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This little cutie pie is a Challenger’s House kitten. His name is Rover, and he had surgery yesterday. Go over here and read about it, and donate if you can!

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You may call her…




“Why, I think I’ll get in this box they set up for me to give birth in and pretend like I’m nesting! Bwahaha! That’ll really get ’em excited!”

That’s right – HRH Lilybet is a big ol’ fakey faker. NOT pregnant, not in the slightest. Since I was going to the vet with Kennebec, I decided to take Lilybet along for the ride so she could be poked and prodded by the vet. Both the vet and the vet tech checked her out and said that she had no babies in there.

OH well. Who can blame her for wanting to have a little R&R time at the Crooked Acres spa? I’ll be calling later today to make her spay appointment, and then it’ll be off to Petsmart with her, when there’s space.

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“I never saw her, but I never trusted her. She has shifty eyes! That I never saw. I could sense them!”

Batman loves that top platform on the cat tree.

I probably should have been suspicious of Lilybet when Fred pointed out that Robin looks more pregnant than Lilybet does.
“Lady, I am offended!”

Kennebec cracks me up, the way he runs around with that tail up all the time.

“You seem kinda familiar…”

He is so very PLEASED with himself.

So, Kennebec went to the vet yesterday. He’s such a VOCAL passenger, by the way. He howled most of the way up there, and most of the way back. Oh, my EARS.

There’s no damage to the eye itself, thankfully, so I’ve got a different ointment to put in his eye. I suspect that he’ll be better and ready to go back to Petsmart pretty soon.

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Miz Poo in the sun, keeping an eye on those boy foster kitties.


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2-19-13 — 52 Comments

  1. Oh poor Rover! At least he is all fixed up now. Manx syndrome just sucks.

    As for Lilybet, oh well. At least your brown tabby momma streak is still unbroken! And I’m sure Lilybet enjoyed herself… and you enjoyed her enjoying herself. So, no harm no foul as they say…

    P.S. I’m glad Kennebec’s eye will be o.k.!!

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one. Robyn needs to remember that February is a slow season for kittens, hence the lack of posts. Going through my previous years this time of year my posting falls pretty lax too.

  2. We can call Lilybet’s imaginary litter “The McFakersons” 😉

    Glad to see that 2013 is the year you change your slacking ways.

    • HA! Love it!! Let’s come up with names, shall we?

      -Frank Abagnale Jr (from Catch me if you can)
      -Neil Caffrey (from White Collar)
      -Danny Ocean (from Ocean’s Thirteen)

      -Annabelle Bransford (from Maverick)
      -Janet Colgate (from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels)
      -Wanda Gershwitz (from A fish called Wanda)

      • How about –

        Henry Gondorf and Johnny Hooker from The Sting
        Sawyer from LOST (I think maybe we all got conned watching LOST, but Sawyer was easy on the eyes)

        I can’t come up with any girl con artists but if there were two girls maybe name one Milli and the other Vanilli?

    • The “McFakers” HAHAHA! These silly kitties! I’d fake being Preggo too if it meant being waited on hand and foot (in Lilybet’s case – paw and paw).

    • I have to admit, this is true – in fact, she said “If you don’t STOP feeling my belly, I’m going to hurt you!”

      • see, she WAS trying to tell you…oh, she’s sooo cute!!
        sigh…here’s hoping for the best possible family for her.
        Glad Kennebec’s eye wasn’t damaged, too.

  3. I’m not sure Lily is the bamboozler here. She’s not the one who keeps somehow reappearing at the spa. “Let’s see, if I dab a little hot sauce by my eye, I can make it seem like I–too much, too much!”

  4. You don’t have *that* many cats, and mister boomerang seems to keep coming back over and over…. I think its a sign from the cat gods that he is meant to stay right there with you!

  5. So just because there are no real kittens can we still have a naming contest for the McFakersons?

  6. Aw man. I was really looking forward to the beautiful kittens from Lilybet! Oh well. At least we’ve gotten to enjoy her beautiful sweetness and love!

    Glad to hear Kennebec will be OK – bless his sweet little heart!

  7. I think Lilybet is one very smart girl!! 😉 And I’m glad she will get fixed and find a good home, because we still know there are too many unwanted litters out there…

    I also think Kennebec is a very smart boy…just not as stealthy as Lilybet!

  8. I love Kennebec’s tail! That photo makes it look like it perhaps some of the other cats have been playing with it too vigorously. It’s so bendy in such odd ways!

    Lilybet: Pretender to the Throne.

  9. Glad that Kennebec (or Fred) didn’t do permanent damage to his eye. He is a sweetie. That other orange sweetie Sugarbutt needs a little bro.

  10. We’re tellin’ you….can’t trust those tortie girls for a SECOND!! MOL….. oh well – she got a break and you have a great report to give a family that shows up looking for a new kitty.

  11. 🙁 Please Robyn will you save the Royals, with or without a Lillibet for another litter??
    pretty please??

    • I second this request.

      Also: drat, was hoping for tortie bebes! Ah well, Lilybet is delightful just as she is.

  12. I feel like I am now owed baby kittens because of this baby kitten faker cat so I will now go to the kitten neonatal nursery I volunteer at and gather up a few baby kittens and smooch their heads! Little fakerfake fake LilyBet!

  13. Two faker-bakers, eh? Lol… Well, I know it is disappointing to not have babies, but yay, a few less kittens to have to find homes for, making room for the others that are already here! I hope you know what I mean, that just isn’t sounding right!! But yay for Lilybet, furever home soon!

    • oh yea, well, sure.. there is that..

      I am such an advocate for spay/neuter, that I am hoping to put myself out of business, but when I think about not fostering any more I get so bummed.. (not that I’m in any danger of going out of business – but wouldn’t it be nice (as well as tragic??)

  14. Well, I suppose it’s a good thing that there are no homeless kittens in Lilybet’s tummy. Would have been nice to see what kittens from her would look like, but that’s less babies to find homes for! I’m sure it wont be long before someone else shows up with a tum full of babies though. And Lilybet will be adopted quick I bet, she’s so cute!

  15. Lilybet shows once again that torties are very, very smart! Good for her for keeping us all guessing for so long!

    Folks kept asking whether my dear tortie, now an angel, was pregnant…for YEARS I had to say, no, and she is not fat, she is just built that way.

    So love the tortitude! But yes, we all should be relieved Lilybet wasn’t preggers – we will be seeing all too many pregnant mamacats soon…

    Glad Kennebec has seen the vet – sometimes all it takes is a different med to make goopy eyes get better permanently. Hope it is the case with him…maybe you should hold onto him – permanently – to make sure!

  16. Aw, I love Miz Poo! I was reading the old posts about the Seven and nearly died from cute overload at those pictures of Beulah snuggling with her. And that you posted last year of her dragging the toy around and meowing, that’s what my Daffodil does. My 15 year old cat used to do that, but lately she skips the toy and just sits there yowling until someone tells her she’s good. Scared the crap out of me the first the crap out of me the first time she did it, I thought something was horribly wrong, but she just wanted to be told how great she is.

  17. It took me three read-throughs to realize that in the snippet, “Fred pointed out that Robin looks more pregnant than Lilybet does,” the “Robin” in question is Batman’s sidekick. I kept wondering why you’d spelled your own name wrong, and right before I realized my goof, I had decided it was because you were too distracted by your search in another tab for woodchipper rentals and bloodstain remover. (c: