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Mama kitty update (but no picture today, sorry). Yesterday the shelter manager, Susan, and another Challenger’s House volunteer/ foster mum, Winnie, stopped by. I took them up to peek in on mama kitty. Winnie petted her through the side of the kennel (which has mesh sides), and though mama kitty didn’t roll out the welcome mat or anything, she put up with it and didn’t move to the back of the kennel. Considering how freaked out she was Friday night, that’s definitely progress!

The biggest progress of the day happened when I was gone. Fred went up to the foster room with turkey – and she ate it OUT OF HIS HAND. This is the first time she’s eaten in front of either of us (until then, she was only eating when we weren’t around), and she took several pieces directly from him.

He has a way with the lady cats, that husband o’ mine.

Name update: I’m almost positive I’m going with Emmy as her name. Several of you suggestion Tabitha, but that’s been used by the shelter in the past. Someone also suggested Hope, which I really liked, but that’s been used as well. So I’m likely going to go with Emmy, and the naming theme? Awards. Possible names for kittens: Oscar, Golden, Clio, Obie, Tony, Razzy (that last one was a suggestion from Fred). Got an award name you want to throw into the hat? Let me know!

Also, I need suggestions for a name to call them as a group. Fred suggested “Pawards”, but that’s kind of awkward and doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Any suggestions?

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At some point during his morning routine, Fred takes a few minutes to sit down on the kitchen floor. The cats gather around and he pets them and gives them love.

I know, right? SWEET.

Yesterday morning when he sat down, only Corbie and Kara were interested in being petted, which was unusual – usually most, if not all, of the cats come around for petting. After he’d given Corbie and Kara enough petting to get their day started right, he got up to go take his shower. Which is when he found all the rest of the cats, standing around the doorway to his bathroom. One of the cats – I highly suspect Everett – had noticed that when Fred puts da bird away, he puts it on the third shelf of the bookcase in the front room. Everett (just a guess) had climbed up there, grabbed it, and then pulled it into the bathroom. Fred said they were all standing around, their attention on the feathers, apparently waiting for it to start flying through the air.

Upon hearing that, I had to go around and squeeze the stuffing out of all the cats. SO CUTE.

So, Sally and Lucy are now at Petsmart. They howled all the way there, but once I got them settled in their cages (Sally’s in a cage by herself, and Lucy’s in a cage with another black cat who’s been there for quite a while), they seemed okay. I’ll report any adoptions as they happen, of course!

2012-02-21 (1)
I love how you can see the shadow of da bird on the doorway.

2012-02-21 (2)
Loony Jake joins in.

2012-02-21 (3)
Whiskers in sunlight! Y’all know how I love that.

This is how an Everett jump goes. First, he’s suspended in mid-air for like 45 minutes.

2012-02-21 (5)
Then he kicks his back legs out to prepare for landing.

2012-02-21 (6)
Then he’s like “Okay, I’ve been up here long enough. Time to reach for the floor.”

2012-02-21 (7)
BUT THEN, he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake! There’s looniness in the way! Abort, abort, abort! But the landing gear is already down! Oh NO!

2012-02-21 (8)
Slooooooowwwwww mooooooootion craaaaaaaash.

2012-02-21 (9)
(The open mouth kills me dead.)

But somehow, the mighty Everett survives to jump again.

2012-02-21 (10)
One foot up, one foot down. Grabbing claws engaged.

2012-02-21 (11)
Annnnnd ::FLOOP!:: Up he goes!

2012-02-21 (12)

2012-02-21 (13)
Reach for the floor…

2012-02-21 (14)
And a textbook landing. Nice job, Aviator Everett! Now go get some catnip and take it easy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2012-02-21 (16)
Newt, on one of his favorite places to hang out, the top of the truck.


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2-21-12 — 40 Comments

  1. As a group you could call them the statues, or maybe the Top Cats. I was thinking of the awards theme as a naming convention when you named Mama cat Emmy. You could also add Grammy to the mix of names too.

  2. If you’re going with the awards theme, the kittens could be the Nobels — aim high, I say. Or they could be the Academy (and you get a nice Plato reference that way, too) But the name Emmy also evokes Emmy Lou Harris, in which case they could be the Nash Ramblers. . . Lucy and Sally, I am so pulling for you on take two. You go, girls!

