeeze, she would LOVE YOU FOREVER.

She’s 13 years old, I got her in November of 1999 and she was, I don’t know – 10 weeks old? Something like that. Unlike Spanky, who has had a really easy time of it in his 15 years, Miz Poo has had lots of physical problems and has had multiple surgeries in her 13 years. She’s still a happy girl, and most of her physical issues at this point are due to old age. She’s slowing down, but when Fred get out da bird, she lights right up and is present to smack at it.

Also, don’t you want to see a few pictures of her when she was a kitten? You know you do!

MizPoo01 MizPoo02


This is probably my favorite picture of her. I have it hanging in the hallway outside my room, and she looks so pretty, and the grass was so lush and green. I love it! It was probably six or so years ago – we’d gotten a new camera, and Fred was out in the back yard trying it out, and got that picture of her.

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Am I the only one who thinks cat paws are just the cutest?? Yes? The Corb Man’s little feets in that 2nd to last shot? Cute, or what!

Of course, my guys are all “oh man, she won’t leave my paws alone will someone please get her a profile up on eHarmony…man…” after the 702nd time I pet their itty bitty widdle pawsies.

Cat paws are the most awesome thing ever, and cats who will let you mess with their paws without protest are few and far between. Next time I have a litter of itty bitties, I’m going to see if I can’t train them to believe that paw massages are a good thing!

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So yesterday, as a work-avoidance technique, I was roaming through your archives [at Love & Hisses] and I noticed you started blogging in 2005 (an early adopter!), but there is a gap between September 2005 and April 2008. Being the curious person that I am, whassup with that? If you want to share of course.

Unfortunately, there’s no interesting story there – the entries between Sept 2005 and April 2008 exist, I just need to get my butt in gear and cut and paste them over. After Rambo and Jodie in September 2005, we had the litter that included Sugarbutt and Tommy. When we adopted the two of them, Fred made me promise to take time off from fostering until they got a little older (we’d had a couple of cases of upper respiratory infections go through the entire permanent kitty population), and I think I ended up taking almost an entire year off from fostering, until I got Maddy, my first bottle baby, in late Summer/ early Fall 2006.

But anyway, there will be a gap there, just not as much of one that’s there now!

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So everytime I see “da Corbs”, I end up saying it like the SNL skit “da Bears”! πŸ™‚

And that’s exactly how I intend it! πŸ™‚

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Sweet Maggie! I’m glad she is having such a wonderful life!! And how funny that you should post this now, since it appears that the Maggie look-alike that started hanging around my porch a couple of weeks ago is also “with kitten”. In fact this week-end I had resolved to look at the old Maggie entries today to take notes on the box set-up you fixed for her to give birth in, in case this turns out to be my next foster litter… So far my neighborhood search has not turned up an owner for her or the friendly, un-neutered Tuxie hanging with her. πŸ™

Oh lord, kitten season is almost upon us, isn’t it? It sounds like some jerk dropped a Mag-alike off in your neighborhood and she was smart enough to find a place where someone would care for her!

I used a big carrier-type kennel (that I covered with a towel to keep it dark) for Maggie, and she liked it quite a bit. Next time I have a pregnant cat (I’m hoping there’s a next time!), I’m thinking I might take a huge storage container and cut a hole on one end for a doorway and use that – the kittens would be contained, the mother cat would like the privacy, and it would be easy to clean.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Have you had to replace the end of da bird yet? Leo’s pretty rough on ours, I have to keep replacments on hand!

I haven’t, actually, our cats haven’t been too rough on it just yet. Give them time, though, I’m sure they’ll rip it to shreds sooner or later!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The picture of Newt in the sink should totally be on Cats In Sinks – incidentally, one of the websites that I find most amusing, because it has a button with the text “Show me another cat in a sink!”

2012-02-06 (12)

I actually tried to submit both of the Newt-in-sink pictures, but got this error in return email: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table (state 14).

I’m not sure what it means, but I feel I am being accused of a crime I did not commit. HMPH.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Corbie looks like he’s been…. taking diet advice from Elwood. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down πŸ˜‰

It must have been a bad angle, because there’s not an ounce of fat on Corbie’s body. He’s a big-boned cat and could actually stand to put on some weight. I sneak him the occasional treat when no one else is around, which is probably why he lurves me. He’s a skinny boy, but he loves his treats!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Everett in the hang-time photo is all “Hey girl. I hear you like taking photos.” Everett meme!



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A kitty question: We have a gorgeous long-haired calico that adopted us. She is the most loving creature… until you stop petting her. Then she will swat at you and sometimes lunge. It isn’t a huge problem but the kids are afraid to pet her for that reason. Maybe she is mad that the youngest one named her “Ned.”

She has gorgeous long hair and within the past month, she keeps getting stool stuck in the fur on her backside. It smells Horrible! As you can imagine, she does not appreciate getting her rear end washed so frequently, sometimes twice a day. We have been very mindful to make sure there is nothing for her to get into and no food left out for her to sample at night, which I figured was the problem. Maybe she needs fancy food? Surely someone has an idea what we can do. My husband suggested shaving her ass. He said it in jest but that’s not going to happen anyway. Her dragging her butt on the carpet, blanket, pillow… wherever she darn well feels like it is not acceptable either. Help!?!

