2-20-17 Monday

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Frankie, hanging out with Dennis on my bed.

Dewey looks a little lights-on-no-one-home here, doesn’t he? Probably because he was about 6 inches from the kerosene heater. His brain was melting.

“I’m melllltingggg!”

Frankie on the heated blanket.

Sweet boy.

Frankie continues to do well. We got a look at his mouth over the weekend, and it’s definitely improved. He has started eating kibble.

Frankie has definitely decided that Fred is his person. He follows him from room to room like a puppy. I mean, if Fred is unavailable, then I will do, and he’s happiest when both of us are in the same room, but it’s clear who he prefers. Which is FINE, that’s just FINE, whatEVER, Frankie. He, Jake, and Dewey have become semi-friends, racing around together. He and Archie are not caring for each other, which I know you’re shocked by since Archie is such a laid-back buddy type. Frankie and Stefan are trying to decide whether they want to be friends or foes. The rest of them pretty much ignore Frankie.

And that is the current state of Frankie!


Jake in the Jake Cave. There’s a heated bed in that cave, and Jake loves it. Our cats, in case you hadn’t noticed, rarely have to go more than 5 feet to find a heated bed. Spoiled rotten? Nahhhh.


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2-20-17 Monday — 17 Comments

  1. Love hearing that Frankie’s feeling well enough to ‘race around’ with some pals.

    What the heck is that to the left of Dewey? Looks like the world’s scariest dust bunny or the world’s first domesticated tumbleweed.

  2. The scratcher comes with a toy attached that dangles down, so the cats can bat at it. The toy has been removed and is long gone, and they shredded the cord it used to hang from. I should just go ahead and trim that off, but it never occurs to me when I’m actually near the scratcher. πŸ™‚

    • We use these heated pads, I put them under a cat bed (or between two of them). They don’t get super warm on their own, but once a cat gets on them, they get nice and toasty. We keep several of them plugged in year-round.

  3. Inquiring minds want to know… are some of your permanent residents more photographable? Dewey, Dennis, Frankie, and Archie seem to be represented in the majority of Facebook posts, while the other cats are represented every so often (seems like a long time since we’ve seen Joe Bob or Alice).