  3. As a UK reader I have to propose,Brit,our Music awards Larry (as in Olivier) for theatre, and Bafta (tv and Film) we call medals or awards Gongs, how about that for the family name? Emmy Gong and the ittle bitty baby Gongs..Brit, Oscar, Larry etc?? cute or what.
    Also as its HM Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Year, only the second time a monarch in UK has had one (last time it was Queen Victoria) how about Lilybet and the Royals? Lilybet is the Queens own petname ever since she was a child and there are plenty of younger royals for the kittens!

  4. Awards: in Canada, an award can be a Juno, a Felix, a Jutras (but that’s ugly for a cat), an Olivier (French award in humor), a Genie… Just in case Emmy has a bajillion babies!

    I hope Lucy and Sally don’t stay too long in Petsmart! Good luck girls!

  5. I agree with Annie B! Juno is the Canadian Music award, it has a nice ring to it. As for a family name, how ’bout just The ‘Wards? A play on “awards”, and they are your “wards” in a way. I love Emmy though, I think it’s perfect for her.

    Background cats continue to crack me up in the Hoverin’ Everett pics.

  6. How about the “Goldens”???

    Everette’s jumping and landing on Looniness made me laugh and laugh! Great pictures!!!

    Oh, I just read the Nobels in a comment above. That one is good, too!

  7. Well,I live in South Africa,and our music awards show is called the SAMA’s, and I think Sama would be quite a cute name for a girly kitty.

  8. How about Winner for their surname? Emmy Winner, Oscar Winner, Clio Winner, Tony Winner, etc. I like Razzy for a first name too!
    After all, they will be winners, all your fosters are winners!

    Can’t wait to meet them.


  9. Surely we need a darwin in there. For the idiotic boy who’s tempted to use up all his 9 lives. I like the winners too. Oh and WHOA there, that is some major air. πŸ˜€

  10. The first award not listed that I thought of was the Darwin. I know. Not nice to name a kitty after the Darwin Award. But funny.

    Also, as for the last name, you could go presidential and name them Kennedy. The Kennedy Honors or whatever that show is from the Kennedy Center.

  11. My Emmy was officially named Emerald.. We tried to do gem names for cats, but it just didn’t seem to fit them well enough. I should remember that for this year and see if I have any “gems”. Naming the kittens after awards is adorable!!

    I also think you should do a little collage of Everett flying through the air and post it on his cage.. I bet he’d get adopted right quick..

  12. You could go imaginary, even! How about the award that Frasier wins a few times? The SeaBea! πŸ™‚ And then Gil Chesterton’s wife’s concilliatory award for when he doesn’t even get nominated for the SeaBea – the Chestertons!

    Roz: Oh, here’s one: “Best Restaurant Critic: Gil Chesterton”.
    Gil: Oh, thank God I’m nominated! Now I won’t have to attend
    “The Chestertons”.
    Roz: “The Chestertons”?
    Gil: It’s an elaborate award show my wife and the dogs put on when
    I’m overlooked by the SeaBeas.

    Tee hee!

  13. Gee, I was going to suggest Trophy for the last name, but Winner! Wow! I really can see them flying out of the cages with those names! Emmy is so perfect for the momma, when I heard it I thought it was so fitting for that pretty face. Is Sag (screne actors guild) too disgusting for a kitty name? probably… not even very nice for an award!

    Lovin’ me some hover Everett! Poor Loonster and the slow motion crash..

  14. Of course you are going to have to have a survey to decide which of the little ones will be named people’s choice winner!!

  15. Wonder how much loonier Jake’s tunes will be after that head-on collision with famous trapeze-artist Everett Peppers.

    I adore the idea of naming this little family The Academy… picturing studious, yet daring and innovative kittens (and of course every last one of them is gorgeous and completely divine, darling). From the sounds of the names, we’re all set if Miss Emmy has a set of boys… Oscar, Tony, Olivier, Hugo. What about the girls? We’ve got Clio and Juno, but what else? Grammy sounds more like a 70-year-old woman (although I would squeeze the stuffing out of a kitten named Grammy anyway). Since it’s also an Olympic year, we could go with Olympia… Ms. Dukakis would approve.

  16. Mama & the litter could be ‘Emmy’s Awards’? and here in Australia we have a Logie and an Aria award (one’s for tv the other one is for music). In his textbook landing photo Everett looks a bit like a bucking bronco. (sure I’d know, streets are full of ’em here in Melbourne…) and which sister is in the background totally distracted by something only she can see? and is that sugarbutt overseeing the jumping, very head-masterly. Jake didn’t get angry with Everett? and Newt looks very much like there are banjos playing in the background as he bathes on that there truck!