If Ned (is it wrong that I love the name?) is having ongoing diarrhea, you’ll want to take her to the vet and have her checked out – there could be something going on with her that has nothing to do with the food she’s eating.

I actually think your husband might have a good idea – not to shave her butt, but it might help if you trim the hair around her back end. We’ve only had one long-haired cat (Mr. Fancypants) and we did keep the fur around his nether regions trimmed, and it helped a lot!

Okay, I know some of you readers out there surely have advice for Kristina – chime in here, please?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What did you use to cut the hole in the tub? Yours looks so neat! I have one just like that, but it was a pain to cut the hole AND I accidentally cut it too low, so the cats still strew litter everywhere… in fact, what I’ve had to do is prop it up at an angle so they aren’t inclined to spill *all* of it out :/

I used a utility knife, actually. I kind of marked the spot where I wanted it to start and freehanded it. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t look TOO bad. I had a hard time of it – I’ve read that if you use a hair dryer and direct the heat at where you want to cut, it makes the plastic soft and thus easier to cut, but I didn’t do that.

Fred cut all the holes in the bucket litter boxes, and I think he used a jigsaw? Maybe? Yes, I just called him and confirmed that, it was a jigsaw that he used.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your photo stories, and especially the seeds-falling-from-squirrel-mouth bit, reminded me of Julie Zickefoose and her woodpecker Garrett. Go back a couple weeks to start the Garrett stories. The “ptooi!” captions reminded me of your “thllurrrp” photo captions. πŸ™‚

And now I have another blog to add to my list o’ blogs. I love her pictures and her captions!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-0210 (1)

2012-0210 (2)
Alice Mo approves of Everett’s form.

2012-0210 (3)
This dive should earn a 6.0 from the judges. Look at that form!

2012-0210 (4)
Ooooh, and this one looks like a belly flop in the making.

2012-0210 (6)

2012-0210 (5)
He got it! I love how it looks like he’s swinging on a vine.

2012-0210 (8)

2012-0210 (9)
Sally, so annoyed at having to get out of the way.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s PEANUT BUTTER CORBIE TIME!!!! (You know you’ve been waiting all week for this!)

2012-0210 (10)
When it’s rainy outside, Corbie, Tommy, and Sugarbutt take turns hanging out in the cat house, watching the rain. Emo Corbie is Emo. (When those daffodils bloom, it’s going to be really pretty out there!)

2012-0210 (13)
Doesn’t he have long, long toes?

2012-0210 (12)
He loves to stand on the back of the couch and knead on this blanket.

2012-0210 (11)
Snuggly Corbs, the most beautiful boy EVER.


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2-10-12 — 23 Comments

  1. PEANUT BUTTER CORBIE TIME!!! I love it. I usually sing the “Peanut Butter Crunchie Time” song to my guys at dinner time. No costume or maracas though…

    Miz Poo as a baby was just a little muffin!

  2. Corbie is so beautiful. He’s a one-man fall foliage tour — all year round! Of couse, so is Miz Poo. Thanks for one of the greatest Love and Hisses weeks yet. Thanks, too, for the introduction to Julie Zickefoose’s beautiful and touching blog.

  3. OK, seriously? You have a tub for hats for cats and WE NEVER SEE HATS ON CATS!! why are you holding out on us??? are we not your friends? don’t you like us any more..

    (is that enough guilt? Jack would say no, pile it on, but I think I’ll stop there)

    • Heh. I seem to go through stages. I’m currently at the feather-teaser stage, but I’ll see what I can work up for y’all. Here are a few older ones to tide you over:



      • No-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!! Don’t torture your kittehs!! Their het stares will haunt your nightmares for years to come!!

        Be kind to your kittehs!! NO hats!!

  4. For the long-haired kitty with bathroom issues – first take her to the vet to make sure nothing is wrong and have the vet SHAVE her back end, this is not a joke – it will help keep her smelling better and can prevent diseases and rot than can set in when a long haired kitty gets loose stool issues. When my husband’s cat was critically ill, I surprised the vet by asking for this, just a quick buzz (because the cat was very sick) but it made it so much easier to bath and keep kitty clean. Even though the kitty only lived a few more months, I’m convinced his last days were happier for a momentary buzz when he was too ill to really notice.

    Most vets have have a “buzzer” right above the operating table that they use for surgery, it takes only a moment to do kitty’s back legs and possibly part of the tail and butt area. Even if you have to hold her down in a head lock to do it is worth it.

    Now, if nothing obvious is wrong with kitty, I’d check her pet food; a lot of older cats (over five) simply can’t tolerate cheap commercial cat food or at least certain brands. The two choices are: expensive science diet type brands of dry food and/or better brands of canned food. We usually have good results with a combination of moderately priced canned food supplemented with the more expensive dry foods (this also keeps naturally slim cats from bolting down food and getting fat, an already fat cat can get limited portions).

