2-20-18 Tuesday

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Look, it’s our favorite sister act, Amber and Phoenix!

Amber, please! My ears are clean!

I love seeing that sisterly love!

(Thanks, Debra!)


Day two of the cats having access to the back yard came and went with no issues except for the time when Dewey caught a vole, Frankie killed it, and Archie carried it down to leave it on the deck outside the kitchen window. Team work!

That doesn’t look very comfy.

Ears of Annoyance.

Extreme Ears of Annoyance.


Jake, pleased with himself.

Jakey in the sun.

Jake and the James Patterson book.

The Sheriff wonders if she’s got time for a quick nap before making the rounds.

So Fred opened the cat doors just before sun up yesterday, and the cats eventually wandered out for a look around. They mostly went outside early in the morning and again in the afternoon, but there were a couple of cats out there at any given point during the day. Alice hasn’t been outside, and neither has Newt, but the others go in and out pretty regularly. I’m sure that once the newness of the back yard wears off, Archie and Kara will start looking in earnest for ways to break out. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping an eye on them.

It hasn’t been hard to get them inside (we shut the cat doors at 5:00, before it gets dark), but I’m sure that as time goes on and they’re more comfortable out there, it’ll be harder. Just like at Crooked Acres, it’ll take them a while to get the hang of the routine.


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2-20-18 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. Did Alice wander much outside at Crooked Acres? Newt just wants to be fashionably late to the party.

  2. It finally hit me – what is so fascinating to me about Jake’s photogenic loonhissy – he has that uncanny valley effect on me in many of his photos (but not in videos, oddly enough). He looks to me like he’s a very realistic robotic/cyborg cat. His face especially, but even his abs often appear sculpted somehow. And all the almost-like-a-real-cat poses he gets into. Is it just me? Or am I the only one seeing a real cat pretending to be a Stepford Cat pretending to be a real cat?

  3. I have a question! What keeps your kitties from going UNDER the fence? Do you worry about hawks and owls?

    • If there are no gaps at the bottom on the fence, they are not trying. Unlike dogs, they do not really like to dig. Because the bottom edge of our privacy fence was quite uneven, my husband installed somewhat of a baseboard along our wooden fence, and also put down a few well placed bricks to fill any gaps.

        • Bubba who is in heaven by now would poop in the wholes and dug for plants, and by the time I came back with the plants I would have covered them up again.

  4. They might try and find a way out. But you can usually identify the weak spots in the perimeter and reinforce them. Make sure that the kitties have no way of accessing the roof, because once they are up there they are over and out. We have successfully contained 6 of our 7 cats. But Tiger has spring loaded legs and jumps up on the roof straight from the ground.

  5. Robyn, If the kitties are supposed to come in at 5, try to take away their food at 2 or 3 and then call them in for dinner. Mine come running when we rattle the food bowl.

  6. Does anyone have suggestions for the prevention of hair balls? My long-haired cat grooms herself frequently which results in her gakking up hair that looks like a tightly-wrapped cigar. BTW I brush her every day. I know when her tummy is upset because she is very quiet but when she throws up the “cigar,” her demeanor is entirely different and she is happy again.

  7. Does anyone have any suggestions for the prevention of hairballs? I have a long-haired cat who grooms herself frequently which results in her gakking up hair which looks like a tightly-wound cigar. I brush her every day. I know when her tummy is upset because she is quiet but when she throws up the “cigar,” her demeanor changes and she is happy again.

  8. That “Jakey in the sun” pic makes me think of Jim Carrey as the Grinch. Something about the angle of his head and his little pink lips πŸ™‚