2-21-17 Tuesday

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Today I’m clearing pictures off my phone, so here’s some randomness.

(I clear pictures off my phone on the regular – I don’t get you people who have years and years of precious pictures on your phones. It’s not safe! Your phone could explode at any moment! Go back up your pictures right now. DO IT. I’ll wait.)

It’s ‘tudes-day for Dewey.

Frankie doesn’t care for feather teasers (unless they’re dragged around on the floor), but show him a cord and he’ll go for it.


Just so very pleased with himself.

That boy (Dewey) cracks me UP.

I just love Jake’s goofy, weak-chinned, loony-faced profile.


Alice looks for the bowl of food on Fred’s desk, but – HORRORS! – it’s been removed!

“I object to this development!”

“What you MEAN I’ve got to walk the five feet into the kitchen to eat now?!”

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2-21-17 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. “food of bowl”… is that a new thing that I missed the reference to? Good morning, L&H and all Crooked Acres residents! So much a part of my mornings!!! Happy Tuesday – have a great one!

  2. Jake’s profile makes me think of the kids’ chins on “Bob’s Burgers”. Does he object to the random blitz-kissing he must get regularly?!

    Do any of them? Your house must be coated in a fine layer of marshmallow fluff from all the loving the Permanent Residents get.

    • Every cat in this house will put up with being kissed – even Archie, though he prefers that I keep it to one or two kisses. If I go beyond that, he growls at me! Stefan and Dennis are the ones that actively enjoy being kisses, especially Dennis.

      Hey, that seems like it should be a line on the compatibility chart, doesn’t it?

      • Oh yeah.

        I would blitz-kiss Gandalf, and he’d lie there, put up with it, but the minute I let up, he’d take off, and give himself a 3 hour-bath. Human-cooties, I guess…

  3. My pc died not once but twice and I lost pictures. So I now have a bunch of flash drives to hold all of my precious photos. I am the keeper of the family slides and negatives, all scanned and safe on flash drives now. Have special kitty folders too!

      • I back my pictures up to an external hard drive, and to Crash Plan. And still I’m a little nervous and think I should get a second external hard drive, just in case. πŸ™‚

  4. Frankie looks like a real cat these days, not warmed up road kill. Love that first pic, he’s all ‘what the he__ is this?’

    • I agree! He looks SO much better now and we’re getting to see some of his personality since he’s not spending as much time passed out & recuperating.

      Poor Alice! Her life is so hard. It really is unfair. πŸ˜›

  5. Kiero was the same way when it came to feather teasers or anything that required him to jump up but you drag a string or cord across the floor and he would bat and chase it all day (or until he got tired and laid his fat butt down). His favorite thing before he passed had become his daddy’s work boot shoe laces. He was obsessed and it was always while the hubby was trying to lace and tie them up. Too cute, that Frankie. I love it.

  6. What is the best way to back up pictures? Can some of the favs be left on phone? Thanks for any help!

    • I download mine to my desktop, and then use Crashplan to back them up (which backs up automatically). I honestly don’t use the cloud, but it’s an option, too. And yes, I believe your favorites can be left on the phone. πŸ™‚