    It may take several days to a week to see if a new diet is working, other people swear by “raw meat” diets where you buy a lot of ground turkey, some beef and other meats; freeze them and feed them to the cat along with occasional greens. This is a lot of work but is helpful in some cases.

    As for attacking when attention is withdrawn, some cats just do that if they were not trained out of it as kittens it can be hard to break. But don’t “reward” the behavior, instead ignore her when she does this; but always come back for a second petting session when she doesn’t do it (even if it is a quick pat on the head).

    Hope these ideas help!

  5. @ Kristina my boy is a long hair and only when he gets into the butter dish or drippings does he get runny poops all stuck to his poofy bum. I trim his backside to about 1 inch long about 1 inch around his bum. Works like a charm but he does NOT like the trimming takes 2 of us to do it. A pair of surgical gloves for the trimmer and a long sleeve thick sweater for the holder.

    • I can trim my fuzzy guy myself, but it’s taken awhile to train him. I put down treats on a shelf, and use haircutting shears to trim while he’s occupied. The instant he looks uncomfortable, I stop. But if I do it once a week or so, he stays trimmed and happy.

      Be aware that a male cat has his penis just under his anus and be careful in that area.

  6. Oh absolutely, no worries about that here! Norman’s staff has decades of cat servitude on their resumes (we started young). He is in good hands, but I’m so glad you posted that link for anyone who needs it. We must keep our fuzzy masters safe! πŸ™‚

    • Good to hear that Norman has the most conscientious of staff serving his every need!!


  7. Thanks so much for the tips. She is about a year and a half old now. She came around last summer. We live on a busy road with lots of semis and tons of dump trucks going by all day. She was good about staying in our yard but I would catch her crossing the residential street sometimes. I think she was playing on me because the week or so before I brought her inside, she was sitting in the middle of the road whenever I was out there. We have a nasty coyote problem as well. My neighbor went from 8 cats to 1. She was always trying to get into the house even with 2 big dogs barking at her. I am deathly allergic to cats so I was trying to find her somewhere to go. My tolerance for her seemed to get better each time. She is so fluffy the dander doesn’t seem to be much of a problem. Each time I would get close to placing her, the waterworks started and everyone would get all pouty. I took her to the vet and had a thorough check and vaccinated. Someone had her because she was already fixed when I sent my husband to the spay clinic with her. She is being Meow Mix and the vet said that was okay. I am placing a call to her to see about getting her checked out.

  8. Just have to say… Pepsi is adorable. He (or she!) looks like he has something to tell you, and is just waiting for you to stop and listen.

    I had a cat once who had a similar look. A boyfriend called it an earnest look, like the cat would appreciate your vote this November.

    I would take Pepsi home in a minute if I could have another cat!

    • Hee hee – that’s a “vote for me or else” look on Pepsi’s face! I hope the sweet girl is settling in with her family and hasn’t caused too much of a ruckus!

      And Tommy does not look thrilled with his chappeaux. What self-respecting cat wants a chicken on his head – especially when he lives on a farm! It might give the Angry Muppet or Rock Star ideas…

  9. Hi Robyn! My little kitty also somehow manages to put all her weight on one tiny foot, my husband and I like to call this “pin feet”.

  10. I don’t know why, must be the eyes or something because they’re not the same kind of cat, but every time I see that picture of Pepsi, all I can think of is that kitty that sings your cat’s theme songs, Out Side Momma and Alice Mo the Calico! Is it just me?? (probably..) Oh, and if those have had a million hits, half of them are me! I love them and think you should make a theme song for each of the perminants! Anyone second that??

    Everett… does not like the ground, does he? Holy smokes that boy can jump!

    Yes, yes I did want to see baby Miz Poo, and I want to squeeze her too! Little Joe Bob kills me dead too, he’s adorable. Oh, Corbie? Yeah, he might be cute…. !!

  11. oh corbie <3 <3 <3

    my guys love to knead on the sherpa blankets too, then again they knead everything! lol

  12. I tried to submit a picture of my cat in a sink to cats in sinks too, and I got the same error message! It’s a shame–someone should start a new site with new pictures.

  13. Aw, Pepsi reminds me of my little Zorro! he’s a little earnest tuxie, too. and she has the cutest, pudgiest whisker cheeks – surely they need kissing, immediately?
    Miz Poo was/is a darling. no wonder that little kitten won you heart. and no one doubts you love all your cats, and we cat people know what’s it’s like to have one of them sneak in just a little closer. but we still wanna kiss all our other kids silly! Everett diving is an excellent shot! and Corbie? oh, yeah he’s alright….

  14. My cats will allow me to touch their feet and even rub my fingers between the toes and pads. I started doing this when they were very young. I would rub, touch and feel their feet, arm pits, put my finger in their ears, etc. I would touch them everywhere everyday. I did this so that if they ever had an injury, fur mat/tangle, etc… they would not fight me or resist my efforts. It has really paid off.

    Yes, cat paws are one of God’s perfect creations. They are beyond cute and quite capable. My boy can pick up a large marble with his paw and throw it across the room (seriously…it is a thing to watch). I have even had them take off the lid to the chest set (not an easy feat) and take out all the pieces. I need to check to see who has the opposable thumbs!