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Won’t you be his val-loon-tine?

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Every afternoon, because I’m a slacker, I have a little couch time with Miz Poo. We catch up on Real Housewives or Revenge or Hoarders, or whatever there is on the DVR. Miz Poo just KNOWS that when it’s 2:00 it’s time for couch snuggles, and the instant I step foot in the living room, there she is.

Lately, someone else has been horning in on couch time.

Robin jumps up and eyes Miz Poo, and then he streeetches out his paw.

Ever so slowly…

And then he lays his paw next to Miz Poo, without touching her. He smiles at her and says “I’m not TOUCHING you.”

Then he turns and studiously ignores her.

He gets this evil look on his face, and then he does it again.

Sometimes Miz Poo gets fed up right away and jumps up on the back of the couch to get away from him. Other times, it takes several rounds of “I’m not TOUCHING you” before she gets annoyed enough to move.

But she always comes back to lay on me, because she LURVES me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It’s not just me, right? She does seem to be getting a bit of a belly? Right? RIGHT?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jobey-Joe, the tuxie-doe, sure is looking emo, no?


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2-14-13 — 37 Comments

  1. Aww Val-loon-tine!

    Lilybet looks a little rounder in the center of her belly so I don’t think its just you Robyn. I’m really curious to see how many kittens this girl has! I’m already antsy with anticipation and I don’t even get to pet her – can’t imagine how you feel Robyn.

    Joeby-Jo – When will you talk to us on camera, yo?

  2. I am thinking she looks prego. Now, I could always tell by the change in the nipple texture. Get Fred to feel her up 🙂

  3. Miz Poo and Robin remind me of my own two that pretend to ignore each other, except it’s little Agatha that is trying to make friends with big Gordie and he doesn’t want any of it. Silly cats!

  4. Lilybet is definitely developing a belly, hopefully from bebehs and not the fabulous treatment there at Crooked Acres! 😉

  5. I concur, Her Majesty Queen Lilybet seems to be blooming.

    One couldnt possibly discuss her maternal condition in crude terms. I hope a suitably regal and private apartment has been prepared, and can we expect a typed announcement to be fastened on your gate to let the faithful throng of subjects know when the expected blessed event occurs?

    Thats how they announced the birth of HRH The Prince of Wales.

  6. my younger cat does the “I’m not touching you” stretch all the time. The older kitty just glares, sighs and walks away. This happens when older Sweetums is snuggled on me and Luna wants in on the action.
    Lilybet does look pregnant! my guess is only 3 kittens.

  7. Lilybet is starting to look like she is filling out. I hope all your readers enter the pool to raise money for Challenger’s House. It is a great way to raise money and fun. It only takes a minute to enter all, lets help Robyn raise some FUNds. Can you tell I volunteer at a shelter and I am always trying to raise funds for our shelter. LOL.

  8. Looney Jake my love, my love!! Even with my old guy Fuzz sitting beside me, I’ll still be your Valentoon! Fuzz just wants breakfast, anyway, and there he goes knocking the mouse off the desk to let me know!

    I think Lilybet looks rounder and because it’s just a bump in the middle of her stomach, it looks like a kitten or two to me. Either she is barely preggers or has a very small litter. But I’m with Gail. Check the nipples!

  9. Happy Valentines Day to everyone! thanks Robyn for posting about Honey. Hopefully the love will triumph and she will get a new home soon.

  10. Lilybet haz the babbehs in her bellay. No doubt about that. Happy Valentines Day to you and Fred and all your critters!

  11. Poor Robin – that boy must have a death wish. Love the last picture – evil thoughts indeed.

    I have to admit, looking at that first picture of Lilybet, I am beginning to see her getting kinda round…..

  12. I’m sure with a face like that Jake you will have so many Valentine’s today !!! Nose boops to all the kitties !! Happy Valentine’s day Robyn and Fred !!

  13. I have to ask out of curiosity: did you change the post from yesterday into a link after people got freaked out about you eating the baby chickens? I mean, where do people think their Super Bowl wings came from?

    • Ha – no, I added it as a link to the post for Honey (who needed a home), in case anyone showed up yesterday expecting a regular post and only saw the call for help. I guess I can go edit that out now, since yesterday is over. 🙂

  14. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Fred and all residents at Crooked Acres!

    Once again, I have to say how much I love Jakes face. 🙂

    And it sure looks like Lilybet is a bit rounder!

    (And please give Miz Poo a hug and kiss for me. I love torties!!!)

  15. [raises hand and waves it frantically from the back row] I’ll be his Valoontine, Mrs. Anderson!

  16. So glad that Miz Poo gets me-time each afternoon, even if it’s mostly-me-time at the moment owing to the young crime fighter.

  17. I read somewhere that in the UK it is considered good fortune for one to have a Tortie in their home. Since you now have TWO of them, perhaps you & Fred should go buy a lottery ticket (or something). You never know… maybe they’re right. Really love Torties, any chance of getting them together in one pic (at least in the same room maybe)?
    BTW- I’ll be surprised if Lilybet has more than 3 kittens.

  18. That picture of Evil Robin is cracking me up. He looks like the Grinch smiling!!!

    “No one suspects my genius, evil, master plan..”